How Does Cerenia Kill A Dog?

Over the years, Cerenia has been proven more effective in minimizing and preventing vomiting in dogs. In fact, in many studies, Cerenia was so efficient that it could prevent vomiting even when dogs were given substances known to effectively produce vomiting in dogs, like apomorphine or syrup of ipecac. But how does Cerenia end up killing dogs?

How Cerenia Kills A Dog

Cerenia would kill if it were administered to a dog with an underlying problem that was manifesting through vomiting and was not treated after the puking stopped. Also, if a dog had consumed a toxic substance that triggered the vomiting, giving Cerenia will make the poison continue being absorbed in the body leading to death. 

It has been forgotten that vomiting is crucial in removing harmful substances in the body. Unfortunately, Cerenia does not treat vomiting but only hides the symptoms rather than addressing the underlying cause. As a result, many owners tend to postpone treatment, thinking their dog is fine.

When Should I Give My Dog Cerenia?

Cerenia should be administered after performing standard tests and ruling out some significant underlying medical explanations for a dog’s vomiting.    

Cerenia may therefore be most helpful in cases of self-limiting vomiting where the underlying reason for the vomiting is recognized (e.g., chemotherapy or motion sickness) and other, more serious, underlying causes have been ruled out. If some underlying causes of vomiting aren’t treated right away, it could lead to fatal complications.

For instance, if a dog is puking due to intestinal blockage or ingesting a toxic substance if Cerenia is administered to him, the results will be fatal. 

My Dog Overdosed On Cerenia, What Should I Do?

When you discover that your dog has overdosed on Cerenia is to be calm and call the vet. An overdose of Cerenia might have lethal consequences. It is therefore advisable to call a professional so they can treat the problem appropriately if you detect your dog panting, straining to breathe, or shaking.

It is necessary to remember that if a drug overdose is left untreated, it will only worsen over time.  

 Can Cerenia Cause Diarrhea In Dogs?

One of the potential negative effects of canine Cerenia is diarrhea. While it doesn’t occur to many dogs, some breeds struggle to deal with its reaction.

Following this medication, your dog may exhibit diarrhea signs if they have stomach discomfort or any other medical problem. Following the Cerenia dose, you should call your veterinarian immediately to schedule a test if your dog is having trouble pooping.

How long does Cerenia stay in a dog’s system?

This medication does not stay long in the body once it has been administered; it takes 48hours for it to be out of the system.

It can only take long hours in the body if they take more than the recommended dose. 

In most cases, dogs that puke after taking this medication finds relief in two to four hours and do not require an additional dose.

 Should Cerenia Be Given On An Empty Stomach?

Cerenia is best administered to dogs on an empty stomach to ensure maximum effectiveness! Your dog should consume no food two hours before the dose or one hour afterward.

Does Cerenia help with pancreatitis?

Cerenia is mostly prescribed for dogs with motion sickness to prevent nausea and vomiting. Although pancreatitis can range in severity from moderate to severe, it is a serious ailment that has to be treated quickly.

Cerenia is not a cure for pancreatitis, though it can be useful in treating it. Your vet will suggest additional medications for Cerenia if your dog has pancreatitis to treat your dog’s disease effectively.

3 Alternatives of Cerenia

One of the medicines many dog owners are hesitant to give their pets is Cerenia. However, you can use other alternatives instead of Cerenia;

a) CBD Oil

An incredible natural medicine that can help reduce inflammation is CBD oil. Additionally, several researchers assert that using CBD oil as medicine can resolve the obvious issue and enhance your dog’s quality of life.

Thanks to CBD Oil, your dog won’t have motion sickness, which will keep him calm. In addition, since it is a natural component, it has minimal or no side effects.

b) Train Your Dog To Get Used To Being In Car Drives

This is one of the simplest ways to prevent motion sickness. You can make your dog get used to car drives by helping them manage anxiety which is the main cause of motion sickness.

It would help if you started by driving them on a shorter distance, encouraging them with treats, and making the ride as comfortable as possible. With time, your dog will get used to being on long drives.

c) Calm His Nerves With Stress-relieving scents

Anytime you commute, you can use calming scents like lavender and pheromones to reduce anxiety. Spray the scents around your dog’s bedding to help them calm their nerves in the car ride.

Precautions When Giving Cerenia Dose

1. For this medication to effectively work, your dog must be at least 6 weeks old.

2. Avoid administering this medication to your dog if he is vomiting or having digestive issues because this will prevent the medication from fully absorbing into his system, decreasing its effectiveness.

3. Don’t administer Cerenia if your dog is on medication on other drugs containing erythromycin. Your veterinarian may decide to delay until your dog has finished with the medication. 

4. Ensure that you give your dog plenty of water if you intend to travel with him while he is receiving treatment.

5. This prescription may cause mild stomach irritation if swallowed whole, so be cautious when giving it to prevent any complications.

6. Confirm with the vet how long you should give Cerenia to your dog. He will also advise you when it is safe to cease giving him dosages.

7. If your dog vomits within an hour of taking a Cerenia dose, even if it seems to be doing great after vomiting, call your vet as he might find it necessary to give him another tablet.


You now understand how Cerenia kills a dog. In some cases, a dog can have an allergic reaction to it. However, if wisely used, Cerenia can prevent and stop nausea and vomiting caused by motion sickness. If you are not comfortable using Cerenia, other effective alternatives that have fewer side effects on your dog are available.

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