My Dog Ate Irish Spring Soap-What Should I Do?

Dogs can eat anything they get their mouths on from dirty diaperscondomsdead possums, the list is endless. Some somethings are not toxic to dogs even though they shouldn’t consume them like Vaseline. But, what should you do if your dog ate Irish Spring Soap?

My Dog Ate Irish Spring Soap

The first step you should take is to remove the soap leftovers from your dog’s reach. Also, remove any remains from his mouth and use a damp cloth to wipe. Contact your vet for advice.

Is Soap Poisonous To Dogs?

A huge number of soap bars are made from natural substances that aren’t poisonous to dogs. Nonetheless, if swallowed, they may still cause them to have gut discomfort. However, certain soaps do contain hazardous ingredients. Keep in mind that if your dog ate a considerable portion of the full soap bar, an obstruction may occur.

Is Irish Spring Soap Bad For Dogs?

 It is not harmful to dogs. The dog will experience some mild intestinal problems but he will be fine. Though its ingredients are not meant to be consumed by dogs, they are not toxic. You should give him canned pumpkins or bread to help pass poop.

Why Do Dogs Eat Irish Spring soap?

  • Curiosity

Dogs are curious in nature, they explore using their mouths,  this can lead them to eat soap. Even if your dog ate soap out of curiosity at first, he might make it a habit that will be hard to break.

  • Scent

The soap has your scent and is soothing to your dog. The second reason dogs may roll in soap is that they are attempting to disguise their own odor. To cover their odor, dogs will roll in anything strong-smelling, such as dung, perfume, soap, trash, or any other aroma.

  • Teething Process

If your puppy ate soap, it could be triggered by the teething process. During this phase, the gums can get itchy and the puppy can eat soap trying to reduce the itchiness. Giving him a bunch of chew toys is the best thing to do in this case.

  • Pica

 Dogs with pica have a strong desire to devour inedible objects. It could be dryer sheets, rocks, bleach water, or anything else.

Symptoms That Your Dog Ate Irish Spring Soap

If you suppose your dog has eaten soap, the first thing you should do is look for any missing soap bars that they might have gotten their paws on. Perhaps a chewed-up bar of soap is discovered, or perhaps the bar of soap is completely lost. You must also watch your dog. They will have various symptoms if they ate soap. Some of the most common indicators that your dog has eaten soap are as follows:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Pain in the abdomen
  • Hyper-salivation
  • Coughing
  • Sneezing
  • Fatigue
  • Sadness

Difference between Soaps And Detergents

Although the terms “soap” and “detergent” are frequently interchanged in casual conversation, they refer to two distinct products.

We won’t go into detail about the chemical differences between them, but in general, soaps won’t make your dog sick. Detergents, on the other hand, can be extremely harmful to your pet’s health.

 Detergents can produce a wide range of symptoms and issues in your dog; there are hundreds of different types of detergents, each of which affects your dog differently. Some of them may contain toxic ingredients that could harm your dog’s liver or kidneys, while others could cause chemical burns.

Can A Dog Die From Eating A Bar Of Soap?

There isn’t a direct answer to this quiz. Although soap is not harmful to dogs, it will cause discomfort and there is a chance that it could become dangerous in some situations. Because soap is not edible, your dog should not have unrestricted access to it and should not be permitted to play with or consume it.

How To Prevent a Dog From Eating Soap

  • Feed A Proper Diet

Your dog can eat soap because of malnutrition. If he does not get enough nutrients from their food, they might try to get them from other sources.

  • Offering Chew Toys

If your dog is not entertained and exercised, he will develop unwanted behaviors like eating soap. You should exercise your dog as per his breed. These exercises should be physically like swimming, or mentally like mental games like a treasure hunt.

  • Keep It Out Of Reach

 Keeping soap out of your dog’s reach is the best method to keep him from eating it. Lock them in a cabinet or a room. Ensure that your home is dog-proof by ensuring he does not eat anything else that he shouldn’t.

  • Seek Medical Attention

Some medical conditions like pica make a dog crave inedible things like soap. The only way you can deal with it is by taking him to a vet if you suspect is the cause.


If your dog ate Irish spring, you should not be worried because it is not toxic. Your dog will pass it out while pooping or in some cases, he can have diarrhea, vomiting, and stomach upsets. Keep in mind that if your dog ate a considerable portion of the full soap bar, an obstruction may occur. Ensure that you keep harmful things far from your dog’s reach.

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