Is Baby Powder Safe for Dogs?

Is Baby Powder Safe for Dogs?

Dogs are part of our family members, just as the whole family uses baby powder from time to time you might wonder if it is safe for your goofy friend. Is Baby Powder Safe For Dogs? Baby powder is safe for our dogs and can be used in many ways like soothing itchy and irritating … Read more

Will Silica Gel Kill My Dog?

 Will Silica Gel Kill My Dog

Silica gel is found in food jars, clothes, or shoe boxes, its main work is to absorb moisture from the boxes. They always come with a don’t eat warning which is the main reason why many dog parents panic when their dogs eat silica gel. But, will it kill your dog? Will Silica Gel Kill … Read more

My Puppy Drank Bleach Water, What should I Do?

My Puppy Drank Bleach Water

Bleach is a common product in many homesteads it is used at least once a week or daily when cleaning our homes. Many people do not even think twice about the effects bleaching products can have on our canines if used to clean the house or left within their reach. What will happen if a … Read more

Is Vaseline Bad For Dogs?

Is Vaseline Bad For Dogs

Vaseline is a common product found in many homesteads. It is used to hydrate the skin and keep it glowing. So one day you come home from work only to find your dog has consumed half of the petroleum jelly. The first question to come into your mind must be is Vaseline bad for dogs? … Read more

 How To Massage A Dog To Poop

How To Massage A Dog To Poop

Is your dog having a hard time when pooping? Do you know that massaging your dog can help him poop? Massage not only helps dogs to relieve stress but also with constipation. In this article, I’ll take you through the various types of massage to help a dog poop. You can massage your dog using … Read more

  How Much Playtime Does A Puppy Need?

  How Much Playtime Does A Puppy Need

Puppies are adorable creatures and we all like to play and cuddle with them as much as we can. But, do you know that too much play is not safe for your puppy? It has effects on his general health in the future, the same case as not playing with your puppy at all. So, … Read more

My Puppy Ate A Pencil, What Should I Do?

My Puppy Ate A Pencil

Puppies are adventurous creatures and they use their paws and months to explore. At this time when they are familiarizing themselves with new things and the environment, they might end up eating many things that they shouldn’t. My Puppy Ate A Pencil, What Should I Do? If your puppy ate a pencil, the first step … Read more

Why Do Dogs Eat Condoms?

Why Do Dogs Eat Condoms?

Dogs will always amaze you with the kind of things they decide to put in their mouths. For instance, you found out that your dog ate condoms, either used or wrapped. Your fifth sense is telling you that it will cause some side effects to your dog but how do you call and explain to … Read more

Why Do Dogs Eat Dirty Diapers?

Why Do Dogs Eat Dirty Diapers?

As nauseating as the thought of dirty diapers is to you, your dog likes the taste and smell of dirty diapers. They do not see dirty diapers as a waste but as a tasty meal for them. You should not be shocked if you get your dog eating tampons too.  Dogs eat dirt diapers as a way … Read more