Jack Russell Beagle Mix Full Grown (Jack A Bee)

Jack A Bee, Jack–a–Bee,Jack Russell Beagle Mix, or Beagle Jack is a result of crossbreeding the Jack Russel and Beagle which are purebred. Beagles have a great nose for tracking smells while Jack Russells are known to be great hunters and a combination of the two breeds can lead to an energetic dog and a great companion too.

Jack Russell Beagle Mix Full Grown

A full-grown Beagle Jack can either be medium or small in size. They have a standing length of 25- 38 Cm for small sizes and up to 41 Cm for medium sizes. The small size Beagle Jacks can weigh 5-14 Kgs while medium-sized ones will weigh up to 16 Kgs. They are considered to be full-grown when they attain the age of 1 year.

Apart from the size of a full-grown Jack Russell Beagle, there are many more things you need to understand before taking this breed home. Scroll down for more.

Jack Russell Beagle Mix Parent Overview



Beagles were first bred in England where they assisted in hunting. They existed since the 1400s and are well known for their ability to sniff, hunt, and track. Beagles later spread to the US where they were a great companion to former presidents. Though they are still used for hunting purposes, in the US they are mostly known to be lapdogs.

Many times they are used as sniffer dogs to detect illegal items and drugs.  

Jack Russell

Jack Russell.

They were bred in the 1800s where they assisted in hunting in the United Kingdom. They became popular pets because they are fun-loving and are full of energy.

They are diggers, like attention, and require lots of exercise to keep them stimulated. They like barking and have a standing length of up to 14 inches.

They can be mixed with Rat Terriers to produce Jack-Rat Terrier and Black Lab to produce Jackadors

Beagle Jack Russell Mix

Like many designer dogs, there is no clear information on when these breeds were first produced but it is estimated that it was in the late 90s and the early 2000s. The main aim when producing this breed was to have an excellent hunter.

One thing you should note before getting yourself a Jackabees is that they are hunters and cannot be changed through training. They are stubborn and can be hard to train so they are not suitable for first-time owners.

Jack Russell Beagle Mix Appearance

The appearance of Beagle Jack Russell mixes differs from one dog to the other depending on how much they will inherit from one parent. Their ears can either be floppy, erect, wide, or short.

In many instances, they have a head that resembles that of a Beagle and the body of a Jack Russell. They have wide brown eyes and small black noses. The length of the legs will vary from one dog to the other.

They have a single coat that is silky and has short to medium hairs. The coats are mostly white or cream with black, brown, or tan markings.

Jack Russell Beagle Mix Puppy Price

A Beagle Jack Russell Mix Puppy can be sold from $350- $750. This price can be affected by the breeder’s reputation, location, and gender. There are many costs that breeders incur that determine the price of a puppy. Note that if the puppy is from a champion breed, he will cost more.

You can also get these puppies at a lower price in the rescue homes and shelters.

Jack Russell Beagle Mix Training

Jackabees are not easy to train because they can be stubborn, you should start training at an early age before he develops bad habits that are hard to break.

 Due to their hunting instincts, they will easily chase after rodents, squirrels, possums, and other small animals. The best way to stop it is by teaching him a command that will stop him in his tracks but not shouting.

You should use positive reinforcement like giving treats and praises, they will make him relate a good behavior with rewards, and he will do it regularly.

They should be taught to use the kennel and the potty area as well.

Training a Beagle Jack Russell requires persistence and patience. Because they have a small bladder, it is easy for them to have accidents.

Jack Russell Beagle Mix Grooming

Jackabee’s coats should be brushed regularly with a comb. They should only be bathed if it is essential. Do not use human shampoo when bathing them.

Clean his ears with a solution recommended by your veterinarian to avoid ear infections. The nails should be trimmed regularly with a nail clipper.

 Brush your Jackabee’s teeth regularly from an early age to prevent dental diseases.

Jack Russell Beagle Mix Exercise and Living Condition

Jackabees are full of energy and require a minimum of 40 minutes a day of physical exercise. Because they are medium and small-sized, they can be fit for apartments.

They like human companions and do not like being left alone in the crate for long.

They have a single coat which does not help in regulating temperature, especially in cold seasons. Avoid living your dog out at night as he can get sick. Ensure he is in a room that is habitable and put on warm clothes.

Jack Russell Beagle Mix Health Condition

Because of interbreeding, the Jackabees are generally healthy breeds but that does not imply that they can’t get sick. They can still get affected by a disease like Legg-Perthes disease, luxating patellas, cloudy eyes, and other rare dog diseases.

Are Jackabees Good Family Dogs?

Jackabees get along with small kids and they do not mind having their ears pulled when playing. They are protective of their owners and loyal. They also have minimal grooming requirements.


Beagle Jack Russell Mix are fun-loving companions, they like playing and digging. They are very energetic and must be exercised daily. They are difficult to teach and demand a lot of patience.

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