Freshpet Killed My Dog: What To Know

Freshpet is a pet food company that offers high-quality refrigerated pet food that emphasizes using fresh and natural ingredients. They are known to use no preservatives and offer real meat ingredients as a special diet.

However, recently there have been concerns about the quality of food from freshpet brand. There were some recalls from Freshpet because of possible traces of salmonella contamination. Specifically, the lot of dog food that had the sell-by date of Oct 29, 2022. This lot was supposed to be destroyed immediately since it harmed dogs.

Sadly, some of it was already consumed in several states, including Pennsylvania. In addition, the Freshpet website outlined that some limited target stores and other retailers had sold a small amount of this lot. Therefore, if your dog died from eating Freshpet, it could be due to the intake of the contaminated lot.

Did Freshpet kill my dog? Increased recalls of dog food products

We all love our pets, and our main goal is to always keep them healthy and feel their best. One way to succeed in doing this is by giving them quality, healthy food. We often go for fresh food. However, fresh food also comes with a great risk for food-borne illness.

Freshpet has beaten all odds when it comes to the production of fresh food for our pets over the years. In the fresh dog market, Freshpet has been at the leading edge since 2006. However, there is a recent popular trend of voluntary recalls from this all-natural dog food brand. The recall is related to possible contamination from salmonella.

If you are a Freshpet fan, you may want to check your refrigerators. The product that was recalled was the lot from the kitchen home-cooked chicken recipe (4.5-lb bag), UPC number 627975011673, with a sell date-by 10/29/22.

Freshpet advised pet owners in possession of this product to stop feeding it to their dogs and immediately dispose of the remaining bit. They said this lot was supposed to be destroyed, but unfortunately, some portion had reached the market.

Check the bottom of the Freshpet pack for the sell-by date and UPC. This will help determine if you were among the unlucky lot who bought the affected product. Immediate disposal of this product will prevent exposure to dogs and their owners.

Effects of intake of salmonella

Salmonella can affect animals and humans who have eaten or handled the contaminated product. Unfortunately, the effect can be so vigorous, leading to the death of your dog if not treated properly.

Depending on the intake amount, dogs with salmonella infections may be lethargic and have bloody diarrhea, fever, and vomiting. If the intake is minimal, some dogs will show signs of lack of appetite, fever, and abdominal pain.

The FDA notice also indicated that some dogs may still be carriers of salmonellosis despite lacking symptoms and may spread the infection to others, including their owners.

The effects of salmonellosis in people include:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Fever
  • Abdominal cramping
  • Arterial infections
  • Endocarditis
  • Muscle pain
  • Eye irritation
  • Urinary tract symptoms

If your dog has any salmonellosis infection symptoms, contact the vet immediately before the symptoms worsen. If you experience any of the symptoms above, you should also visit your health care provider for help as soon as possible.

Can Freshpet kill my dog?

Unfortunately, some dog owners lost their pets due to the intake of Freshpet products. Some were lucky to escape death but suffered severe illness after eating Freshpet.

Several cases of dead and sick dogs surfaced after Freshpet made a recall on one of their product. As a result, the internet was trafficked with positive and negative reviews. However, the majority of pet owners are pleased with Freshpet products. Despite mixed reactions and reviews, the positive reviews took the lead.

How Long Is Freshpet Dog Food Good For Animals?

Freshpet products last longer than other brands. Therefore you only need to refrigerate the remnants your dog left after getting satisfied from eating the meal.

Some dogs enjoy Freshpet products and can have them as a daily meal. Nonetheless, other dogs dislike the taste of Freshpet products. do not force them to eat but you can simply change the brand and try feeding it again.

can freshpet be frozen?

During manufacturing and transporting process, freshpet product remains unfrozen. The only time you will have to freeze it is after opening the product. This way you will prevent it from spoiling.

Freshpet killed my dog: negative reviews.

“Today, I just buried my dog, Jackie. She was sick and kept vomiting for several days before I took her to the vet yesterday. Each day that passed, the throwing up got extremely worse. She was having difficulty breathing as well. Finally, I told the vet I only gave her a Freshpet to eat. The vet wondered if the product was among the bad batch, this got to me, and I had to Google to confirm, only to find Freshpet had made a recall on that product.

I had no idea about the recall nor the effects of salmonella. Poor Jackie had her pancreas and liver worn out. Later on, we went home, only for her to die in my arms. Evidently, this food killed my dog since she had never had any health issues before. I did not know what action to take. I felt helpless, and I don’t want anyone to experience what my dog went through”


There are several downsides of Freshpet products like; high prices compared to other dry food brands, needing refrigeration to store dog rolls that have been opened, and getting bad when exposed for more than 3 hours while the dog is done eating.

All these setbacks are minimal and can be handled. However, the only time Freshpet was a threat was when the product had contamination. Unfortunately, it led to several death of dogs before the problem was identified and dealt with.

Otherwise, besides the contamination threat, Freshpet is the leading brand that provides the best pet food in the market. They are highly ranked and preferred by most pet owners.

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