How Long Does It Take A Puppy To Learn Its Name?

One of the first things that must be ready when planning to buy or adopt a puppy is his/her name. Naming your puppy helps to build a bond with him and is also very crucial in every other training he will go through.

If you already have taken your puppy home and have a name for him, you might wonder how long it will take for him to learn his name

How Long Does It Take A Puppy To Learn Its Name?

Puppy can learn a name in three days or a week depending on an individual dog. Some factors will determine the rate at which a puppy will learn its name like; the age of the puppy, the intelligence of the puppy, and the owner’s commitment.

Factors That Affect the Rate at Which a Puppy Will Learn His/her Name

Puppy Age

The puppy’s age will have a significant impact on how long it takes to learn its name. The puppy will be able to recognize its name from a young age. If the puppy is older, though, learning its name may take longer.

Puppy’s Intelligence Level

Some dogs are quite intelligent and will quickly learn their names, while others may take longer to learn since they are not as bright or energetic while learning new things. When it comes to picking up on training cues, some dog breeds are smarter than others.

Owners dedication and commitment

 If the parent is dedicated but also uses a lot of time with the pup, the puppy will learn its name much faster than if the parent ignores it or does not spend extra time with him.

Also, if the owner is committed to teaching their puppy its name, he should be able to learn it faster than if they are not.

Signs Of A Puppy Knowing Their Name

You may be concerned that your dog is not responding or learning because of their behavior when teaching them. However, there are a few signs that a dog is learning its name. These are some of the signs:

  • Move their head to face you.
  • Barking and other vocalizations
  • Their tails are wagging
  • Increasing their alertness (such as their ears rising)
  • They’re looking at you with their heads tilted.
  • Movement like getting  

Is It Hard To Rename a Dog?

In fact, teaching your newly adopted dog a new name is simple. Do not believe that a dog can’t learn a new name, or that a dog can’t learn a name that is completely different from his former one. A dog or puppy of any age can pick up a new name in a couple of days.

How To Teach A Puppy His Name

For some dogs, simply repeating a new name over and over will do. Other puppies will not learn their name until you establish with other tactics. Make a “happy” link with your dog’s name. Usually, tasty dog treats will work.

When your dog’s attention is drawn to you, stand in front of him with a few treats in your hands. Say your pet’s name slowly and clearly. Then, without further ado, say “OK” and hand him the delicious treat. Restart the process after a half minute or so. Not only would doing this a few times during the day encourage your dog to learn his name, but it will also urge him to come to you immediately after you utter it.

Challenges When Teaching Puppies Their Name

Ignoring Names

Because of the lack of rewards, some dogs are completely aware of their names and instead opt to assume them. If your dog recognizes his name but refuses to acknowledge it when you say it, it’s because he doesn’t perceive any reason or motivation to do so. If you think this is the situation with your dog, it’s time to start training his mind. This may necessitate a lot of repetition of his name, as well as encouragement in the form of doggie treats, playtime, amusing toys, and stroking sessions. When your dog starts to associate his name with fun activities, he won’t be able to ignore it for long.

Negative Association

If your dog doesn’t seem to recognize his name, he may relate it with undesirable things. If you tell your dog “No, Rocky” while he scratches on the living room couch, his brain will begin to associate his name Rocky with something unacceptable. To avoid this, refrain from using your dog’s name in these situations. If you’re concerned that your dog has forgotten his name after months or even years, consider the possibility that he just doesn’t like it — and then take action.


How long a puppy will take to learn its name will differ from one puppy to the other. This will be mostly influenced by the owner, age of the puppy, and intelligence of an individual puppy. For a puppy to learn its name easily, he requires motivation in form of treats. The more the treats the quicker the name learning process.

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