Why Do Chihuahuas Dig 9 Reasons And 5 Tips To Stop It

If you have noticed that your Chihuahua is digging a lot, you must wonder the reason behind it, if it is acceptable and what you can do about it. In this article, you will know why Chihuahuas dig, how to stop it, and a lot more on Chihuahua digging.

Why Do Chihuahuas Dig

Chihuahuas dig for reasons like prey hunting, when they need their owner’s attention, out of boredom, or play aggression. A Chihuahua can also dig because of stress and anxiety, as a result of pending frustration, as a way of exploring or exercising, or cooling themselves in summer.

9 Reasons Why Chihuahuas Dig

Prey Hunting

Your Chi might be digging looking for prey. Even though you give your Chihuahua the recommended amount of food by your vet, he might still want to eat a critter that he has detected underground.

Chihuahuas have a nose that can smell something that was buried like trash or animal remains and will feel the need to dig it out.

Seeking Attention

 It’s one of the quickest methods for your Chihuahua to gain your attention. It’s not enjoyable to yell at them or raise your voice, but it’s better than not communicating with them at all.

To see if this is the reason for the digging, observe whether they do it only when you’re present or regularly.  


If your Chihuahua is bored, he will dig as a way of escaping boredom this is one of the most typical reasons that make Chihuahuas have undesirable behaviors like digging or barking excessively.

To keep your Chihuahua from becoming bored or lonely, provide plenty of mental and physical stimulation.

Playing Aggression

Constant digging in the backyard, as well as growling, snarling, exposing teeth, and biting, are all indicators of play aggression in Chis.

Baring teeth is fairly frequent among Chihuahuas since their owners allow or encourage it.

Play aggression in Chis can increase over time if not adequately regulated, causing serious problems with your kids and other pets.

For Cooling Themselves In Summer

To reveal the inner cooler layers in the freezing muck, your Chihuahua may dig and burrow into the soil or sand. Your pet may then plop down in the hole to lower its body temperature.

This tendency is seen in many dog breeds, not just Chihuahuas.

Stress and Anxiety

If a dog is anxious, he can dig as a way of reducing it. A dog can be anxious if he is lonely, that’s why it is not advisable to leave him in the house alone for long or in the crate. If anxiety is not addressed promptly, it can progress to negative repercussions.

A dog can also be stressed if he changed the environment or a new dog is introduced to the family.

Digging helps the Chihuahua to calm himself if he is anxious or stressed


Dogs like exploring and Chihuahuas are not different, they will dig as a way of trying to find new things.

So the next time you see your Chihuahua digging your carpet, or near your fence, you should know that that he just wants to know what is beneath it.

As A Result Of Pending Frustration

Frustration and sadness are the typical reasons for undesirable behaviors in Chis like digging.

Lack of mental stimulation might make your Chihuahua irritable and depressed, which can lead to unwanted behaviors.

Changing the feeding time or introducing new food can make your Chihuahua stressed and frustrated.


Your Chihuahua may revert to digging if it has a lot of energy that isn’t put to good use. Every dog requires exercise.

That is why, if they do not engage in activities such as chasing balls, tug-of-war, or chasing each other with peers, they may begin digging.

How Can I Stop My Chihuahua From Digging?

Spend Time With Your Chihuahua

This is the panacea for all behavioral disorders. If your Chihuahua digs a lot, it could be because they’re frustrated that you’re not spending enough time with them.

 it does not imply that you have to play with them all day. Simply having them near to you is enough to make them feel like family.

It would suffice to lie down next to you on the couch.


To teach your Chihuahua that digging is a bad habit, use positive reinforcement.

Positive reinforcement is the most recommended method when training your dog, e.g. when crate training.

Your Chihuahua will learn easily that digging is not acceptable if you use positive reinforcement. Using treats as a way of rewarding your Chihuahua when he follows your orders not to dig will make him stop the habit completely to please you and get more treats.

 Provide Interactive Toys

Make sure your Chihuahua doesn’t take his toys outside if he likes to bury them.

Take the toys inside when he is not playing with them.

Give your dog chewable or puzzle toys to keep him off the digging idea.

To keep your dog entertained, give him a variety of toys as he can get bored by the same toys daily.

Train Him The Leave It Command

This is especially helpful when returning home with your Chihuahua after a walk. Rather than chasing them around, yelling, or becoming frustrated, use this simple command and reward them appropriately with a favorite treat.

 Neuter Your Chi

Neutering will also regulate your dog’s hormones, in addition to the health benefits. This will make your Chihuahua more relaxed.

Why Do Chihuahuas Dig Before lying Down

Almost all dogs dig the area where they intend to lay down.

This is for a unique cause. There are glands in the paw pads of dogs. When your Chihuahua digs or scrapes the surface, oils, sweat, and chemicals with your dog’s distinct aroma are released.

Your dog is spreading its fragrance to the surface on which she sleeps by digging. This gives it the impression of being comfy on its surface.