Why Do Dog Still Smells after Glands Expressed? And 3 Ways To Stop It

 When anal glands are full they make a dog release some fishlike smell from his butt, to end the bad smell the anal glands are expressed. In some cases, the dog can have a stinky smell even after expressing the anal glands

A dog can smell after anal glands are expressed because of reasons like the anal glands were not fully expressed, the glands are filling too quickly, or the anal glands are compacted.

Read on to know more about why your dog smells after glands are expressed and what you can do about it.

What Are Anal Glands?

They are small glands on a dog’s rectal entrance that are meant to emit a lubricant that aids rectum passage. Each gland has a distinct odorous brown material. The glands are gently squeezed to release the liquid along with the excrement.

Why Do Dog Still Smells after Glands Expressed?

1.The Smell does not Go Away Immediately

If you are reading this article some few hours before your dog’s glands have been expressed, can you be patient a bit? The smell will not go away immediately after expressing his glands, it will linger for around 24 hours.

2.Anal Glands Were Not Fully Expressed

One of the most likely reasons for a dog’s continued odor after anal sac expression is that its glands were never entirely emptied to begin with!

This can happen more than you might believe, due to the one expressing the glands ignorance or incompetence.

Even if the process had been very recently completed, a badly done job will result in glands that continue to store and discharge the liquid.

Washing your dog and waiting a few days is the best approach to determine whether or not his anal glands were successfully expressed.

If the odor persists after the first day and continues, there is a good chance that the treatment was not done correctly.

3.The Sacs are Filling too Quickly

You might believe that all canine anal glands are the same but surprisingly, this is not the case.

Dogs’ anal sacs differ from one another in the same way as their breeds, sizes, and personalities do. 

Your dog’s anal glands may fill up with fluid more quickly than the usual hound, causing it to start smelling again just days after its last expression.

Because the volume and pace at which this occurs vary for each dog, the required frequency of expression vary as well.

While one dog may only require one (or even none) manual glandular expression during its lifespan, another may require monthly or weekly treatments to retain a pleasing fragrance.

If your dog doesn’t stink the day after expression, but then soon regains the smell a week later, its anal sacs may have speedily loaded with fluid once again.

It’s worth repeating that this can happen even if the dog’s glands have been appropriately expressed by a knowledgeable and qualified Vet.

4.Impacted Glands

Impacted/compacted anal glands are not necessarily as dangerous as they sound; in fact, almost every dog gets them.

Compacted glands are unable to naturally release due to accumulation.

 This is commonly associated with irregular or unstable bowel motions, such as stomach irritation and runny, mushy stool or diarrhea.

The substance hardens and thickens over time, making it more difficult to remove during routine bowel motions.

The constant accumulation of fluid stretches the glands, causes pressure, and can cause discomfort, pain, and infection if left untreated.

Anal sac abscesses form when the gland becomes infected and swollen enough to rupture.

When a pup has compacted anal glands/anal sac infection, it may scoot around or lick its bottom to reduce the itching. You will also notice the inevitable smell–which brought you to this post!

Anal glands normally rely on the pressure of frequent feces to release their stored chemicals. Because softer poop cannot exert such forces, fluid accumulates in the sacs.

A Dog Still Smells After Glands Expressed- How To Stop It

1.Clean Him

After your dog’s glands are expressed, you can wipe his butt with a clean damp cloth or bathe him. This will help to keep him smelling fresh.

2.Feed A Balanced Diet

Feeding your Fido a balanced diet will help in his overall health. Also, you should remember that an obese dog is at a higher risk of having impacted glands. Ensure that you feed him with a balanced diet and don’t forget to give him treats too.

3.Give Him Enough Dietary Fiber

Many manufacturers overlook the need for dietary fiber in their food. You must read the nutrition facts on the package to ensure that it has fiber in it.


Now you have a clearer comprehension of why dog still smells after glands expressed. It might be that your dog the glands were not fully expressed, they are filling quickly or they are impacted. Give it a day or two and watch it. Take him to the vet if you have any concerns.

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