My Dog Ate Pizza Crust, Is It Safe?

Dogs are known for having a big appetite and they are always ready to eat anything they come across. When you are eating a pizza you might want to share the pizza crust with him but is it safe?

Pizza crust should be avoided by dogs. It’s high in calories, carbohydrates, fat, and sodium, all of which are bad for a dog’s overall health. Furthermore, pizza crusts normally contain flavors or spices that are hazardous or even lethal to dogs. While a piece of pizza crust isn’t necessarily harmful to your dog, it’s best to stick to healthier snacks.

 What happens if my dog eats pizza crust?

If your dog ate a small amount of pizza crust, it won’t cause any harm to your dog but it is not advisable to feed it at all. The following are some of the reasons why feeding it is not recommended.


Flour makes the biggest percentage of the pizza crust, it’s full of carbohydrates. Dogs should not feed on excess carbohydrates because it can lead to obesity.

Treats are made of all-purpose flour which is rare to cause any harm to your dog if taken in small quantities.

The wheat flour in the crust can at times lead to an allergic reaction in some dogs. It can make your dog scratch his ears and rub his paws, and also lead to bald spots.


Humans may think that the pizza crust does not have too much salt making it safe for his consumption. That is not the case because one slice of pizza crust contains too much salt than the dog can handle.

After consuming it, you might find that your dog will drink too much water because of thirst and as a way of trying to eliminate the excess salt.

Though one piece of pizza crust cannot have serious side effects, if he eats it continuously he can have salt poisoning which is symbolized by seizures, throwing up, and diarrhea.


Cheese can have a lot of adverse effects on your dog especially if he is lactose intolerant. Even if the crust has a small amount of cheese, it can trigger a lot of reactions in your dog’s body. The effect can be serious if the dough was infused with milk or milk.


 In some cases, oregano is not only found in the sauce but also in the crust too. Though it is not harmful to dogs, it can lead to stomach upsets, vomiting, and loss of appetite.

What happens if my dog eats the dough?

There are some risks associated with a dog eating pizza or pizza crust. On the other hand, raw pizza dough is significantly more hazardous. This seemingly inoffensive ingredient has the potential to kill your dog.

Dough Expansion

When making homemade bread or pizza crust, the dough needs to rise in a warm environment. Unfortunately, the dough can expand in your dog’s stomach. Your pet will be harmed as a result of this.


Bloat can be life-threatening. Stomach pressure is caused by food and gas produced during digestion. Instead of escaping as a fart or burp, the gas remains trapped inside the stomach. The stomach expands. Torsion occurs when the stomach twists owing to pressure. When this happens, the only option is surgery.

Bloat is characterized by pacing, pain, a swollen stomach, and drooling. The most obvious symptom is the dog’s inability to excrete. Their bladders will be dysfunctional. To attempt to get rid of the irritating contents, they will gag or dry heave. Bloated dogs require immediate veterinary attention. Bloat is a treatable condition.  


You may be aware that the essence of beer is yeast and grain. The yeast ferments the grain, resulting in the production of alcohol. Unfortunately, this fermentation process can occur inside your dog’s body if they eat raw dough. Alcohol tolerance is not the same in dogs as it is in people. As a consequence of the fermentation process, intoxication might occur. Seizures and extremely low blood pressure or blood sugar levels are potentially possible side effects.

What to do if my dog eats pizza?

My Dog Ate Pizza Crust

The good thing is that your dog will not have serious side effects if he ate a few slices of pizza. He can have mild diarrhea or vomiting. But, if he ate a considerable amount, it can be an issue that needs a vet intervention. You should follow the following procedure:

Monitor your dog

Most of the time, you’ll just need to keep an eye on your dog for a few hours. Keep an eye out for signs of a stomach ache. It’s advised to contact your veterinarian if they develop signs of diarrhea or vomiting.

Know How Much She Ate

To be cautious, you should bring your dog in for a checkup if he or she ate a lot of pizza. Keep in mind that how much is too much is determined by the size of your dog and the amount of their meal.

Raw Dough

Take your dog to the vet right away if he or she ate raw pizza dough. Bloat can strike suddenly and prove fatal within hours. Intoxication can potentially lead to catastrophic complications in a short period, such as seizures and death.


Dogs can eat pizza crust but it is not safe for them. It has little nutritional value and, if consumed in high quantities, can lead to obesity. You should give your dog other nutritious treats other than pizza crust.

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