Orkin Killed My Dog – Could That Be True?

Orkin has established the industry standard for dependability and performance in the pest control industry. Nearly 20 common household pests, such as ants, moths, crickets, fleas, hornets, scorpions, silverfish, roaches, mice, spiders, centipedes, and earwigs, are protected from by Orkin. The company also provides termite, bed bug, tick, and mosquito control plans. If your dog … Read more

My Dog Killed My Cat What Should I Do?

my dog killed my cat what should i do

As pet owners, we enjoy watching our dogs and cats relate well to one another. Unfortunately, it is not how things usually go between these two animals. Dogs are still dogs and can be violent even when we strive to give them human traits. The worst nightmare of every pet owner is their dog murdering … Read more

Freshpet Killed My Dog: What To Know

Freshpet Killed My Dog

Freshpet is a pet food company that offers high-quality refrigerated pet food that emphasizes using fresh and natural ingredients. They are known to use no preservatives and offer real meat ingredients as a special diet. However, recently there have been concerns about the quality of food from freshpet brand. There were some recalls from Freshpet … Read more

My Dog Ate 10 Mg Melatonin: What Should I Do?

My Dog Ate 10 Mg Melatonin

Melatonin supplements are mostly prescribed to people with sleeping and anxiety disorders. Also, the drug is given to dogs with disrupted sleeping patterns. If your dog accidentally ate 10mg of melatonin, ensure you phone the poison control hotline or your vet for immediate assistance. They will advise you on the best way to handle the … Read more

My Dog Ate Irish Spring Soap-What Should I Do?

My Dog Ate Irish Spring Soap

Dogs can eat anything they get their mouths on from dirty diapers, condoms, dead possums, the list is endless. Some somethings are not toxic to dogs even though they shouldn’t consume them like Vaseline. But, what should you do if your dog ate Irish Spring Soap? My Dog Ate Irish Spring Soap The first step you should take is … Read more

White Specks in Dog Poop- 5 Causes

White Specks in Dog Poop

A dog’s poop can tell much about his health and wellbeing. If a dog cannot poop you will have to massage him to poop or take him to a vet for a checkup because something must be wrong with his health. In this article, we will answer the reason why there are white specks in your dog’s … Read more

Is Fish Food Bad for Dogs?

Is Fish Food Bad for Dogs?

Dogs are undoubtedly curious animals, they use their mouths to explore. In their exploration process, you might be surprised that they ate something you least expected like fish food. You will have to ask yourself the first question that should come up in mind anytime your dog eats something it shouldn’t. Is Fish Food Bad … Read more

My Dog Ate A Dryer Sheet- What Should I Do?

My Dog Ate A Dryer Sheet

 Dogs are known for their love for fabrics from socks to inner wear. They are curious animals and it is not a wonder to find them in your laundry room devouring the dryer iron sheets. What will you do when your dog eats a dryer sheet? My Dog Ate A Dryer Sheet- What Do I … Read more

My Dog Killed A Squirrel Should I Be Worried?

My Dog Killed A Squirrel Should I Be Worried?

 If you own a dog especially a terrier mix, it is very normal to see him chase after squirrels, rodents, or possums. Some dogs like terriers were initially used on the farm to catch underground animals. In general, all dogs have a hunting instinct in them as that was how they used to get food … Read more