Is Vaseline Bad For Dogs?

Vaseline is a common product found in many homesteads. It is used to hydrate the skin and keep it glowing. So one day you come home from work only to find your dog has consumed half of the petroleum jelly. The first question to come into your mind must be is Vaseline bad for dogs?

Is Vaseline Bad For Dogs?

Vaseline is not poisonous if consumed by a dog in minimal amounts. It will make your dog have a soft stool, tummy aches, and vomiting. If he had consumed a sizeable amount, he will be dehydrated and it will require the intervention of a vet. If he only licked a small amount from your body, it will cause no harm.

What Should I Do If My Dog Ate Vaseline?

Put The Remains Away

Take the item and store it away from your pet in a secure location. It’s sometimes easier to remove your dog from the situation. You’ll be able to wipe up the mess and stop him from eating more.

Don’t Induce Vomiting

 Making your dog sick may actually worsen the situation. Administering substances to make your pet sick could harm them, and if they do vomit, they could breathe in their vomit. A lung infection can result from aspiration of vomit, which can threaten his life.

Look For Any Behavior

Vaseline has no effect in most cases. After ingesting Vaseline in massive quantities, digestive problems may occur. The majority of the time, dogs are ok and the symptoms are mild and small.

Veterinary Intervention

If your dog is drowsy or has severe vomiting and diarrhea, he or she may need to see a veterinarian. It’s also a cause for concern if your dog is simply not eating.

Your veterinarian will be able to give you the best solution. If your dog has eaten the Vaseline tin or plastic container, you should also consult your veterinarian immediately. Large objects can cause issues, such as obstruction.

Can I Use Vaseline on My Dog’s Skin?

Vaseline can be used on your dog’s skin, but not in or around the mouth, eyes, ears, or nose. Simply apply a tiny amount to your dog’s skin and massage it in, rather than allowing it to sit on the surface.

Uses of Vaseline On A Dogs Skin

Dry Scabs Remedy

Vaseline has no antibacterial properties and is primarily used to moisturize dry skin. When a dry scab forms on your dog’s skin, Vaseline will help keep it moist and improve your dog’s natural skin healing abilities.

Dry Skin in Dogs

If your dog’s skin is dry in places like the underbelly, nose, or paws, Vaseline is ideal for keeping the skin moist and locking in your dog’s natural moisture rather than drying out and splitting, resulting in a more open severe sore. Vaseline also provides a layer of protection against bacteria on the skin.

Pro Tips When Applying Vaseline On Your Dog’s Skin

  • Only apply a thin layer of Vaseline – If you apply Vaseline on your dog’s paw pads, don’t pile it on because your dog will track it everywhere in your house.

Caution: Vaseline can make wood surfaces slick, so tidy up any paw prints or spills immediately to avoid someone slipping.

  • Use Vaseline outside if you don’t want your dog to track it all over your floors. If you’re applying it before going out in bad weather, stay indoors, and go for a walk as soon as you’re finished.
  • After getting back from the walk, wipe the Vaseline remnants from his paws. — It is advisable to keep a towel by the door. During winter, you should wipe your dog’s paw to remove snow, ice, or de-icing chemicals.
  • Wear booties after smearing Vaseline- this is another method to avoid dealing with Vaseline mess on the floor. Take out the booties and wipe any extra petroleum jelly off their paws once the petroleum jelly has dried. You might also use a pair of booties instead of Vaseline to protect your dog’s feet from the outdoors or to heal a cut or bruise.

Caution: Never leave your dog’s booties on for more than an hour. As your dog walks, they might tighten around their ankles, causing a decrease in circulation, soreness, discomfort, and even skin problems.

 Alternatives to Using Vaseline on A Dog’s Skin

In a pinch, Vaseline will serve, but there are better choices available, such as a dog paw balm or nose balm, to assist your dog’s dry, cracked skin. If your dog is fond of licking his skin, you should avoid using Vaseline because it can lead to vomiting and diarrhea.  

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Vaseline is not safe for dogs and should not be consumed. When ingested in small amounts it can lead to vomiting and diarrhea whereas when consumed in large amounts it can cause dehydration.

Though Vaseline can be used on a dog’s dry skin, it should not be used in large amounts and should be avoided on a dog that is fond of licking its skin. There are better options to be used on dry skin than Vaseline.