How to Bond with A New Puppy- 9 Simple Ways

Taking home a new puppy is like bringing a bundle of joy into your life. You might wonder what you can do to make your puppy like his new home, new name, and most of all how to bond with him. But, bonding with your puppy shouldn’t be stressful after reading this article.

You can bond with your puppy through communication, creating a puppy’s schedule, puppy training, exercising him, giving him space, being consistent with the rules, hand feeding him, playing with him, and being patient, persistent, and positive.

How to Bond With A New Puppy- 9 Simple Ways

Communication with your puppy

First and foremost, understanding how to “speak” to your puppy will greatly aid in the development of a strong attachment! Although puppies may not understand human language, they do pick up on our emotions and energy. In this case, the tone of our speech is really important. An enthusiastic tone, for example, might increase your puppy’s energy and urge them to accomplish something you desire! Speaking in a low, steady voice can make them feel at ease and can even soothe and relax an anxious puppy.

Create a puppy’s schedule

A consistent puppy schedule is an excellent approach for your puppy to learn what is expected of them and when certain events occur each day. Puppies thrive on routine, which aids in their adjustment to their new home and learning how they work. Eating, playtime, puppy training, potty breaks, and nap times are all part of creating a daily plan for your dog! You should try to stick to your regular schedule as much as possible so that your puppy gets the feel of being a family member.

Start puppy training

Puppy training gives you the right vocabulary to teach your dog and ensures that your puppy responds appropriately! This is where you can truly learn how to interact with your puppy using simple commands and hand gestures, as well as develop his trust via quality time and positive rewards like treats and toys! Both puppy training schools and train at home programs, assist new puppy parents in teaching their puppy the most vital commands and overcoming unpleasant puppy behaviors and growing pains such as toilet training and chewing. Furthermore, puppy training creates the foundation for your puppy to grow into a well-behaved adult at home or in public, and you may even improve on many of those skills!

Be consistent with the rules

Remember to be consistent and precise when it comes to bonding with your new puppy. When it comes to training, make sure that everyone in the family is on the same page. Sit down as a family and make sure everyone understands what behaviors are unacceptable and which ones should be rewarded. Having a varied set of rules depending on who is providing the orders is the easiest way to confuse and frustrate a dog.

If you don’t want your dog on the couch, ensure every person follows the same rules and rewards the same actions. Punishing your dog for a behavior you don’t approve of but your partner promotes isn’t fair to them. Make sure everybody in the family understands what behaviors are acceptable to avoid frustration.

Play With Your Dog

One of the most pleasurable ways to bond with your new puppy is to play interactively with them. Some dogs will be eager to play the moment they get home, while others may require some coaxing. Allow your dog to adjust to his new environments if he refuses to play; give him some time to adjust and try again later.

Try a basic game of chase/fetch with your dog to get him to play. If you roll a toy around on the ground, you might be able to entice them to chase it. If they still aren’t interested, show them how to do it and show them how much fun it is by using the thing yourself.

Exercise Your Dog

Going for walks and enjoying some outdoor playing for your pooch is a terrific opportunity to get in some additional quality time and much-needed exercise. Start by gradually acclimating your puppy to outdoor walks by exercising first in your yard or driveway, then gradually expanding the distance around your neighborhood as your puppy’s walking and attentiveness increases! Outdoor activities, such as playing fetch, are another fantastic way to keep your puppy active. Even if you have a fenced-in yard, keep your dog on a leash so you can direct them back to you while they learn to catch their ball or toy and return it. These sessions are also an excellent time to teach your puppy some puppy training commands like “Come” and “Drop it”!

Give Your Puppy His Space

All of the new sights, scents, sounds, and people that a small puppy encounters when he or she moves into a new home can be overwhelming at first! As we build this wonderful bond with our new puppies, it’s also critical that we remember to give them their own space and alone time away from us so that they feel secure and comfortable while also avoiding separation anxiety! Setting up a crate or playpen for your puppy to relax away from the chaos of the house and family members is an excellent approach to do so. In there, your puppy will still feel safe and secure, and they will be able to gain some independence, allowing them to mature into a well-adjusted adult dog

Hand Feed Your Puppy

Hand-feeding your dog simply means feeding him from your hand, and it is especially beneficial for shy or fearful dogs. It’s a superb approach to start developing your bond and will help you and your dog create trust. If you don’t want your dog to eat directly from your hand, you can have them sit properly while you offer them treats. That proximity still fosters trust (and can help them improve their manners) and teaches your dog that you are the source of good things

Be patient, persistent, and positive.

Sleeping puppy rests in arm of woman

Each dog is unique, with its own set of circumstances and personalities. It could take an hour for your dog to settle in and bond with you, or it could take months.

Give your new puppy some time, consistency, a consistent schedule, and space to adjust to his new surroundings. Maintain a cheerful attitude and patience; your new puppy will quickly become your best buddy.

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