Why do Chihuahuas cry? 6 Causes And Solutions

It is always a great joy to add a Chihuahua to your family, they are known for their protectiveness, and they make great watchdogs. But, it will be a matter of concern if your Chihuahua keeps on crying now and then, especially if it is your first dog.

Why Do Chihuahuas Cry?

Chihuahuas cry due to illness, teething, allergies, eyelashes disorder, plastic food bowl, seeking attention, or fear and anxiety. You can stop your Chihuahua’s cries by discouraging the behavior, exercises, or taking him to a vet.

6 Reasons Why Chihuahuas Cry


If your Chihuahua starts crying, he might be ill. Your Chihuahua can start crying if she had recently eaten anything that didn’t agree with her or if she had had some form of injury.

Your Chihuahua might exhibit other symptoms of sickness if he has just eaten something or contracted a bug. Lethargy, diarrhea, trouble standing up straight, and generally poor coordination are some of the indications and symptoms to watch out for.


You may notice excessive crying while your puppy is teething. This phase is accompanied by pain and discomfort which can make your Chihuahua cry. There is no cause for concern here, he will be fine after teething but you should confirm with your vet.  


Your dog may experience teary eyes due to allergies without necessarily experiencing any physical or emotional distress. Consider closing your windows and getting an air filter if there is a lot of pollen in the air.

The allergies can also be a result of food allergies.

Fear And Anxiety

A Chihuahua puppy is unfamiliar with everything in our world, which could cause our furry friends to act in surprising ways. Some of those instinctual anxieties and behaviors will persist in your Chihuahua as they age.

Everyone has experienced having their dog bark constantly at the mailman or a bird outdoors. Dogs are territorially possessive, and they may become upset if their territory is invaded.


When your dog is feeling lonely and attention deprived, he will cry. This is mostly in puppies, they miss their mother’s attention and they whine and cry.

They can also cry when they want to go for potty breaks, wants a treat, or any kind of special food you normally give to them.

Eyelashes Disorder

You can tell if your dog has this disease by checking these symptoms, eye inflammation, pawing of the eyes, eyes discharge, and tearing.

There are three types of eyelashes disorder namely; Distichiasis, Trichiasis, and Ectopic cilia.

Plastic Food Bowl

You can wonder what a plastic food bowl got to do with your Chihuahua’s teary eyes. But, when the food bowl is used for long periods without washing it, infections can occur in your Chihuahua eyes.

Why Do Chihuahuas Cry At Night?

There can be cases when Chihuahuas are fine during the day but when night comes, they cry and can’t keep calm. Chihuahuas are anxious animals and their anxiety increases at night. This is mostly when there is darkness. They fear dark hence the crying. The remedy to this is leaving the lights on.

5 Tips To Stop A Chihuahua From Crying

Know The Reason Behind The Crying

You cannot deal with a problem that you don’t know its source. First, know the specific reason behind your Chihuahua crying.

If your Chihuahua is crying due to health-related issues, you cannot give him exercise or attention. When you have identified the reason, below are some ways you can stop your Chihuahua from crying.


Make sure your Chihuahua has access to regular movement throughout the day. if they are having trouble remaining calm and crying, it is because they need to play or exercise. Make sure your puppy keeps active by giving him some time to run around in the living room or by taking him for a stroll outside. This can aid in his stress relief, sound sleep, and general wellbeing. New puppies who might have trouble falling asleep at night may find this to be of particular benefit.

Make Him Feel Secure

It’s critical to make sure your Chihuahua is in a safe environment where they feel secure and loved if they are crying because of stress or anxiety. Whether it’s a specific sleeping room or one or more familiar toys, giving your dog security can help calm their concerns and cease their whimpering. Rewarding your Chihuahua with praise or a treat will show them that everything is fine once they have calmed down and stopped crying.

Do Not Encourage The Behavior

 It’s critical to teach your dog not to whine for affection or pet attention if they’re crying because they want it. Don’t give them a treat or give in and give them a pet if they’re just weeping to be inconvenient. Instead, give them a treat or show your devotion when they have stopped weeping. This method can educate your dog that staying silent or expressing a desire in another way is preferable to crying if they want anything.

Take Him To A Vet

A visit to the vet is important even after following the above steps to out rule any health issue.

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