How Much Is An English Bulldog

Bulldogs are a popular breed, they are friendly and loyal. If you have decided to own an English bulldog, you must be aware of the buying price, where to buy them and the total maintenance cost. How much an English bulldog will cost will be determined by many factors.

English bulldog puppies normally cost around $1,500-$4,000. The price of English bulldogs will vary depending on where you are buying them from and what is the intended purpose; either it is for show or as a pet. Apart from the one time buying cost, there are many costs that are incurred when raising an English bulldog.

 How Much Is An English Bulldog

The cost of an English bulldog will be vary depending on where you buy it.  You can get your English bulldog from these places;

Reputable breeder

This is the first source you should go to if you want to buy an English bulldog. A reputable breeder is the one who specializes in breeding dogs that are healthy and meet standard breed requirements.

English dogs from breeders are up to date with their vaccinations and have gone through a health screening.

You will be able to meet the parent of the litter you want to buy.

An average English dog puppy from a reputable breeder will cost around $1500-$4,500 and %2,500-$10,000 for a champion bloodline.

Backyard Breeders

 These breeders have no enough knowledge on breeding dogs. They do not have a return policy and if your dog develops a health problem after buying, they cannot be questioned.

They don’t have any record of the litter’s parent and they do not guarantee purebred puppies.

The average price of an English bulldog from a backyard breeder is around $500-$1000.

Puppy Mills or Commercial Breeders

This is not a recommendable place to buy your English bulldog. Puppy mills breed a lot of puppies which do not meet the breed standards and do not undergo a health screening.

They do not have proofs that their puppies are vaccinated. The well-being of their puppies is not guaranteed.

They sell their puppies at a very low price ranging from $500-$800.

Adopting from a rescue home

If you do not have the ability to buy an English bulldog from either of the above lists, a rescue home will be a better option.

Rescue home dogs are not purebred and can cost as low as $300. There is an added benefit when you adopt a dog in that the dogs are spayed or neutered and their vaccinations are up to date.

Why Is the English Bulldog Price So High?

Purebred English bulldogs are expensive because they have an added expense when breeding compared to other dogs.

To breed an English bulldog, you must use the artificial insemination method. This is because their body and head structure makes it hard for them to mate and give birth.

English bulldogs are prone to many health problems which makes the breeders incur an extra cost when doing a health screening. This cost is passed to the buyer making English bulldogs expensive.

Average Cost of English Bulldogs Health Care

English bulldog are susceptible to to many health problems. They will need regular checkups and medications which will require a lot of money.

Because of their flat muzzles and undershot jaw they will require regular dental work which is expensive. They are prone to obesity, eye problems, skin infections, and ear infections.

English bulldogs are prone to disease that will require surgery and will cost a lot of dollars. These diseases include; hip dysplasia, kidney stones and heart diseases.

The average cost of an English bulldog will range from $0-$250 per month. The medical bills on the first year will be high because of vaccinations, spaying and neutering, and growth monitoring.

Initial setup and supplies

Before taking your English bulldog home, you should have the following supplies in your home;

  • High quality food.
  • Food and water bowls.
  • Leash and collar.
  • Training crate.
  • Dog bed.
  • Poop scooper.
  • Grooming tools.
  • Chew toys.

The average cost of the initial setup and supplies will cost around $250-$350.

English Bulldog Health Insurance

The English bulldog is prone to many health problems so it is advisable to have a health insurance cover.

Before shopping for a health insurance cover, you must fully understand their policies.

The amount of money to be paid for an insurance cover will depend on what you want it to cover and the health condition of your dog.

In average the cost of an English bulldog health insurance will range from $60-$130 per month.

 English Bulldog Grooming Cost

English bulldogs require regular grooming. Their skin is full of wrinkles which can allow bacteria to grow if not wiped regularly.

You should use unscented baby wipes to tidy up the wrinkles. Bathing the English bull dog is also recommended but should be done not more than once in six weeks.

You should use dog shampoo to moisturize the skin. You can hire a professional groomer to assist you.

The average cost of grooming an English bulldog can range from $10-$130 per month.

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English bulldogs are costly buy and needs more money to maintain them. They require food, medical attention, grooming, and entertainment.

The guide above will help you determine whether an English bulldog is the right dog for you. Remember that owning a dog is a lifetime responsibility.

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