Dog Panting After Vaccines, Should I Be Worried?

It’s common for dogs to pant to cool down when it’s hot outside or after engaging in strenuous activity. But, it is hard to understand why your dog is panting after getting his vaccination jabs. Vaccines are meant to prevent your pup from ailments that threaten his wellbeing, but he is panting now!

If your dog is panting after vaccines, you should not be worried. It is common for dogs to pant after vaccinations but it should last for 24 to 48 hours. This is because the body uses so much energy trying to fight off the foreign substance i.e. the vaccine. If he is panting excessively or 48 hours after the vaccine, you should visit the vet.

Dog Panting After Vaccines What Should I Do?

Assist Your Dog Cool Down

When your dog gets the vaccine jab, his temperature can go up. Dogs sweat when they want to moderate their temperature, which might be why your dog is panting. 

Some dogs get anxious when they go to the clinic which can lead to panting. 

Panting after a vaccine last for around two days.

You can cool your dog in that time by:

  • Place a fan over his head, or if you are outdoor ensure that he stays under the shade. 
  • Using a damp cloth, wipe his body and don’t forget the paws.
  • Cuddle him to help him relax if he is anxious.
  • Another option that many dog parents prefer is waiting in the clinic for a few hours to see if there will be any notable side effects. You can give it a try next time.

Below are the signs that can notify you that your dog is panting abnormally

  • Drooling
  • Coughing
  • Louder pants than usual
  • A raspy tone. 

No Baths

You might think of going a step further when cooling your dog by bathing him. That is not a good idea!

After vaccines, your dog’s body might get sensitive and will end up catching a cold after a bath. You should wait a minimum of 7 days before showering him.

When vaccines are introduced to the body, it requires too much energy to familiarize itself with the antigens. This makes your dog’s body very weak hence the need to avoid baths.

If your dog is really dirty and requires a birth, use dog wipes to freshen him up to prevent cold.

If a dog by accident catches a cold after vaccination, the breathing system will be affected leading to more panting.

Take Your Dog Temperature

Fever is one of the most observed side effects of vaccines. In other instances, he can have a fever due to an allergic reaction. 

This fever normally goes away in one or two days. 

You cannot know whether your dog has a fever if you do not know the normal temperature for dogs.

Normal dog temperatures are 38.3 -39.2°C, if it exceeds 39.4°C, your dog is having a fever.

Visit your veterinarian right away if the temperature increases to 41°C since it could be lethal. To check his temps, use an ear or rectal thermometer.

Make Water Accessible

Ensure your dog has access to water by placing it near his resting area. If a dog is hydrated, it will reduce the rate of panting. 

The reason why you need to place the water near his resting area is that many dogs get lazy after getting their jab. They will find it hard to go and drink water in their respective place.

Also, it is common for dogs to get weak after vaccination and it can be hard for them to walk around.

Your dog might end up sleeping the whole day.

Minimize Physical Exercise

We are used to the routine of exercising our dogs daily. You should stop any vigorous physical exercise after your dog is vaccinated. You can play mental games until your pooch has recovered.

Engaging your dog in vigorous activities while he is panting can lead to shortness of breath and collapse. 

Allow Him To Rest In A Noise-Free Zone

Giving your doggie peace by giving him a noise-free environment is crucial after vaccination.

Loud noises will make your dog stressed and distracted. Avoid traveling and loud music.

When a dog is stressed due to a noisy environment, he will pant more.


Dogs panting after vaccines is a common occurrence that should not worry you much unless, your dog is panting excessively, has a raspy tone, or has a fever, take him to a vet ASAP.

There are many ways you can attend to a dog that is panting after vaccines but bathing is not recommended.

I hope this article was helpful to you and you have equipped yourself with knowledge on how to handle your pooch today and in the coming vaccine.

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