Trugreen Killed My Dog

Trugreen Killed My Dog

Most dogs enjoy having free reign to run around the yard, especially if they have spent the entire day indoors. Although it is beneficial for them to exercise, it may also be damaging to them. This is because of the fertilizers, herbicides, and insecticides used in the yards. These same chemicals that make grass grow … Read more

Dingo Dental Treats Killed My Dog

dingo dental treats

When it comes to treats, we all want to know that we are giving our pets the best options possible. Dogs place their complete trust in humans. They are the most grateful beings on the earth, accepting everything we give them! You may feel as though you failed your dog by failing to complete your … Read more

Drontal Killed My Dog

Drontal Killed My Dog

Roundworms, tapeworms, hookworms, and whipworms are all disgusting. Worms are unpleasant for your pet, and you should cure them as soon as possible so that others do not become infected. You must do all possible to keep those parasites away from your dog. It is awful that you chose Drontal to eliminate the parasites only … Read more

Why Do Dogs Like Belly Rubs?- 6 Reasons

Why Do Dogs Like Belly Rubs

It always feels good to go home from work only to be welcomed by your pooch turning on his back indicating that he needs belly rubs. Knowing that your dog respects you and enjoys spending time with you is reassuring. But, you must ask yourself what is so special with belly rubs that your dog … Read more

Phenobarbital Killed My Dog

phenobarbital killed my dog

A seizure can be one of the most frightening experiences in your pet’s life, whether it is an isolated incident or a recurring one. It’s terrible as a pet owner because you feel helpless against this seemingly uncontrollable sickness that’s taking over your cherished companion. Some dogs may appear distant or unresponsive before collapsing on … Read more

Sago Palm Killed My Dog

Sago Palm Killed My Dog

As a vigilant parent, you may have done all in your power to protect your dog from harm, including not feeding toxic human foods, keeping household chemicals like bleach from their reach, and keeping anything that could be potentially harmful to your dog away. Unfortunately, you overlooked the dangerous sago palm that grows in your … Read more

How Long Does It Take A Puppy To Learn Its Name?

How Long Does It Take A Puppy To Learn Its Name?

One of the first things that must be ready when planning to buy or adopt a puppy is his/her name. Naming your puppy helps to build a bond with him and is also very crucial in every other training he will go through. If you already have taken your puppy home and have a name … Read more

 Chihuahua Crate Training-2 Simple Methods

Chihuahua Crate Training

Bringing a Chihuahua to your home will be a lot of fun for everyone. These canines are intelligent, entertaining, and full of life. With this in mind, you may believe that training your dog to stay in a box is cruel. In actuality, providing your dog with his own space might be a very good … Read more

How to Bond with A New Puppy- 9 Simple Ways

How to Bond with A New Puppy

Taking home a new puppy is like bringing a bundle of joy into your life. You might wonder what you can do to make your puppy like his new home, new name, and most of all how to bond with him. But, bonding with your puppy shouldn’t be stressful after reading this article. You can bond … Read more