My Dog Ate A Dryer Sheet- What Should I Do?

 Dogs are known for their love for fabrics from socks to inner wear. They are curious animals and it is not a wonder to find them in your laundry room devouring the dryer iron sheets. What will you do when your dog eats a dryer sheet?

My Dog Ate A Dryer Sheet- What Do I Do?

If your dog ate a dryer sheet, you should check the amount he is an important question your vet will require you to answer. Secondly, do not induce vomiting for your dog. This can lead to further damage to the esophagus or more risk in case the dryer sheet gets stuck when vomiting. Take your dog to a vet and carry the packaging to the dryer sheet.

The Danger of Dryer Sheets for Dogs 

Dryer sheets are not safe for dogs, they are made of synthetic materials which are hard to digest. They contain chemicals like cationic surfactants which are harmful to dogs.

There is a common myth that fresh dryer sheets are more dangerous compared to used ones. This is not true as the used ones still have remainss of the chemical.

Ingesting a dryer sheet can lead to blockage of the digestive system which is a serious health problem that requires surgery.

Below are problems related to ingestion of dryer sheets to dogs; 

  • Skin irritation.
  • Destroy mucus membranes.
  • Seizures.
  • Coma.
  • Lung diseases
  • Kidney diseases.

Signs That Your Dog Ate a Dryer Sheet

At times you can suspect that your dog has consumed a dryer sheet but you are not sure about it. The following signs will help determine whether he ate it or not;

  • Unconsciousness.
  • Fever.
  • Swollen eyes.
  • Increase in breathing rate.
  • Agitation.
  • Redness.
  • Lethargy.
  • Drooling.
  • Vomiting.
  • Teary eyes.
  • Swollen tongue.

Why Do Dogs Like Dryer Sheets?

Dogs will also chew continuously on your items if they get your attention in return. If your dog is not getting enough exercise, he can chew as a way of keeping himself busy.

It is in the dogs’ gene to chew, they also do it to adventure. Puppies will explore new things using their mouth.

The smell of the dryer sheet can also tempt your dog to it, especially if it is smelling anything close to feathers or fur. Your dog’s hunting instincts will be awakened.

You can prevent this problem by giving your dog enough exercise, mentally and physically.

Place all detergents, fabric softeners, or any other chemicals in your home away from pets and children.

Are Bounce Dryer Sheets Toxic to Dogs?

The Bounce dryer sheets are common in many households. They are toxic to dogs, just like any other detergent.

Bouncer dryers are highly perfumed and it’s easy for dogs to locate them. A dog can get oral cancer after ingesting it.

The exact moment you see your dog eating a dryer sheet, rinse his mouth with warm water for ten to fifteen minutes. Use a kitchen pipe or a showerhead to make the work easier, be careful not to put too much water in the mouth or use the wrong angle to prevent the water from entering the lungs.

Can a Dog Die from Eating a Dryer Sheet?

Sure, a dog can die from eating a dryer sheet. If a dog has asthma, is old, or has any other underlying health problem, he can easily get affected.

You should not wait for a dog with the above conditions to show dryer sheet poisoning before you take him to a vet.

You should not freak too much after your dog eats a dryer sheet, this will make you fail to handle the situation appropriately.

You should inform your vet before you visit him so that he will have prepared the necessary equipment.

In case your dog starts shaking before you reach the vet, ensure that he is in a safe place where he cannot suffer from any cuts or bruises as it can be fatal.

Treatment Options

There are various ways that a vet can use to treat your pooch. The method will be determined by the time that has passed after he consumed the dryer sheet and the visible signs.

 Do not to treat your dog of dryer sheet poison unless advised by your vet.

Method 1: Induced Vomiting

This method is applicable if the dog ate the dryer sheet not too long ago. The vet can induce vomiting to prevent the chemicals from being absorbed by the body. Charcoal can also be prescribed to stop the poison absorption

Method 2: X-Ray and Surgery

In some rare instances, the dryer sheet can lead to obstruction in the digestive system. The vet will have to X-ray him and confirm if he needs surgery.

Method 3: Medications & Therapy

Depending on how much your dog was affected, he might require medical follow-up and therapy. Unfortunately, there are no antidotes for this poisoning.


If your dog ate a dryer sheet, you should know that it is not safe and he should receive medical attention the soonest as possible.

You should not try to administer any medication or first aid without consulting your vet.  

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