My Dog Killed A Squirrel Should I Be Worried?

 If you own a dog especially a terrier mix, it is very normal to see him chase after squirrels, rodents, or possums. Some dogs like terriers were initially used on the farm to catch underground animals. In general, all dogs have a hunting instinct in them as that was how they used to get food in the past.

If your dog killed a squirrel, you should not freak out. The chances of a squirrel spreading disease to your dog are very low. The dog can sustain injuries if they had been involved in a fight before killing it, the wounds should be cleaned using hydrogen peroxide. Squirrels will not spread diseases like rabies but they can carry ticks which help in spreading diseases like Lyme disease, tularemia among others. These diseases are not a threat to your dog if he is vaccinated properly. 

My Dog Killed a Squirrel, How Do I Dispose of It?


If you find your dog immediately after killing a squirrel, use the leave it commands to stop him from eating it.

If you have a yard, dig a deep hole where your dog cannot dig it up later. Grab a pair of gloves to prevent germs from the dead squirrel, take it, and bury it.

 If  you are living in an apartment, burying is not in your options With covered hands, wrap the dead squirrel with garbage bags, a minimum of two coverings.

The next step should be to call your vet and ask whether he can dispose of it. If it is impossible, reach out to Animal Control.

What Should You Do If Your Dog Eats A Dead Squirrel?

If your dog ate a dead squirrel and rotted one for that matter, there are is a possibility that he will get sick, have a nasty smell from his mouth, and have diarrhea from food poisoning.

Food poisoning from a dead squirrel can be a big problem if the squirrel died from poisoning. Even though it is illegal to prevent squirrels in your compound through poisoning, many people still practice it.

The possibilities of your dog dying from eating a poisoned squirrel are low but he will get ill.  You must visit a vet for treatment..

Your dog can also get parasites from eating a dead squirrel. Squirrels have roundworm and coccidia.

These parasites can lead to problems like vomiting, swollen stomach, and loss of appetite.  Your dog can act as a carrier of parasites to other pets

You have to take dog the dog for checkup to prevent the distribution of parasites.

Can Dogs Get Rabies from Eating a Squirrel Infected with Rabies?

No. The squirrels do not spread rabies to other animals. If a squirrel is bitten by an animal with rabies, it will die a few moments later after contracting the disease.   . Spreading the disease becomes hard for squirrels.

Why Do Dogs Kill Squirrels and Sometimes Eat Them?

Dog are friendly animals that we at times forget that they are wolves’ descendants. Long ago before domestication, they hunted small animals to sustain their lives.

It is in their genes to hunt. A well-fed dog can still hunt and eat a squirrel.

My Dog Killed a Squirrel and the Squirrel Bit Him!

Squirrels will fight back when attacked, in the process they can bite a dog. The squirrel’s teeth are strong and can cause serious injuries.

Some squirrel wounds can be treated at home while some will require vet assistance.

If the bite is on a hairy part, use a pair of scissors to cut it for proper inspection and cleaning.

Are Squirrels Droppings Dangerous For Dogs?

Mostly, squirrel droppings have leptospirosis and salmonella bacteria which are very minute equivalent to a rice grain.

Leptospirosis is also known as ‘lepto’ and can be found in a squirrel’s urine.

Leptospirosis will thrive better in a dump environment . Ensure that your dog is jabbed against leptospirosis. 

How to Stop Your Dog From Eating a Dead Squirrel 

A dog will not eat a dead squirrel if get it in the act and use the ‘leave command’. The dog must be conversant with the command otherwise, he won’t stop.

 train your dog the basic commands like stop, sit or leave at an early age. . This will help you in such incidents.

You can teach your dog the leave command by using treats. Whenever you give him a command and he obeys it, give him a treat, this will make him relate obedience to something good.

If you do not know how to train him, you can hire a professional to assist you.


If your dog kills a squirrel, no need to freak out for there are low chances of contracting rabies. Even though the dogs like hunting nature, you should not let them eat squirrels either dead or alive to stop the spread of disease.

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