Why Does My Dog Sleep Under My Bed? 10 Reasons

You can’t comprehend how your dog prefers to sleep under your bed after spending your time and money to buy him the best beddings. But, unfortunately, dogs can’t talk. If they did, you couldn’t be scrolling through this article; you would be seated somewhere interrogating your dog. But, luckily you don’t have to scratch your head anymore as I have compiled a list of the reasons why your dog is opting to sleep under your bed.

Your dog sleeps under your bed because it is dark and cozy, there are familiar and comforting scents, out of fear and anxiety, physical injury, illness, cooler temperatures, or does not want to be bothered. It can also be that you have chosen the wrong bed size, he does not like the bed’s position, or you adopted a dog that was used to sleeping on the floor.

10 Reasons Why Your Dog Sleeps Under Your Bed

1. Dark and Cozy Place

One of the reasons that can make your dog sleep under your bed is because it is a dark and comfortable place. Dogs lived in dens before domestication, and your dog can make a den under your bed.

 Even though some dogs like to cuddle and be around family members, others like to have their quiet, dark places where no one can bother them.

2. There Is A familiar Comforting Scent

Your bed is not only a nice and dark spot for your dog, but it also has pleasant and familiar smells. Dogs have a strong sense

of smell, and smelling your scent under the bed can make him sleep there.

Your smell also helps in calming down when stressed or anxious. You can also find him lying on top of your clothes.

3. Fear or Anxiety

 Your dog can opt to sleep under the bed out of fear. This can be from events like a thunderstorm, encountering an aggressive dog, changing the environment, or introducing a new dog at home.

If your dog has separation anxiety, he can sleep under your bed to cope with the stress. He might also develop destructive behaviors. 

4. Does Not Like The Position Of The Bed

Your dog might not like the bed position if placed far from you. Dogs are social creatures who prefer being around you, even at night. Therefore, he may opt to leave his cozy bed and sleep on the floor near you. Place his bed inside or near your bedroom to entice him to sleep on it.

5. Physical Injury

Your dog can be having an injury and is in pain, but you can’t know. Dogs can act fine even in pain; this was their mechanism in the wilderness, so they don’t appear weak before their enemies.

You can identify whether your dog is sleeping under your bed due to physical injury n if he has these signs;

  • Snarling.
  • Growling.
  • Have a place in the body he doesn’t want to be touched.
  • Staying far from your reach.

6. Cooler Temperatures

The temperature beneath your bed may be a few degrees lower than the temperature higher on the bed or elsewhere in the room. Your dog may be feeling hot after physical exercise and looking for the quickest way to cool down.

During the summer, you may find your dog doing this more frequently. To prevent your dog from overheating, ensure he always has access to fresh, clean water and keeps it in a cooler place in hot weather.

 7. Illness

Illness is a possible reason why your dog is sleeping under your bed. Just like humans, your dog will prefer to be alone than around people.

You can know that your dog is sick if he has other signs like;

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Bloody stool
  • Lethargy
  • Loss of appetite

8. Don’t Want To Be Bothered

Your dog can be sleeping under your bed simply because he does not like to be bothered. This is possible if he goes there to sleep after being exercised or fed. He finds it the best spot away from any distraction.

9. He Has Always Slept On The Floor.

This could be the issue if you got your dog from a rescue home. For example, a dog that has slept on the floor for most of his life will find it hard to sleep on a bed. 

You can train your dog to sleep on a bed by using of positive reinforcement method. You can also dive praises and treats, but there is no guarantee he will stop the old habits.

10. You’ve chosen the wrong size bed.

Dogs are not wired the same way as humans. You might have thought that you have bought the best bed for your buddy only for him to prove you wrong.

Your dog might be too small, leaving him hanging his snout or legs; this can make him opt for the floor. 

It might also be that the bed is very big for his liking. Your dog doesn’t want to sleep in a king-size bed; he wants a bed that will fit him right. Look at his sleeping position and style to know what bed he wants.

My Dog Sleeps Under My Bed, Should I Be Worried?

If your dog has started sleeping under your bed suddenly, this does not necessarily indicate that something is wrong with your dog, bed, or its environs. Dogs are adventurous and might have just discovered a cozy hideaway to relax. Nevertheless, it could also be a symptom that your dog is stressed or ill.

Analyze whether there have been any changes since your dog began hiding beneath the bed. Start paying more attention and taking notes when your dog crawls under the bed. Take your dog to the vet if there is no evident cause.


If your dog sleeps under your bed, don’t be offended; he just chose the place that feels comfortable, secure, and cooler for him.

However, physical injury and diseases can make your dog sleep under your bed. Do not hesitate to phone your vet if you think this might be one of the possibilities.

The good news is that you can make your dog sleep on the bed again using the positive reinforcement method.

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