Home Remedies for Matted Dog Hair-6 Simple Steps

If you own a long-haired dog, you are familiar with the matted dog hair. Matted hair makes your pooch look nasty, uncomfortable and is prone to skin diseases. Finding the best way to make your dog look attractive again isn’t an easy task. That’s why I want to share the best home remedies for matted dog hair to make your dog glow again without spending much.

Home Remedies for Matted Dog Hair 

Step1. Gather the Necessary Tools and Products

Tools like Dematting brushes and combs will ease the untangling job. They have metal bristles that will hold even the clumpiest hair.

You can also use a slicker brush, though small in size it will work effectively.

You will need a dog hair conditioner to moisten the fur. You can make a homemade conditioner or buy one from a store.

To make a homemade conditional you will require aloe Vera, rosemary, and eggs. It will help you save money and nourish your dog.

Coconut oil is also good for moistening and hydrating matted fur. It is one of the most recommended methods because it acts as an anti-inflammatory and helps to stop skin itchiness.

The third option is cornstarch, you should sprinkle it on the matted areas. It will loosen the matted fur and it’s harmless even if your canine licks it.

Step 2: Use the Hands to Untangle

Apply a plentiful amount of hair condition on the matted areas. Rub it gently so it can be fully absorbed.

Before taking the brush, you should use your fingers to straighten out the hair. You should not pull the hair as it can be painful to your doggy.

Give your dog treats to keep him calm.

Step 4: Split the Mat

There are some mats that can be hard to untangle using fingers. You should split the mat into smaller manageable mats.

Scissors will help in splitting the mats but not to more than three pieces, if you cut excessively the dog might end up having bald spots.

Step 5: Brush it Out

Hold the mat in the base to ensure you don’t pull the dog’s hair as you brush. Use a slicker brush to get rid of the matt.

Be careful so that the hairs do not enter the eyes, it can cause harm or frighten the dog. Your hands should act as a barrier between the comb and the skin.

After removing all the mats, use a normal brush to remove the stay hair strands.

Step 6: A Bath

Confirm that all the mats have been dealt with, if you bathe your dog with a mat, it will be firmer. Use a dog shampoo to wash your pooch.

After the above process, the dogs’ skin can easily be irritated by the use of harsh chemicals like human shampoo.

Use a dryer or a towel to wipe the water.

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What Causes Matted Hairs In Dogs

A dog is said to have matted hair when his fur forms clumps. This happens when the dog is rarely brushed especially during shedding seasons.

Hair matting starts as small balls which get big with time. The larger they become, the harder it is for them to be removed. Removing large clumps can lead to pulling the hair which is very painful. Large hair mats can be very hard to remove at home and you might require professional aid.

Below are the three main causes of matted hairs in dogs;


In the area where there is a lot of friction like the armpits or at the back of the ears, the hair tends to matt easily. The places are ever moving and the hair gets clumped.

The buttock area is also affected because of the continuous sitting on the hair.

Poor Grooming

Long-haired dogs require daily brushing to remove the loose and dead hairs. This will keep the dog aerated and reduce the formation of mats.

During the shedding seasons, hairs loosen most and they will need more brushing.

Failure to wash your dog can lead to the formation of mats, this is especially if he plays in the mud.


Excessive matting happens when the owner neglects the dog until the matting is out of control.

This leads to health complications for your dog. Matting is a common case for homeless dogs who have no one to groom them.

The importance of a dog’s coat

A dogs coat helps him in the following ways;

  • Protects the body from chemicals or physical damage.
  • Prevents the sun rays from penetrating the body which can lead to skin tumors.
  • Helps in regulating body temperatures.

Matting prevents the skin from performing all the above duties. It encourages the growth of bacteria that damaged the skin making it prone to diseases. Therefore grooming is essential to a dog.


If the mats have turns color to pinkish and are producing a foul smell, you should consult your vet before using any home remedy for matted hair. This can be an indication of a health problem and you can make it worse.

Regularly brush your dog’s fur to avoid dealing with hair mats. This will save you from doing the tedious work and spare your dog pain and discomfort.

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