Why Is My Puppy So Lazy? -10 Reasons

When we adopt or buy a puppy, we are always eager to cuddle with him or spend some time playing around. But you might notice that all your puppy wants to do is lay on the couch and sleep all the time. As a concerned parent, you will have to understand why he is being lazy and what to do about it.

A puppy can be lazy due to some reasons like boredom, over-exercising, depression, hot weather, wrong diet, breed, sickness, parasite, pain, and food poisoning.

Why Is My Puppy So Lazy? – 10 Reasons


A puppy who doesn’t have enough play toys and a variety can get bored. This can lead to destructive behaviors like excessive barking, and chewing on clothes and sometimes a puppy can get lazy.

You should also create time to play with your puppy regularly to avoid boredom.


Some people adopt or buy puppies with the wrong intentions like assuming they will get a companion to go for long walks or hikes with. This is wrong because you should not over-exercise your puppy. After all, it can lead to the damaging of joints. This can make your puppy act lazy most of the time.

 This article will inform on how much playtime a puppy needs.


A puppy can be lazy due to depression which can be caused by several reasons. If a puppy is taken away from his mother mostly at the age of 8 weeks, he can get depressed before he can adapt to his new environment.

Also if a puppy is closed in a crate for long hours or the crate is placed in a secluded area he can get depressed which will make him act lazy most of the time.

Hot Weather

If your puppy started acting lazy not so long ago, it is due to the changes n the weather. If the weather has been hot, your dog can make your dog calm which can be interpreted as laziness. You can give your dog a lot of water, ensure that his kennel has an air conditioner, and try to keep the kennel under a shade.

Wrong Diet

Giving your puppy the right diet as per his age and breed is crucial in their growth. If you change your puppy’s food and you notice he is being lazy, you must reach your vet for a recommendation for the best puppy food.

You shouldn’t feed your dog one large meal but it should be divided into small portions.


Some breeds were bred to work like the German shepherd which was bred to herd and Siberian Huskies which were bred to pull sleighs for long periods in subzero temperatures meaning they are very active.

The same case with Jack Russel who was bred to hunt foxes meaning they have lots of energy. If you own a Shi Tzu or a Shi Tzu Mix puppy, it is no big deal if he acts lazily. They were not bred to work, they are less active, and you will spend most of their time sleeping.

Examples of lazy dogs are:

· Pug.

· Boxer.

· Shih Tzu.

· Pekingese.

· Chow Chow.

· Boston Terrier.

· Basset Hound.

· Newfoundland.

· French Bulldog.

· English Bulldog.

· Tibetan Spaniel.

· Bernese Mountain.


If your puppy is ever active but today he is doing nothing but sleeping, it might be that he is sick. The same way people act when sick your puppy can do the same. 

 It can be a minor problem like flu or a serious disease that has been underlying in his body. Apart from being lazy, your puppy can show other symptoms like:

· Loss of appetite.

· Not in the mood to play.

· Refusal to go for a walk.


If you just adopted a puppy from a shelter there is a higher chance that he is invaded by parasites. These parasites can lead to sicknesses like Lyme which can make the puppy weak.

You can know that your puppy has parasites if he has these symptoms;

· Anemia.

· Excessive loss of weight.

· Upset stomach.

· Loss of appetite.

· Bloody stool.

·        Scratching ears and licking paws.

Food Poisoning

Your puppy might have food poisoning and that’s why he is lazy. For example, if you gave him the Nutella you were spreading on your bread or Oreo biscuit. Though these foods are safe for humans, they can induce stomach problems and other negative side effects

In most cases, puppies have food poisoning accidentally, which is why it is advisable to keep things that are not safe for dogs’ consumption away from their reach e.g. medicines like Melatonin and tums. Foods like raw rice.


 Why Is My Puppy So Lazy
Short-coated brown puppy on white floor.

Your puppy might be going through pan that’s why he is lazy. Mostly he will want to be alone and will whine a lot. Some dogs will yelp when picked underarms or bark excessively at night while in pain.


Puppies will sleep most of the time and it can be easily mistaken for laziness. You should not force them to play excessively as it is hazardous to their health.

If your puppy’s laziness is accompanied by other symptoms of illness, you should inform your vet.