My Dog Ate Tums, Will He Be Ok?

Anytime we have stomach discomfort, we chew tums and within a while, we are back to normal. But what would happen if your dog ate a few or a full bottle of tums when you were not looking?

My Dog Ate Tums, Will He Be Ok?

If your dog ate tums, you should first confirm the amount he took. A dog cannot be affected by tums unless he took a large amount. If he consumed them in abundance, you should keep the remaining tablets and keep them away. Call your vet for advice and medical assistance.

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 My Dog Ate Tums, What Should I do?

Tums are made with components that are toxic to animals if taken in large amounts. If your dog ate tums in excess, follow these tips.

Step 1: Observe your dog

Check your dog for any signs of pain if he takes a lot of tum tablets. If he shows any signs, you should take him to a vet immediately.

If there are no danger signs, proceed to the next time.

Step 2: Clean and remove the tums remnants

Clean the area in case your dog had scattered the tablets. Keep the remaining tablets in a secure place, if it is a cabinet lock it.

If some other medicines or chemicals pose a threat to your dog, remember to place them away.

Step 3: Understand what happened

You should understand everything that took place.It will help you understand how to will deal with the whole thing.

You should know three things;

  • The quantity that your dog fed on.
  • At what time did your dog eat tums?
  • What else did he consume apart from the tums?

This information will make the explanation to the vet easier and also help you know the seriousness of the situation.

Step 4: Take Your Dog to a Vet

Even when you think that the situation is not so serious, you need the assurance of the vet.

With the information you gathered in step 3, the vet will treat your dog accordingly.

The vet will advise you on how to handle your dog when you get back home.

How Is Tums Bad For Dogs?

In many cases, tums do not cause adverse side effects, especially in small quantities. This is good news to dog owners but it is not the case always. The components in tums can at times cause constipation, diarrhea, among others. That’s why you should always consult your vet before concluding that your dog is safe after consuming tums.

Below are some instances when tums are bad for dogs;

Toxic Ingredients- tums are made by different companies which use different components. Some tums contain ingredients like xylitol which is harmful to dogs and can lead to seizures.

Allergies- Some dogs are allergic to the ingredients found in tums. Components like artificial dyes which give tums colors can cause allergic reactions.

Puppies-puppies will get affected most by tums than grown-up dogs. Puppies are in the process of bone development and do not require calcium supplements. Tums contain a lot of calcium.

Repeated use– if your dog ingests too many tums continuously, he will be prone to diseases like kidney failure, pancreatitis, or chronic stomach issues.

Other medication- if your dog was under medication when he consumed tums, it can cause adverse reactions in his body.

Health issues-a dog that has a health problem like kidney disease should not consume tum as it can be fatal.

My Dog Ate A Bottle Of Tums

When your dog eat tums plus the packing bottle, it can be a great threat to his health as it can obstruct his digestive system. You should ensure he gets medical attention before it is too late. In some cases, a dog might require a surgey to remove the the bottle.

Alternatives To Tums For Dogs

When your dog has digestive problems, the last thing to do is give your dog is tums. There are better methods to treat your dog like;


If your dog has a stomach upset, fasting can be an effective method to treat him. This is done by denying your dog food for around six hours, this will ensure that he will pass out everything that’s making him sick.

At times you’ll have to make him skip the meals for more than six hours. After that, you should re-introduce food slowly by slowly.

Canned Pumpkin

Plain canned pumpkins help in treating digestive problems. Pumpkins are good for absorbing excess water in the stomach, it is good for dogs with diarrhea. It can also help a dog with moderate constipation.

Avoid using pumpkins that have additives as they can irritate the digestive tract making everything worse.

Avoids pumpkin pie because it contains xylitol which is toxic to dogs.

Other Medications

Your vet will prescribe medicines but they won’t be tums. He can give your dog antacids that are safe for him.

Imodium and Pepto Bismol are human medicines that are safe for dogs and have no adverse side effects. Even if they are safe, you should not use them on your dog without the approval of the vet.


The side effects that your dog will have will be influenced by the number of tums he ate. You should not use tums to treat stomach problems unless advised by a vet.

You can treat the stomach upset problem in your dog using natural methods, if the issue persists consult a vet.

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