Why Do Dogs Love Treat?-7 Reasons

Most dogs go wild anytime they are given treats, this leaves one wondering why dogs love treats so much. At times, they can tempt you to give them more so that you can see them wagging their tales, licking their mouths, or the excited expression on their face.

Dog love treats because they often have higher fat, oil, and carbohydrate content than most dog diets, giving them greater tastes and smells. Treats are an exciting change in your dog’s diet because of their textures, sizes, and variety, but choosing the proper treats and quantities to give your dog is vital.

Why Do Dogs Love Treat? -7 Reasons

Tasty Flavors

Not surprisingly, one of the reasons dogs enjoys treats is that they are yummy. Flavorsome components such as beef, poultry, fish, or lamb are used in the creation of the treats. Jerky, for example, is made entirely of protein. When you take a treat out of the jar, your dog will sniff it right away. However, the flavor is only one of the numerous reasons why dogs enjoy treats.

Higher Nutritional Value

Just because something is termed a treat doesn’t mean it isn’t nutritious. High-quality treats, on the other hand, are produced using premium ingredients and include no additives or by-products. When a dog consumes one of these high-quality treats, it receives essential vitamins and nutrients. As a result, he may have an instinctual desire for more treats to satisfy his nutritional requirements.

It’s Fun

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Dogs enjoy treats for a variety of reasons, not only their flavor. Treats are also popular with dogs since they are fun to eat. Long-lasting joy can be found in jerky, pig ears, and chews, for example. Some dogs may happily chew on these treats for hours, keeping them occupied and happy. In the wild, dogs would have to work for their sustenance. They’d hunt and live on what they could find.

However, after domesticating dogs, we removed hunting from the equation. We also added something unique, to the way we nurture dogs. So your dog can only have some if he or she is obedient to you. Alternatively, if you’re in a good mood, just hand them a few. This “fun” component isn’t something they’ll find in regular dog kibble.


Treats, unlike food, are rarely left out for dogs to enjoy at their leisure. Treats are more appealing to dogs than ordinary food because they are limited and not constantly available. If you only offer your dog 2 treats per day, for example, he will regard them as exceptional, leading him to covet them more than his usual diet.

They Like Earning The Treats

Another reason your dog is obsessed with treats is that they like the process of earning them.  

While most dog owners provide goodies without expecting anything in return, your canine buddy may prefer to earn his reward. Dogs like to earn their rewards by working for them, as per a recent study done by conducted at the University of Agricultural Sciences. So, if you truly want your pooch to appreciate his treat, have him follow a command and give him a treat.

Many Treats Are Rich In Fats And Sugar

Furthermore, some treats contain a lot of sugar and fat which is appealing to dogs. Giving your dog a lot of treats like that is terrible for them.

This remains true for humans as well. It’s no secret that cake, chocolate, and ice cream are among our favorite foods. This is due to the fact that these have a considerably greater flavor than a regular meal.

This makes them tasty but not safe health-wise.

Disadvantages of Treats

Too Much Sugar and Oil

Sugar is used by manufacturers to make their treats more enticing to dogs. Sugar’s biggest issue is that it is highly addicting. Weight gain, dental troubles, and the likelihood of diabetes are among the other issues.

Artificial sweeteners are another option. They are more dangerous to dogs. Sorbitol and xylitol should be avoided. In dogs, sorbitol can cause digestive troubles. Xylitol is dangerous, and it can cause clotting problems, convulsions, and even death.

Can Cause Cancer

Red Dye 40, a food coloring ingredient, contains cancer-causing chemicals.

Food dyes should be removed and replaced with a safer option.

These preservatives can still be found in commercial dog food, regardless of all the side effects.

Intoxication By Human Food

Some goodies contain chocolate like oreo; even veterinarians agree that dogs adore chocolate, but they should not consume it.

Theobromine is found in chocolate. This is poisonous to dogs. Their metabolism can’t deal with it as quickly as ours can.

The signs of chocolate poisoning appear 6 to 12 hours later. That’s why looking for chocolate remains around the table is a smart idea. Also, keep food leftovers out of reach in general.


True, dogs adore treats, and this isn’t likely to change anytime soon. More so, many companies are making treats which leads to better treats being manufactured because of high competition. The prices of treats vary from cheap to expensive meaning you can choose the ones that suit your pocket. Remember too many treats can cause adverse effects to your canine.

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