Whole House Smells like Dog Urine What Do I Do?

Living in a house full of a dog’s urine smell is horrible and nauseating. The problem comes in when you have cleaned the house with normal detergents and everything is sparkling clean but the house is stinky. Many times the house owner gets used to the smell and an outsider will be the one to inform them that their house smells like a kennel. What do you do to make your house smell fresh again?

If your house smells like dog urine, you should first use a UV blacklight to identify the spots with dog urine. Using peroxide and baking powder solution, vinegar, or enzyme cleaner scour the spots. There are many products used to clean dog urine spots but you should never use bleach or ammonia.

How to Get Rid OF Dog Smell from Your House

Use a Blacklight to Zero In

You should identify all the spots that are releasing the odor. Identifying the spots can be tricky but with a UV backlight, the work will be easier.

The room should be dark for the device to work effectively. The spots will be easily identified as they will appear like shiny marks. You should look at the wall, furniture, carpet, floors, and mattresses.

After identifying the spots, you should proceed to wash.

Use a Mixture of Peroxide and Baking Soda

Mix peroxide and baking soda in a bowl and stir, add a little amount of dish detergent. This is an effective solution to smell.

Pour the solution in a spray bottle and on the spots you identified using the UV light. Wait for around twenty minutes then rub it away.

Opt for an Enzyme Cleaner

You should always clean the urine immediately as the more you leave it uncleaned, it will encourage your dog to pee in the exact spot again.

Enzyme cleaners are safe for dogs and they deal with the microorganisms causing the odor. Spray the enzyme cleaner on the pee spots and wait for ten minutes. Using a paper towel, wipe it away. This method requires persistence to get better results.

Use Vinegar

Vinegar is slightly acidic while dog pee is slightly alkaline. When you spray the vinegar on surfaces with dogs pee, it will neutralize it and form neutral liquids.

Mix a 50:50 solution of water and vinegar. Soak paper towels and drench the pee stains. Use a brush to scrub the stains. Wait for around 10 minutes before you wipe it using paper towels.

What Not To Use When Cleaning Up Dogs’ Pee in the House


Washing dogs’ pee using bleach is not advisable. Bleach is not safe to be inhaled by humans and pets. Using bleach on surfaces or carpets can destroy them.


It is not possible to use ammonia because pee contains ammonia too.

Machine wash your pillows, sheets, covers, and any other linen

You cannot have a dog pee smell-free house if your clothes, beddings, and other linens are not regularly washed. The fact that you spend time with your pooch and that he rests on the furniture, they can have a urine smell on them.

Ensure That Air Conditioners Are In Good Condition

An air conditioner will ensure that there is a good flow of natural air and minimize pet odors. The air conditioner can block or break down at times. You must clean it or replace it.

Use Odour-Sealing Paint for Removing Stubborn Wall Stains

At times there can some spots on the wall that makes the house inhabitable and there comes the use of odor-sealing paints. These paints can make it easier to have a fresh room when you are in a hurry and have no time to wash and maybe you are expecting visitors.

This method is not effective on stubborn pee spots.

Stock Your House with Nice Smelling Things

You can buy fresh flowers or scented candles to help reduce the smell of dog urine. Perfume can also be sprayed to make the house smell nice.

How to Prevent Dog Accidents in the House

You might notice that your dog always pees on the same spot in the house, this is because dogs will smell a spot that they had urinated on before even after cleaning it.

Dogs are known for territorial marking, they can urinate on the same furniture always to mark it as theirs. If you do not clean the spot thoroughly, the dog will pee on it again.

After cleaning the spot, you should cover it with furniture or a carpet. The next step should be training your pooch to pee outside.  

If your dog does not learn to pee in the right place, you should take him to a behaviorist for assistance.  


A house smelling like a dog’s urine can be horrible to live in and it’s embarrassing when your visitors complain of your stinky house.

You should ask for an outsider to confirm if your house is odor-free after washing as you can fail to tell the difference.

No matter how stinky your house is, it is possible to have a fresh-smelling house again after reading this article.

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