Animal Testing Statistics

Animal Testing Statistics

Many people are unaware that most products they use are tested on animals. You will be shocked to realize the number of animals used in these tests. Animal testing brings about a heated debate, with some arguing that it helps make scientific discoveries and keeps humans safe. On the other hand, some argue that animal … Read more

Animal Cruelty Statistics: We Have A Problem

Animal Cruelty Statistics

It is sad how people get away with mistreating animals. Unfortunately, animal cruelty is rarely reported, and due to this reason, the rate of animal abuse has shot up greatly. The high number of cases reported on animal abuse is quite disheartening. It is time people take this worldwide issue seriously and reduce the rate … Read more

Animal Shelter Statistics

Animal Shelter Statistics

The number of animals taken into shelters daily is alarming and saddening. Even though people are embracing the adoption of pets in recent years, a large number is still euthanized yearly. In this article, you learn more about what happens in animal shelters and what you can do to support them. Animal Shelter Statistics Dog … Read more

40 Pitbull Statistics

Pitbull Statistics

There is no breed surrounded by controversy like Pitbulls. Many argue that Pitbulls are loving, good with children, and loyal. They argue that Pitbull attacks result from a bad upbringing and mistreatment of humans. On the other hand, some argue that owning a Pitbull is risking your life based on dog bite statistics which reveal that pit … Read more

41 Pet Adoption Statistics

Pet Adoption Statistics

In recent years, people have come to understand the importance of pets in their lives. Many people are also adopting pets instead of buying from breeders, but there are overflowing pets shelters due to the increased number of puppy mills.  If you intend to adopt a pet from a shelter, pet adoption statistics will help … Read more

40 Pet Therapy Statistics

Pet Therapy Statistics

Pet therapy uses certified animals to provide mental, physical, and emotional support. Providing love and affection is what these animals are trained to do daily. Felines and canines are the most popular used animals. However, horses, dolphins, guinea pigs, and fish are of great help. To better understand pet therapy and its importance, I have … Read more

42 Dog Bite Statistics

Dog Bite Statistics

It is frightening to hear news about dog bites, especially for a first-time owner. More so, death bite news can make a new dog owner wonder if owning a dog is a good idea. Unfortunately, these reports fail to provide statistics regarding the frequency of dog attacks, the intensity of the assault, and which breeds … Read more

60 Dog Stats For Every Dog Lover

Dog Stats For Every Dog Lover

Dogs have been human friends for centuries. Their unwavering love and loyalty are hard to find in any other pet. They offer comfort to patients as service dogs, conduct search and rescue missions, and also assist in tracking down criminals. They consequently have a significant impact on both our physical and emotional health.   As a … Read more

35 Puppy Mills Statistics

Puppy Mills Statistics

Puppy mills are profit-generating businesses that do not mind about the health of their puppies. Therefore, anytime you buy a puppy from a store or a breeder, there is a high possibility that he is from a puppy mill. However, it is very hard to know a puppy is from a puppy mill because they … Read more