Why Do Pitbulls Snap?-9 Reasons

Pitbulls just like any other dog can snap at one point. It is hard to point out a single reason as to why a Pitbulls snap. it is a scary experience having a Pitbull that you have raised since puppyhood snap at you and it could be wise if you knew the reasons as to why Pitbulls snap so that you can be cautious and on the safer side.  

Why Do Putbulls Snap?

Pitbulls can snap because of fear, pain, possessiveness, illness, frustrations, anxiety, dominance display, and maternal instincts. Your Pitbull can snap because the owner encouraged the behavior unknowingly.

Scroll down to find more on why Pitbulls snap, what you can do about it, and more.

Why Do Pitbulls Snap?- 9 Reasons


Any dog breed can snap when they are in fear of attack. Just like humans get aggressive when they feel threatened, the same way a dog will if he feels cornered.

They snap as a way of protecting themselves from anyone who is a threat.


 If you touch your pit bull while he is injured or in pain, he may attack you, assuming you are the source of his pain. Even if they are a person, you will reflexively push them away if they reach for an injured portion of your body. When your pit bull has been injured, he may show a similar reaction.


Your Pitbull may snap to protect anything valuable, including toys, food, or other personal items. If your Pitbull is territorial, approaching his meal or approaching him while he is chewing a bone may cause him to snap.


Brain tumors and cognitive impairment, in addition to injuries, can impact your dog’s brain, causing him to act unreasonably violently, such as snapping Whilst older pit bulls are more likely to have these issues, they can occur at any age.


Rapid changes in your Pitbull’s environment could have made them feel anxious, leading to aggressive behaviors like snapping. Two major causes of worry are moving to a new home and welcoming a new family member.


Pitbulls, like other canines, can become irritable when their demands are not met Pitbulls that have been chained or on leashes for a long time are more likely to attack.

If your dog snaps at everything around him as soon as you put a leash on him, it’s because the leash is frustrating him. When a dog feels limited or annoyed by its leash, this is referred to as leash aggression.

Dominance Display

Pitbulls, like other dogs, may snap or act aggressively to demonstrate dominance. It’s mainly intended towards other dogs, although it can also be directed at you or other humans on occasion. Your pit bull might think he’s in charge of a situation at times. When he believes that his position is being challenged, he snaps or growls. Attempting to lift him or walking through a door at the same time as him are both examples of attempting to challenge his status.

Encouraged Behavior

You might wonder how you can encourage your dog to snap but you can do it without knowing. If for instance, your Pitbull snaps when he wants he wants something and you in turn in it to his demands after he snaps. Dogs are intelligent creatures and can easily learn when their aggression results in rewards.

Another case is when you punish your dog physically when he gets aggressive, this can result in your dog deciding to attack you.

When you are bonding with your Pitbull puppy, you should not encourage him to bite your hand when playing.

Maternal Instincts

A pit bull mother may sometimes snap if you move near her puppies. This is because her maternal instincts outweigh her affection for you. Consult your veterinarian or consider spaying her, as this type of animosity can linger for a long time after she is separated from the litter.

 Why Do Pitbulls Attack Children Most of the Time?

Pitbulls adore kids. Children, on the other hand, have no idea how to treat animals. They don’t recognize angry dogs since they don’t understand canine body language. Instead, they will continue to aggravate a dog unknowingly until he nips at them.

Dogs, on the other hand, are still creatures with wild impulses. All dogs had forefathers who hunted in the woods.

Predators know that kiddos are easy prey, and their instincts can occasionally overpower them.

My Pitbull Snaps, What Should I Do?

Never Punish Him

Some Pitbull owners think that punishing a dog will make him stop bad behaviors like pooing in the house, and aggression among others. Physically punishing your dog will only make him worse, he will be more hostile, fearful, and stressed.

Keep him off the triggers

Any keen dog owner will notice what triggers your dog’s snapping. The best thing you should do is to keep him off what triggers it.

For instance, if he does not like it when his toys and food are being touched, you should avoid it. If he is in pain, avoid touching the painful parts.

Whenever a guest visits you and he is not comfortable around them, you should lock him in a crate and wait for him to leave.

Exercising, training, And Socialization

If your Pitbull does not receive the recommended amount of exercise of 30-45 minutes per day, he can develop aggression.

You can socialize your dog and train him to get used to things that trigger his aggression like guests and other pets.

Visiting a dog behaviorist if your dog’s aggression is uncontrollable is the best option.

Visit A Vet

Your Pitbull might snap out of pain, a vet will help you to clarify whether he has any injuries or sickness.

When taking a dog to a vet, it is important to let him know everything about the dog as the information is necessary when doing a diagnosis.


It is not fair to conclude that it is only Pitbulls that snap because any dog can. A Pitbull can snap because of many reasons but mainly because of how he has been brought up. If he is not socialized or trained, he will develop bad habits that will be hard to break.

Pitbulls should not be judged based on how their former owners made them look because of their selfish gains. They only looked like what the owners molded them to be.

Pitbulls are affectionate and loyal if well trained but without it, their bite can be fatal.

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