Do Pomeranians Make Good Guard Dogs? 

It is important to know the main reason why you want a dog before owning one. If you want a family dog, you must research which breed tolerates kids, or if you want a therapy dog, you must look for a breed with a cool demeanor. In the same way, if you want a guard dog and you intend on buying a Pomeranian, you must research about it too.

So, do Pomeranians make good guard dogs? Though Pomeranians are protective of their owners, they don’t make good guard dogs. Nevertheless, they can be good watchdogs as they will always alert the owner of any impending danger. Their size greatly disadvantages them as they cannot overpower a big enemy.  

Difference Between Guard Dogs And Watch Dogs

Guard dog’s main work is to alert the owner and intervene to offer protection if needed whereas a watchdog will only alert the owner but cannot be relied on for protection.

Guard dogs are usually large or medium-sized with strong jaws to be able to physically overpower any enemy.

Pomeranians are only suitable for watch dogs because their small size will not intimidate any enemy. They are very vocal and will easily alert in case of danger.

 Are Pomeranians Overly Protective?

 Pomeranians are well known for being devoted to their owners, and they won’t tolerate anyone who poses a threat to them. Differentiating whether your dog is aggressive or overprotective is important. If your Pom lunge on other pets and people who come near you, it is time you took him to a behaviorist.

Are Poms Good With Kids?

Pomeranians do not get along with kids and toddlers. The main reason is that kids don’t know when to stop playing and will not learn their body language when tired. This will make the Pom angry and might bite the kids out of frustration. It is not wise to leave your Pomeranian with kids unsupervised.

Things To now Before Getting A Pomeranian Home

They Are Friendly

Friendly dogs include Pomeranians. They have a spirited temperament. Though every dog has a unique personality, Poms have been known to be sociable and good around people. Most Pomeranians enjoy playing with older children and adults, though they might not be as gregarious as other breeds. They like it when they spend time with their owners even if they are not playing.

They Like Barking

For Pomeranians, barking is just everyday behavior. This is also referred to as yapping and if not addressed, it can become problematic.

Some Poms are more vocal than others but you should also remember that barking is their main means of communication.

Your Pom may be barking when he wants to protect you or himself, they are bored, are excited, want your attention, or they are reacting to siren signals, fireworks, or other street noise.

They Are Territorial

Pomeranians can be quite territorial and will inform you if someone unfamiliar is approaching your home. They can be quite spirited as well, and they’ll nip at anyone who doesn’t treat them well.

Require Early Socialization

If you want a Pomeranian puppy, keep in mind that early socialization is crucial to teach him how to act around other dogs and people who aren’t part of his immediate family. If you don’t, he might grow up to be aggressive toward strangers and get into trouble.

Poms Are Courageous And Self-Assured.

They will bark at strangers or other animals without fear. They can be vocal especially when they want a favor from their owner. Poms are eager learners who only want to please their humans by following instructions and picking up new skills.

Require Daily Exercise

These dogs do need to move around occasionally, so taking them for routinely brief walks in the park is a perfect idea. Small play sessions are also very important for these dogs because they keep the Poms fit, healthy, and happy.

Are Pomeranians Good For First-Time Owners?

If the first-time owner is ready to train these dogs and socialize them, Pomeranians can be a good choice. For these dogs to stay healthy and comfortable, it’s also critical to efficiently meet all of their exercise and grooming needs. As a result, the Pomeranian would be an excellent choice for a novice owner who is willing to assume the responsibility of raising and caring for a dog.

Do Pomeranians Kill Small Animals?

Pomeraninans have a low prey drive meaning it will be hard for them to killl small animals. They also have a low drive to retrieve. They were not bred to hunt, so they have low will to kill and to retrieve so they can take it to their owner.

There are cases when a Pomeranian can kill a small animal like; when he has food aggression, due to overprotectiveness or when he is not well socialized.


Pomeranians are good watchdogs but not guard dogs. You cannot train Pomeranians to be guard dogs because they are disadvantaged by their size.

Pomeranians are protective and will loudly bark at anyone who wants to attack their owner. Even though they cannot be good guard dogs, they are great companions, and be assured that once you get one, he will color your world.

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