Why Does My Dog Only Hump Me? 3 Ways To Stop It!

Some dogs are known for choosing their preferred person in the family whom they follow everywhere and seem to enjoy his or her company most.

But, it is not common for a dog to choose a specific person whom they can hump now and then. If you are that person, you must wonder why does my dog only hump me?

Why Does My Dog Only Hump Me?

A dog can hump only you and no one else because he feels safe around you, wants attention, you encourage the behavior, he is aroused, bored, or overly excited. Other reasons are itchiness, medical issues, or he wants to play.

7 Reasons Why Your Dog Hump On You And No One Else

He Feels Safe Around You

Although we can all agree that they are a little bit too comfortable with you, your dog only humping you shows how comfortable they are around you and how safe they feel.

Seeking Attention

Your dog can try behaviors like barking excessively, staring into space, or any other behavior to get your attention but in vain. Since dogs are wise creatures, they can try another trick like humping on you.

You Have Encouraged The Behavior

If you do not train your dog that humping you is not acceptable, he will continue with the behavior and it will be hard to break it.

Your dog might have noticed that you never get bothered by this act like other family members who scold them or tell them off. He will take advantage and you will be the only person he will be humping.

He Is Aroused

As your dog matures from a puppy to a young dog, he may begin to hump more frequently. This can be an innate habit.

However, this is not always the case, and dogs may also look for other options and masturbate by humping on various soft objects around the house such as pillows and their dog bed. Usually, dogs will practice this mating activity by mounting other dogs.

Your dog may concentrate their humping behavior on other persons, including you in this instance, if they aren’t interested in other stuff.

Over Excited

 Dogs are naturally excitable because of their high level of energy. One illustration is when they open the door for you when they see you get home.

Your dog might like the way you smell and detect your degree of enthusiasm. One way your dog may express how happy they are to see you is by humping you.


When the genitals of your dog have an infection, he can be itchy leading to humping. Also, he can have allergies that can lead to itchiness, and hump you to get rid of it.

He Wants To Play

For puppies and younger dogs, humping can be a kind of play, but as they get older, canines can still playfully use humping with other dogs and even with people.

Dogs with a lot of energy may hump or attempt to mount you to grab your attention during an intensive play session.


The emotional state of your dog influences mounting behavior.

Therefore, if your dog doesn’t have enough social and physical outlets, you will probably be the one who suffers from their humping.

Your dog can need more mental exercise even if you take them for extensive walks.

How To Stop Your Dog From humping on You

1.Take Him To A Vet

You must take your dog to the vet since humping can be a sign of sickness, whether it’s brought on by a skin irritant or a urinary tract infection.

Your top concern when dealing with humping should be ruling out any potential medical issues.   

Never self-treat or self-diagnose your dog unless you are a qualified veterinarian.

2.Neuter Or Spay

Unneutered dogs frequently exhibit the behavior of humping. As they develop from puppies to sexually mature dogs hunting for a mate, their levels of the sex hormone rise, which is what causes it.

Neutering reduces humping by 50%, according to research.

You should also know that neutering will not stop humping completely. This is because there are many more reasons that contribute to humping than arousal.

3.Discouraging The Behavior

Don’t shower your dog with much affection. Push them away and refrain from showing them any affection until they stop trying to hump. They will quit trying to hump constantly as a result of learning that it no longer works.

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Now you know that if you give your dog too much attention can contribute to him humping on you and not anyone else. There are more reasons for dog humping than arousals like medical issues and boredom.

You can end this behavior by discouraging it, visiting a vet, or through neuter/spay.