Why Does My Dog Lay On Top Of Me? 8 Reasons 

Why Does My Dog Lay On Top Of Me

Dogs have many behaviors, some weird and some funny. Some behaviors are sucking blankets, staring in space, among others. One of the common questions dog owners have is why their dogs keep laying on top of them when watching movies, sleeping in bed, or relaxing outdoors. Read on to know why your dog lay on top of … Read more

Home Remedies for Matted Dog Hair-6 Simple Steps

Home Remedies for Matted Dog Hair

If you own a long-haired dog, you are familiar with the matted dog hair. Matted hair makes your pooch look nasty, uncomfortable and is prone to skin diseases. Finding the best way to make your dog look attractive again isn’t an easy task. That’s why I want to share the best home remedies for matted … Read more

Whole House Smells like Dog Urine What Do I Do?

Whole House Smells like Dog Urine

Living in a house full of a dog’s urine smell is horrible and nauseating. The problem comes in when you have cleaned the house with normal detergents and everything is sparkling clean but the house is stinky. Many times the house owner gets used to the smell and an outsider will be the one to … Read more

Will Any Dish Soap Kill Fleas?

Will Any Dish Soap Kill Fleas?

Fleas’ infestation can make your dog’s life miserable, it can also make your home inhabitable. Regardless of all the efforts to keep fleas off your dog, they always find their way back, that’s why you need a reliable, simple, and affordable way to get rid of the fleas. Dish soap is commonly known to kill … Read more

What is the Name of a Male Dog?

The term dog can be used to refer to either a female dog or a male dog. It is no doubt that a female dog is referred to as a bitch, but what is the name of a male dog? The name of a male dog is a dog, this will only change if you are using him for breeding purposes. A male dog that is available for breeding is known as a stud while a male dog that has fathered a litter is termed as a sire. There are so many names that are used for female and male dogs. Some of these words are outdated and others have gotten a negative connotation over time. Scroll down for more. What is the name of a male dog? A dog that is not used for breeding purposes is called a dog. While inbreeding, a dog is either a stud or a sire. Stud Stud came from an archaic English word ‘studu’ which meant prop upright. In this case, am not speaking of anything else but the male genitals, which means they can get an erection and reproduce. When a dog is referred to as a stud, it means that it can be used for breeding. He can father puppies but he is yet to. For the female dogs, they are known as bitches. The word bitch has gained a negative connotation over the years but it is the appropriate term for breeders. Sire When a stud has mated with a bitch and she gives birth to a litter, he is referred to as a sire. The counterpart for sire is a dame. You cannot use the term sire alone without referring to the litter. This means you cannot use the term alone when introducing your dog. For instance, you cannot say that “This is my dog Lucky and he is a sire.” You will only use the term when you are done with the introduction and you want to talk about his pedigree. You can now say, “He is the sire of three litters.” Jerry Though it is not an approved term, many people, as well as breeders, use it to refer to a neutered dog. It has been argued over time that jerry is a made-up term and shouldn’t be used while others think otherwise. Mutt and Mongrel Either of the words can be used to refer to dogs of a mixed breed or mixed ancestry. Depending on one’s interpretation, this word can be offensive. History of the word dog The word dog was derived from the name “dogca”. “Dogca” is an archaic English term meaning strong. In the early days, dogs were usually known as hounds from the German word “hund”. For males, they were “Hund” and for females “Hundis”. As time passed by, the names changed from hounds and dogca and the name dog was found. To sum up, it is yet to be known exactly where the name dog came from. Nicknames and Endearment Terms for Dogs When choosing a nickname or an endearment term, there is no specific rule. Most of these names are gender-neutral. You can name your dog depending on his appearance or size, for instance, blackie, big boy, or fatty. You can also name him using the alternatives of dog, like pooch or doggie. You are most likely to use these names instead of the technical ones. Not a Bastard There is a common joke and myth that male dogs are also called bastards, this is a false belief. People tend to believe this tale because a bitch can be used an insult to women, so they use bastard in return. The name bastard has an entirely different meaning which is not related to dogs in any way. Male Dog Name in UK and Australia Though they are English-speaking countries, they have different names for male dogs. This is due to the variation of culture and environment. In the UK male dogs are referred to as “rude” while in Australia they call them ‘mongrel.” Nevertheless, these names are only popular in some areas. In Australia, the term mongrel is not common in urban areas but it is in rural areas. What is a Group of Dogs called? Just like dogs have gendered names, they also have collective names. A group of dogs is known as a kennel or a pack of dogs. If the dogs happen to be of the same sort, they can have a collective noun like a “cowardice of mutts”, or a “comedy of boxers”. Conclusion A male dog is basically called a dog, not unless you are using breeding terms. You cannot use technical terms to refer to your dog in a normal conversation. Instead of using these names, you can use a nickname or an alternate dog word like pooch or doggie. You are free to call your dog by any name so long as it does not have a negative connotation.

The term dog can be used to refer to either a female dog or a male dog. It is no doubt that a female dog is referred to as a bitch, but what is the name of a male dog? The name of a male dog is a dog, this will only change if you … Read more

How Much Is An English Bulldog

How Much Is An English Bulldog

Bulldogs are a popular breed, they are friendly and loyal. If you have decided to own an English bulldog, you must be aware of the buying price, where to buy them and the total maintenance cost. How much an English bulldog will cost will be determined by many factors. English bulldog puppies normally cost around … Read more

Outdoor Pee Area For Dogs

Outdoor Pee Area For Dogs

If you are tired of your whole house smelling like dog urine or discolored lawns, building a dog pee area for your dog is the best solution. If your dog pee everywhere from the house to the compound, he will make everything smelly and untidy. Outdoor pee area for dogs help to keep your house … Read more

Why Do Dogs Love Treat?-7 Reasons

Why Do Dogs Love Treat?

Most dogs go wild anytime they are given treats, this leaves one wondering why dogs love treats so much. At times, they can tempt you to give them more so that you can see them wagging their tales, licking their mouths, or the excited expression on their face. Dog love treats because they often have … Read more

Can Humans Use Antifungal Dog Shampoo?

Can Humans Use Antifungal Dog Shampoo

If you have used antifungal shampoo on your dog, you understand the magic it does on a dog’s skin and fur. This can make you curious to what can antifungal dog shampoo do to your hair or skin. This aticle will let you know if this ia a good idea and help understanding the difference … Read more

7 Reasons Why Dogs Won’t Stop Barking At Night

Dogs Won't Stop Barking At Night

We all love our dogs but there are times they act in ways and we can’t help but get irritated. A good example is when they can’t stop barking at night, maybe you had spent the entire day playing and cuddling together, and you didn’t notice any issue. Dogs won’t stop barking at night because … Read more