How To Massage A Dog To Poop

Is your dog having a hard time when pooping? Do you know that massaging your dog can help him poop? Massage not only helps dogs to relieve stress but also with constipation. In this article, I’ll take you through the various types of massage to help a dog poop.

You can massage your dog using the backstroke method which involves rubbing the dog back mildly, the lower stomach rotation which involves massaging the lower belly mildly and the whole body presses which involves massaging the whole body to relieve the tensed muscle, or lastly the calming kneads which involves the massaging of ears and the forehead.

How To Massage A Dog To Poop


This is done by mildly rubbing the dog’s back to relieve any uneasiness in the spine or surrounding muscles. On a dog’s back, there are a number of pressure points and by pressing those points, you will help relieve constipation and intestinal problems.

How to do it

  1. Make your dog squat or sit first 
  2. Place your two hands on top of his upper neck. Both of your palms should be touching them.
  3. Apply mild pressure to the area.
  4. Then gradually work your way down to their lower back. Ensure that your hands are solely on their spine’s sides. Not immediately on top of it.
  5. Repeat the process at least 15 times more. If your pooch is okay with it, you can do it up to 30 times.

2.Lower Stomach Rotation

 Massaging your dog’s lower stomach can help in bowel movement and also stimulate your dog’s digestive digestion.

  1. Make your dog lie down on his or her back first.
  2. If they find it difficult to remain put, do it when they are standing.
  3. Place one palm on the lower abdomen.
  4. As a support, the other one is placed on their chest. Alternatively, you can use it to soothe them down while you’re massaging them.
  5. Apply mild pressure on their belly with your hand.
  6. Then, in a small circular motion, gently rub their abdomen.
  7. Begin by going in a clockwise direction. Over to their left from their bottom right side. (This is how their intestines travel.)
  8. Then switch to anticlockwise rotation.
  9. After 5 or more repetitions, switch directions.
  10. Make sure you do this for at least 5 minutes.

3.Whole-body presses

Constipation can result when the body is sore. This type of massage will help relieve the tensed muscles and make pooping easier.

How To Do it

  1. Allow your dog to lie down gently on its side. (Either side will get the job done.)
  2. Put your two hands around their neck.
  3. Apply some pressure.
  4. Slowly stroke their body all the way up to their tail’s base.
  5. Cover as much area as possible. To massage the entire side of their bodies.
  6. Repeat this 15 to 20 times.
  7. Allow your dog to slowly rise. And then get up and move around for 20 to 30 seconds.
  8. After that, have your dog lie down on his other side.
  9. Repetition of the previous steps is required.

4.Calming Kneads

Your dog can have difficulties in pooing not because of constipation or intestinal problems but due to nervousness. This can only be treated with kneading massage to calm his nerves.

It can also be that you have changed the surfaces of his potty area hence he is not comfortable with the new place.

There are two different types of massages you may give your dog to help him relax.

How to do it

  1. Place your thumb into each of your pup’s ear canals. Particularly at the bottom.
  2. Apply a gentle touch.
  3. Then, with your thumbs, gently move them to the tops of their ears.
  4.  For not less than ten times, repeat this step.

Step two

The forehead

  1. Place your thumb on the bridge of their nose.
  2. Apply a small amount of force.
  3. Then rub them on the top of their heads gently.
  4. And then return to their nose.
  5. Do this at least ten times back and forth.

Tips when massaging your dog

Do it in a quiet place

When giving your dog a massage, the location is always a consideration.

Having a peaceful environment will help your dog relax throughout the massage. Because it will only be effective if he is relaxed when you do it.

Additionally, this will make things a lot easier for you. There will be less stress and time spent attempting to keep your dog still.

Give A Warm Up Massage

Pat your dog softly first to avoid overwhelming him.

Also, try to do it in places where they enjoy being petted. Their stomach, back, or under their chin, for example.

Stroke your dog slowly and make sure you use a long, gentle motion.

Massage With Your Palms

Pay heed to your hands while massaging your dog.

Always keep all of your fingers together. Also, keep them from opening. Because if your fingers are stretched out, your dog may feel uneasy.


There are many ways you can massage your dog to poop. When massaging the stomach, you should not continue with the massage if he shows signs of discomfort. Massaging is only useful if the constipation is mild but not when it is serious. If he yaps when you try to massage him, it is an indication that he is in pain and you should visit your vet soonest possible.

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