Chihuahua Crate Training-2 Simple Methods

Bringing a Chihuahua to your home will be a lot of fun for everyone. These canines are intelligent, entertaining, and full of life. With this in mind, you may believe that training your dog to stay in a box is cruel. In actuality, providing your dog with his own space might be a very good idea.

Chihuahua crate training can be done using two simple methods which are; the comfortable den method and the explore method.

When you think of it this way, you’re using the crate to provide a haven for your dog rather than a place of punishment. You should never punish him with his crate. This will simply make your dog think of his crate as a prison, making crate training much more difficult.

Chihuahua Crate Training

Making sure you acquire the proper size crate for your Chihuahua is one of the most crucial tasks in crate training your Chihuahua. If it’s too big, he might consider one end to be his den and the other to be his toilet. If it’s too small, he won’t be able to stretch or turn around. You will also need other things like:

  • Potty pads – in case of an accident
  • Tasty treats- An enticement and a reward.
  • Toys – For your dog to play with.
  • Doggy bed – Something pleasant for your dog to sleep on.
  • Right crate size- You can take his measurements and then look for the best Chihuahua kennels for his size on the internet.

There are two methods that you can use when crate training your Chihuahua

Comfortable Den Method

Step1: find the best location

If your dog could find one, he’d create his den in a quiet cave. So, with this in mind, pick a great peaceful area for the crate, make sure he can see you and you can see him, and then create a comfy habitat for him by padding the floor with carpet, adding a doggy bed, laying down a pee pad, and providing him with play toys

Step2: Put Him Inside

Bring the puppy in carefully and place him in the crate. Then slowly shut the door. Never slam the crate door because you can startle him.

Step3: He Might Put up a Fight

Your dog may likely dislike the crate at first, which is to be understood. He’ll make a big deal out of it. Allow him to voice his dissatisfaction. Give him a treat and lots of applause when he’s finished and calm.

Step4: Give Him A Break

Allow the puppy to visit the potty area and play outside.

Step5: Add to the Time

Attempt to crate train your dog daily. Ensure he’s spending more time in the crate. The steps should be small enough that he won’t notice. He will go into the crate on his own after a short time. Make an effort not to rush him. You’ll need to be persistent and patient. To achieve success.

 Explore Method

Step1: Locate the Crate

Begin by placing your Chihuahua’s crate in a quiet, low-traffic area. Make sure it has a blanket, a nice carpet, and toys. The trick is to make the crate as enticing as possible to the puppy.

Step2: Meal Point

You should now bring his water and food bowls closer to the crate’s door. Allow the dog to enter and leave its “den” at will. You can do this for roughly five days straight. It will give him ample time to learn to know the “den”.

Step3: Locked In

Close the door the next time he enters into the crate. Allow him to whine and fuss until he’s exhausted. Relax; it won’t take long. Give him a treat once he has calmed down.

Step4: Free Him

Open the door once the therapy is finished. Take him outside to relieve himself. You’ll have also potty-trained him. You should not keep your dog in a crate for long hours because he can hate it.

Step5: Repeat

Mastery comes through repetition. Rep the technique as often as possible. You’ll be able to leave your puppy in his crate while you go to work or do other things in no time.


Crate training a Chihuahua puppy is simple and enjoyable, contrary to popular perception. All you need is a good Crate and a lot of patience. Remember, the box should never be used as a punitive measure. Your dog will develop a dislike towards it. Instead, make it look like a fantastic location for him to be, and he’ll be thrilled.

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