9 Dog Breeds That Don’t Like To Cuddle

After a long working day, we all can’t wait to get home, have a cup of our favorite drink, and cuddle with our furry buddies. However, did you know that some dogs do not enjoy cuddling at all? You must be doubting his loyalty by now and wondering how you will bond with such a dog. The fact is they are loyal and will love you like any other normal dog.

Dog breeds that don’t like to cuddle are Afghan Hound, Shiba Inu, Irish Wolfhound, Chow Chow, Blood Hound, Shar Pei, Basenji, Scottish Terrier, and America Foxhound.

Dog Breeds That Don’t Like To Cuddle

Afghan Hound

Afghan Hound

The Afghan hound is mostly used as a show dog because of his gorgeous, thick coat. However, don’t let his attractiveness deceive you into assuming he enjoys belly rubs, kissing, and petting you.

Most of the time, this Fido prefers seclusion and to relax alone. They frequently develop a bond with one person.

However, they continue to avoid cuddling as a sign of affection. Instead, they will manifest in the depth of their unwavering devotion.

Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu

In Japan, this breed is the most popular in companionship. His independent nature is one of several things for which he is well-known. This dog can be friendly if he wants to, but he prefers to pass the time by himself rather than their owner most of the time. The Shiba Inu breed is frequently referred to as ‘cat-type’. Other ways he expresses his adoration include making eye contact and showing excitement when you enter the room.

Irish Wolfhound

The tallest dog breed in the world is the Irish wolfhound, he is also heavy weighing. His massive weight, big height, and massive fur leave one wishing to hug them all day, but you better not because he will not welcome it.

You can trust them with your other pets and they are not vocal. They do not make good watchdogs as they won’t bark to alert you.

However, they make good guard dogs because of their intimidating size.

Chow Chow

Chow Chow

Another of the least cuddly dogs known is the Chinese puffy lion dog. Given that this canine resembles a walking teddy bear, this is sad. With all that dense fur, how can you resist cuddling? Chow-chows are calm dogs that want to be left alone. They do this because they have a strong need for self-autonomy. They are also fairly difficult and unyielding. This dog can intimidate you if you don’t have excellent teaching abilities. What a waste of cuteness!

In rare cases, they can accept cuddling at their will, not yours.

Blood Hound

An ancient canine breed is known for finding both lost people and lost animals is the bloodhound. Some sources claim that their sense of smell is forty times more potent than a human’s.

They have a 96 percent accuracy rate without any false identification and can detect human odors in very populated places.

You see, they can roam for days to locate people or animals.

Bloodhounds were too independent due to their work ethics. As a result, they would rather spend some time alone than cuddle.

Shar Pei

Shar pei

China is where the Shar-Pei breed originated. He is primarily known for his quiet demeanor and wrinkly features. He is particularly hostile toward strangers and when a stranger tries to make friends with him, he often acts pretty aggressively.

He was bred to be a guard dog. His main way of showing loyalty is by protecting his owner.

Though he hates cuddles, he can be generous with kisses but rarely.



The “barkless dog” with origins in Africa, the basenji, is well-known. Because you’ll hear their endearing yodel-like sound rather than a bark.

They were bred for hunting purposes and showing affection is not prioritized. He is particularly distant and unwelcoming to outsiders. This breed is fine to hang out by himself as opposed to cuddling. But don’t misunderstand; he is completely devoted to you.

Scottish Terrier

This breed likes cuddling when they are in their puppyhood. As they approach adulthood, they grow out of the habit.

They become distant and favor solitude. You can engage them in a game like fetch although they will lose interest within a short while.

Even with their striking appearance, Scottish terriers do not like cuddling.

American Foxhounds

The American foxhound has lovely facial features and a kind personality. This breed excels at trailing, fox hunting, field trials, and dragging thanks to its slender build and keen sense of scent.

An American foxhound doesn’t put too much emphasis on cuddling because of the nature of his job. Take him for a stroll in the park or around the neighborhood to strengthen your relationship. You might get the chance to pet and kiss him but on lucky days.