Why Is My Female Dog Private Area Swollen? – 9 Reasons

An unspayed female dog can have a swollen vagina when she is on heat while a spayed dog can have a swollen vagina due to issues with her health. Either spayed or not spayed anytime you notice a change in the appearance of your dog’s vagina or any other body part, it always raises alarm. So, what are the reasons that can contribute to a female dog’s private part getting swollen?

A dog’s vagina can be swollen due to allergic reactions, insect bites, irritation from urine, estrus cycle dog vulvar dermatitis, poor hygiene,vaginitis, labor complications, and forced separation when mating.

Why Is My Female Dog Private Area Swollen? – 9  Reasons

Allergic Reaction

An allergic response is one of the most common causes of canine skin disorders.

Certain dog grooming products, shampoo, and even food, according to pet experts, can trigger skin irritation and swelling in specific canine body areas.

A swollen vagina may signal that something is bothering your canine’s private parts.

We urge that you always use the best vet-recommended shampoo and grooming solutions for your dog.

 Insect Bite

Insect bites, like human bites, cause itchy, inflamed, swollen, and red skin on dogs.

Your dog may have been bitten by an insect if her private area is swollen and she rubs it continuously with her paw or the ground.

Irritation from urine

Every dog owner should prioritize proper grooming and keeping their pets clean, especially when they are free of pee or feces.

In many cases, poo fecal matter, and urine become lodged around the dogs’ uncommon bits, causing significant irritation in the private areas.

This irritation progresses to infection, resulting in a swollen vagina in the dog.

Estrus Cycle

Female dogs go through an estrus cycle, often known as swelling female dog heat.

Unspayed bitches estrus cycle lasts 21-30 days two times a year as per the vets and pets experts.

The body produces estrogen during the swollen heat of the female canine, putting pressure on the pudenda tissue and making the private part swollen.

Dog Vulvar Dermatitis

Vulvar dermatitis can also cause swelling in a dog’s vulva. The vulva’s skin folds swell due to an infection caused by exposure to urine and other secretions. Yeast can grow in the dark, wet spaces between the folds. As a result, swelling occurs.

What are the warning indicators that should be reported? A foul odor or bloody urine could be signs. She could be experiencing red irritation around her vulva, causing her to scoot her bottom around the floor.

Contact your veterinarian if your pooch has been peeing more frequently or appears to be having trouble with urination. Urinary tract infections are another typical sign of dog vulvar dermatitis.

Poor Hygiene

The intimate areas of your girl dog should be kept clean. Her health depends on her hygiene. Keep her clean, particularly around the perineal area (private area). Urine and feces may gather around the vaginal area if your dog is incontinent (lack of bladder or bowel function), causing infection and edema.


Your dog’s vulva may swell due to vaginitis. Vaginitis produces vaginal swelling and redness, as well as the possibility of discharge. This condition can affect both spayed and unspayed dogs. Male dogs are often drawn to female dogs with vaginitis.

What are the symptoms of vaginitis in dogs?

Some classic warning signals to look out for include:

Urination that is frequent or uncomfortable

Pus, mucous, or blood present

Frequently licking the vaginal area

The dog’s private regions are reddened.

If your canine displays any of these signs, you should notify your vet. The most common cause of vaginitis is urinary tract infections. Infection, malformed vagina, trauma, tumors, and other diseases are all possible causes of vaginitis.

Labor Complications

 As a result of labor troubles, dogs may develop vaginal swelling, at which point they lick their genitals a lot for stimulation.

The vagina grows more obvious as the dog gets closer to giving birth, which is mistaken for vaginal enlargement.

Forced Separation When Mating

Pet owners push their pets apart during mating season, which is unhealthy for the dogs.

 Both male and female dogs may experience edema and irritation in their private areas as a result of this forced separation

Allowing the male dog to ejaculate to dissolve the link instead of forcing it will allow them to naturally separate

What Is a Healthy Dog’s Vagina Appearance?

You must first learn how a healthy vagina looks like before you can detect whether something is wrong with it.

You should be able to see the vulva based on whether your pooch has been spayed or not.

Even so, the vulva’s appearance changes considerably throughout the heat phase in unspayed dogs.

When a dog is in heat, the vulva swells, and a bloody discharge occurs, although this does not always mean something is wrong.

When the cycle is finished, the bleeding stops, and the vulva returns to its usual appearance, no longer enlarged.

 If you can’t see the vulva without straining the dog’s skin apart, you should be concerned

The additional skin around the vulva exposes the dog to vaginal and urinary tract infections, which may not become apparent until the condition has advanced significantly.


The private parts of a female dog might be swollen for a variety of causes. Before attempting to treat the problem, you should speak with your veterinarian.

A vet will give accurate information on the main reason behind the swelling and prescribe the right medication.

It is advisable to keep the vagina area clean as can reduce the chances of your female dog’s private area getting swollen.

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