Why Do Pomeranians Eyes Water -5 Reasons

Just like in humans, tears play an important role in keeping off dust and other fine debris from the eyes. The production of basal tears gives the eyes a bright shiny look that indicates good health. If the tears are overproduced the eyes will look watery which should be a concern to any paw parent.

Why Do Pomeranians Eyes Water?

A Pomeranian can have teary eyes when a foreign element gets into the eye(s), allergies, blocked tear duct, eyelashes problem, and cornea injury. Though in rare cases, glaucoma can also lead to watery eyes.

Read on to know in detail what can cause watery eyes in Pomeranians, how to wash Pom’s eyes, and how to test if your Pom’s eyes are watery.

Causes Of Watery Eyes In Pomeranians

Acute Cases of Watery Eyes with Pomeranians

Depending on the specific issue, a medical condition may be categorized as acute or chronic for hours, days, or even weeks. For this category, there is no set time limit. However, if a dog has watery eyes, an acute case would go away on its own in less than 24 hours.

A tiny fragment of foreign substance might enter the eye, which is the most frequent cause of acute runny eyes (s). In an effort to remove the offending substance, the body responds by producing extra tears. Even if only one eye is hurt, the Pomeranian will still blink both of them. The eyes can get quite watery because blinking itself increases tear production, which is then compounded by the overflow of tears.

If you notice something in your Pom’s eyes, you can easily and cautiously remove it and this normally resolves the problem. If the object was in his eyes for long, it will take a few hours before the eyes can stop reacting to the irritation. In some cases, the foreign object might have harmed the eye which will require medical attention.

How Should I Clean A Pomeranian Eye?

To remove dirt or any other element in the eye you should use a canine eye drop. If you don’t have a recommended canine eye rinse, a human eye rinse will serve the purpose, but it should not be habitual.

Lightly pull the lower eyelid and put two to three drops of eye rinse. Your dog will automatically blink when you let go of the eyelid and this will help in cleaning away any element.

If you don’t notice any changes in the eyes, you should contact your vet to prevent the cornea from being damaged.

Testing For Watery Eyes

If the owner is not sure if the level of water in the eyes is excess, he can call a vet who will perform a Schirmer tear test to determine if it is excess.

A very thin, tiny piece of special paper is inserted into the dog’s lower eyelid. This displays numbers that indicate how much tearing is occurring.

Although a lower number may be regarded as normal in older dogs, the normal range is 15 to 20 mm/min.

Major Causes Of Watery Eyes In Pomeranians


This is the main reason why many Pomeranians have watery eyes. Allergies can be caused by many things like smoke, pollens, dust, perfumes, etc.

If the eyes have an allergic reaction he will continuously blink the eyes triggering the production of excess tears.

An allergic reaction can be also from food like grains, if you don’t realize which type of food is causing an allergic reaction to your Pom, he will continue having teary eyes.

Because they are many things that can trigger an allergic reaction in dogs, you should let your vet conduct a skin test to identify the specific allergen.

Blocked Tear Duct

This is yet another common cause of watery eyes, and in many cases, a Pomeranian will only tear excessively to show that a tear duct is blocked. However, occasionally there might also be some eye-area irritation and possibly some redness.

The ducts may need to be flushed in some cases to treat this, and in more severe cases, minor surgery may be required.

Eye Lashes Problem

Your Pomeranian may have eyelashes that grow from the incorrect area of the eyelid or eyelashes that bend inward and irritate the eye.

Your Pomeranian consequently has red, swollen, and watery eyes. You might also notice your Pom pawing at their eyes at times because the discomfort is so severe.

Even though inward eyelashes don’t seem dangerous, they should be treated right away because they can harm the cornea.

Cornea Injury

The work of the corneas is to protect the eyes from injuries but they can also be injured. Injured corneas will make the eyes watery because of pain and discomfort.

 If the corneas are injured they will swell up and appear reddish. To know the seriousness of the injury a vet is required.

If the harm is not serious, the vet can use a special collar to prevent him from touching his eyes with his paws and it will heal after a few days.

Antibiotic and soft eye lenses can be used to treat the condition.


Though this condition is rare, it can also contribute to watery eyes. It is characterized by pressure in the eyes and if it is not treated early it can lead to blindness.

Some symptoms of this include watery eyes, frequent blinking, rolling off the eyeball toward the head, bloodshot eyes, cloudy eyes /or vision problems. Some affected dogs may experience severe headaches in addition to a noticeable decrease in appetite and a lack of enthusiasm for playing or interacting.

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How Will I Prevent Watery Eyes In My Pom?

  • Prevent your dog from playing in long grasses to avoid scratches from bushes, snake bites, and insect bites. If possible watch your Pom when he is playing.
  • To stop any dirt from getting into his eyes, wipe his face with a wet, clean towel.
  • Keep a close eye on your dog if he has watery eyes and take him to the vet if it doesn’t go away.

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