Do Pomeranians Like Baths, Truth Unleashed!

Pomeranians like cuddling a lot, you might realize that when you are snuggling in the seat there is an awful smell coming from his coat. Before bathing your Pomeranian, you might wonder if he likes baths or not to know how you will handle him.

Do Pomeranians Like Baths?

Majority of Pomeranians like baths. They’ll stay put until you finish bathing them as long as you’re kind to them and don’t press their bodies too hard. They’ll feel safe in your hands if you use the appropriate water temperature.

How Often to Bathe a Pomeranian Puppy?

If your puppy is under the age of eight weeks, bathing him is not recommendable. He can’t control his temperature appropriately and could acquire a cold as a result. Once he reaches the eight-week milestone, the Pomeranian bathes once a month on average.

He should not be bathed before receiving his first vaccination. After vaccination, he should take 10-14 days before taking a bath.   

How Often Should You Bathe a Pomeranian?

A Pomeranian should be bathed once every four weeks. If he is bathed more than once a month, he will have dry and irritated skin, bald spots, and a smelly coat.

What Makes Pomeranians Hate Baths

Past Trauma

This is a common cause for the dogs rescued from rescue homes or shelters, they might have had a bad experience with water in their past home. If this is the case, a dog behaviorist should be consulted.

Bathing a Pomeranian with very cold or hot water can make hate baths.

First-time Experience

There is always a fear that accompanies someone when trying something for the first time, the same can be with your Pomeranian. He can be scared because he has never been in the water again.

You should not force him to take a bath as he will hate it more, give him time to adjust.

It Feels Controlling

Pomeranians like to be in control. When you put him in water, he feels like you are controlling him too much making him hate baths.

When he is swimming or playing fetch in the water, he does it gladly because he is in control of the situation. But, when someone else puts him in the water he ends up hating it and resisting being bathed.

At What Age Can You Bathe A Pom Puppy?

Remember that puppies are extremely sensitive creatures. So, unless it’s an emergency, wait until your Pomeranian puppy is at least three months old before bathing him.

The majority of dog shampoos available are for dogs older than three months.

You can use baby powder on your pup to give him a fresh scent.

Benefits Of Baths To A Pomeranian

Remove Perspiration Odors

Remove smells from sweat. Canines perspire primarily through their paws and panting, as well as minor perspiration from hair follicles. This has a chemical odor. Though perspiration evaporates, the aroma will persist on the clothing and must be removed.

Remove Odors

To keep a Pomeranian smelling excellent, other scents such as pee splashes, small pieces of feces, and residues of scent gland oil must be washed out regularly.  

Remove any excess body oil. 

The hair follicles of a dog produce and excrete body oil, which acts as a natural lubricant and skin barrier. Rather than evaporating, it covers the skin and hair roots. When this builds up, as well as when water (such as rainwater) combines with it, it can become exceedingly stinky. Accumulated body oil can make the coat appear oily and flat.

Washing Away Dirt and Debris.

Baths, of obviously, are the most effective way to remove all fine dirt and debris from a Pom’s body and fur. Pollen and other allergy triggers are included.

Encourage healthy skin

Moisturizing elements in high-quality shampoos help to keep skin hydrated and robust. Poor bathing products, on the other hand, might harm the skin by containing harsh substances that cause dryness and/or irritation.

Remove Any Dead Hairs. 

 Adult Pomeranians shed a lot, and removing hairs from their dense coat can be difficult. Baths can aid in this aspect because the scouring helps to remove dead hairs that are just clinging on, making brushing more effective the following time.

Maintain The Beauty Of A Pom. 

The coat of a Pomeranian will seem healthy and full with a soft texture and great gloss once perspiration, body oil, pee splashes, bits of excrement, traces of smell gland oil, dirt, and debris have been washed off and the fur has been adequately hydrated and conditioned. For an added ‘wow’ factor, several shampoos can also eliminate stains and naturally enhance coloring.


Some Pomeranians like bathing while others don’t. If you’re Pom like bathes, you should not make him stay long in the water as he might catch a cold. Also do not wash him more than once a month not unless it’s necessary.

If your Pom hates baths, you should not force him or punish him. Take him through the bathing process slowly until he adjusts.

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