Black Lab Jack Russell Terrier Mix (Jackador)

Designer dogs are on the rise in the modern days, this is because they are healthier compared to other breeds. More so, crossbreeding allows a dog to have the characteristics of both parents leading to a superb breed. You should do your homework well before buying a designer dog like the Black Lab Jack Russell Terrier mix so that you can know what to expect of him.

Jackador is a result of crossbreeding a Labrador Retriever and Jack Russell Terrier. They are intelligent, loyal, fun-loving, and vocal. They are simple to teach and make excellent family dogs. They have an adorable appearance and fewer health issues making them very popular.

Read on to know more about the Black Lab Jack Russell Terrier mix.

History Of Jackador 

A Jackador puppy watchong TV

 Jack Russell

Jack Russell

They were bred by Jack Russell to assist him in driving away foxes by barking at them in the 1800s. They have a lot of energy and were once used to chase rabbits and other small animals. They could also dig underground animals and they became popular among many hunters.

Nowadays they are family dogs because of their intelligence, medium size, and because they make great companions.

They easily adapt to new environments but they require a lot of socialization and training. To produce designer dogs like Jack Rat Terrier.

Jack Russel can also be bred with other breeds

Labrador Retriever

Black Lab

They were first bred in Newfoundland in Canada in the 1800s. They were intended to be working dogs, especially in hunting. They are great swimmers and can withstand heavy weather conditions. They assisted in retrieving fish and hauling boats from the water.

In modern days, the Labradors are great family dogs because of their patience and pleasant nature. They are wise making them easy to train. They are greatly used as service dogs and guard dogs because they can easily be trained and maintained.

Labradors are larger than Jack Russells but when they mate they produced a medium-sized dog.

Jackador Appearance

As I repeatedly say, it is hard to predict the appearance of a designer dog because they take the appearance of the parents but not to a specific percentage.

The size of Jackadors ranges from the size of Jack Russell to that of Labradors. The size is influenced by how much a dog will inherit from a certain parent. The size of Jackadors varies in the same litter.

They have a height of 16-20 inches and a weight of 25-50 lbs. nevertheless, the males can be a bit bigger than the females.

They have waterproof coats with short hairs and the ears can be folded or half-erect but rectangular.

Most Jackadors take the colors of Labradors which are black, brown, and cream.

Temperament of Jackador

It is always important to know the temperament and behaviors of a certain breed before taking them home.

The temperament of Jackadors is greatly determined by their parents. The Jackasdors are active and energetic just like their parents who were bred to be working dogs. They must be exercised daily to prevent the development of destructive behaviors like excessive barking at night.

Because their parents were both hunters, they have a high prey drive. This means they can chase after small animals like rodents, possums, squirrels, and rabbits. Though this habit is hard to break, you can only train him to minimize it.

They like companionship and they do not do well when left alone for a long time. They get stressed and have separation anxiety. It is advisable to have a second dog to give him a companion.

 They are quite vocal and must be trained from a young age to regulate it.

Is Jackadors Good With Kids?

Black Lab Jack Russell gets along with kids but with supervision and training. Due to their hunting instincts, they can ‘chase’ after kids and injure them when playing.

Also, you should train your kids on how to handle your Jackador.

Jackadors Exercise Needs

Just like their parents, they are energetic and require a lot of exercises. You have to exercise your Jackador or else he will be uncontrollable. You can exercise your dog through swimming, walks, and mental games.

Exercising should be done for 30-60 minutes per day, but no more than that because over-exercising your Jackador can lead to health and joint problems.

A Jackador does well in small houses but with a backyard so that they can roam around.

Jackador Health Issues

Black Lab Jack Russell Terriers are healthy because of crossbreeding, however, they are affected by some diseases that affect their parents like patella luxation, eye disorders, ear infections, and heart problems.

A well-fed and exercised Jackador will live for 12-14 years.


Black lab Jack Russell Terrier make great companions and are suitable for apartments but with a lot exercising. You should consider all the above information before you decide whether a Jackador is the best breed for you to prevent problems in the future.