Is Baby Powder Safe for Dogs?

Dogs are part of our family members, just as the whole family uses baby powder from time to time you might wonder if it is safe for your goofy friend.

Is Baby Powder Safe For Dogs?

Baby powder is safe for our dogs and can be used in many ways like soothing itchy and irritating skin, freshening the fur between baths, and like a flea deterrent. However, scented and talcum-based baby powder should be avoided.

Read on for uses, pros and cons, and the best ways on using baby powder.

Uses of Baby Powder for Dogs 

Getting Rid of Fleas                                                          

Baby powder can  help to eliminate fleas in your dog. Though many flea-eliminating products are safe and have no adverse effects on dogs, some people prefer baby powder. This is mostly in cases where the puppy is too young to take flea medication or a dog has sensitive skin.

Baby powder kills fleas by suffocating them, it is advisable to put it on furniture, and other places that your dog likes to hang around. Wait for around ten minutes and wipe the surfaces with a damp cloth to avoid them being licked by your dog.

Freshening the fur

Dogs like exploring and they get dirty and stinky in the process. It is not a wonder to bathe your dog and have him stinking after an hour or two. You do not have to bathe him again, baby powder will do magic.

Excessively washing your dog will wash away the fats in the fur making it dry and vulnerable to infections. Nevertheless, the baby powder should not be used as a substitute for a bath, bathing should be done once after two months or if he is really dirty.

Soothing Itchy, Irritating Skin

If your dog skin is itchy as a result of flea infestation, baby powder will help to soothe it. Note that if the skin is itchy, your dog will lick out the powder, put a cone on his head to avoid it.

Baby powder should only be used for skin irritation or itchiness caused by fleas only. In case of allergies or any skin diseases, consult your vet to know the source and the best method to handle it.

 How to Use It 

  • Baby powder is for topical use only.
  • Leave some distance between you and the dog when puffing the powder on your hands to avoid entering his ear, nose, or mouth.
  • Puff a small amount of baby powder on your hands to coat them completely. The amount of powder to apply will depend on the size and the length coat of your dog.
  • After you have thoroughly rubbed the powder on the fur, it should not be seen. If there are traces of the powder, it shows that you have used it in excess and need to be removed.  
  • Completely remove the powder on the fur after ten minutes, but if you had used a small amount there is no harm in letting it stay.  

Pros of Using Baby Powder on Dogs

  1. It is a quick way to keep your dog fresh between baths.
  2. Cheaper compared to other flea-killing products.
  3. It is best for puppies below the age of four weeks which are not safe to bath.
  4. Reduces the no of baths.
  5. Dries up smelly oils produced by the fur.
  6. It conditions the fur making it glow.

Cons of Using Baby Powder on Dogs

  1. You need to be cautious while rubbing it on the fur.
  2. Your dog might inhale or lick the powder if you don’t wipe it off.
  3. Scented and talc-based powders are not safe.
  4. It is not safe for dogs with allergies and respiratory complications.
  5. It can dry off the coat if used daily. Use it once per week.


Can I put baby powder on my dog’s hot spot?

Baby powder with cornstarch is safe and can be used on a dog’s hotspot. Apply the powder three to four times a day on the affected area for a couple of days. This is a cheaper method and your dog will heal without much suffering. Remember not to let him lick the powder.

Does baby powder help alleviate a dog’s heat rash?

Just like humans, dogs get heat rashes in summer. They make them bite the skin and feel uncomfortable. It’s advisable to consult your vet before you proceed to apply it. If given the go-ahead and the rashes increase or do not show any progress, take him back to the vet.

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It’s no doubt that baby powder is not only safe for our dogs but also has its advantages. It reduces the no of baths and also makes the fur glow.

Always follow the precautions like wearing a cone on your dog’s head before applying it. Avoid scented and talc-based baby powders. Consult your vet before applying baby powder on your pooch.

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