Jack Russell and Rat Terrier Mix- (Jack-Rat Terrier Full Guide)

When Jack Russel and Rat Terrier are crossbred they develop a Jack Russell and Rat Terrier Mix or Jack Rat Terrier. Since they are from the lineage of hunting dogs, they are wise, energetic, and loyal. They can also be stubborn if not well trained during puppyhood.

Jack Russells and Rat Terriers have many similarities and differences which can make you wonder what will be the outcome of the Jack Russell and Rat Terrier Mix. If you are planning to own a Rat terrier, read on to know more about this amazing breed.

Jack Russell and Rat Terrier Mix Origin

The Jack-Rat Terrier is also known as the Jersey Terrier. The origin of the Jack-Rat Terrier mixes is yet to be known though they became popular in 1990-2000. Because the parents of this breed originated in different countries, it is hard to know where they were first bred but it’s easier to understand the origin of the parents.

History of Jack Russell

They originated in England in the 1800s, they were bred by John Jack Russell to aid in hunting. They were fast and energetic making them suitable for hunting work. Nevertheless, they are family dogs and are among the popular dogs globally.

History of Rat Terrier

They are a crossbreed of the Old English White Terrier, Fox Terrier, and Bull Terrier. They assisted in hunting and also they were of great use to farmers as they helped them catch rats on the farms.

They were common to farmers in the 1920 and 1940s but were made family dogs in the 1970s.

Jack Russell and Rat Terrier Mix Temperament

The Jack Rat Terrier has a distinctive personality. They have an attentive demeanor and enjoy seeking out new adventures, as well as being quite energetic when in action. If you have a large farm or live in the country, they are excellent working dogs. When raised in a household, however, these dogs will be considerably more docile and friendly.

Jack-Rat relates well with kids but they should not be left without the supervision of an adult. They do not get along with strangers and they take time before they get acquainted with them.

Jack Russell and Rat Terrier Mix Training

Jack Rat Terriers are intelligent, quick to respond, and eager to learn. They enjoy utilizing their brains and completing things when asked because they were bred to work. They are multi-talented and may be trained in obedience, agility, and a variety of other disciplines.

Lack of training can lead to a difficult dog that does not listen to its owner and is tough to handle. Their education should begin at a young age and continue throughout their adult lives and they are quick to house train.

Jack Russell and Rat Terrier Mix Grooming

The Rat Terrier-Jack Russell hybrid requires little maintenance and should be combed once a week with a stiff plastic comb. Brushing is required around twice a week. Bathe them just as necessary, which could be once every few months. Apart from that, make sure they clean their eyes and ears and brush their teeth to avoid infection.

Are Jersey Terriers stubborn?

Yes, on occasion. They become discouraged when you don’t spend enough time with them. Then they start acting strangely. They also expect you to be able to do anything they want at all times. But the best part is that when you offer someone something to eat or a hug, all of their defiant actions will go away.

Are Jack Russell and Rat Terrier Mix Guard Dogs?

Without a doubt. They have a robust body structure and are medium-sized dogs. Both of the parent dogs were once used as hunting and security dogs, according to their history. As a result, a Jack Russell and Rat Terrier hybrid make a tough guard dog.

They aren’t usually so loud. They will, however, protect you if there is a threat. They also have attributes that make them good guard dogs, such as alertness, intelligence, and bravery.

3 Jack Russell and Rat Terrier Mix Facts

They Get Along With Kids

This dog is a fantastic family companion because he loves kids. He’s just the correct size for overachievers, being neither too big nor too small. Just make sure kids know how to interact with animals, and they’ll be best friends in no time!

They like Barking at the TV 

If you like silence while viewing your favorite TV shows, the Jack-Rat may not be the greatest companion for you. If he sees other dogs, cats, or any animal on the TV he will bark at them. Whenever he sees anything he doesn’t like, he will bark at it. Some dog owners find it amusing, while others don’t.

They’re Excellent Jumpers.

Jack-rat is known to have an ability to jump which is inherited from their parent Jack Russell. They can jump at a height that is about five times their height. You should consider this point when you are constructing a wall to make it a little higher. 

How Much Is A Jack-Rat Terrier Puppy

A reputable breeder will usually charge between $500 and $700 for a Jack-Rat puppy. His breeder’s reputation, area, and appearance, as well as a few other factors, will determine the price.

If the price is beyond your budget, you can adopt a Jack Russell and Rat Terrier Mix at a lower price.

If you want a loyal, cheerful, and energetic companion, a Jack-Rat Terrier is the best choice for tor you. They make great family dogs and relate well with kids but under supervision. They should be socialized at an early age or they will develop bad behaviors that will be hard to break.

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