Why Does My Dog Stare Into Space-9 Reasons +9 Solutions

Finding your dog staring into space can make you have endless questions like: does he have supernatural powers making him see things I can’t? Is he sick, is he daydreaming? Before making your conclusions, read to the end of this article and you will understand more about why a dog can stare into space.

Dogs stare into space because they can see pests you can’t see, seizures, seeking attention, eyesight problem, hearing voices, compulsive behavior, poisoning, he is content, or dementia.

9 Reasons Why Dogs Stare Into Space And Their Solutions

Seeing Pests You Can’t see

One of the possible explanations for your dog staring into space is that dogs are four times better at hearing sounds than humans are.

Your dog might hear sounds in the house that you cannot hear. Critters that you might not be aware of are one of the potential causes of gazing.

Your animal buddy may appear to be staring into nothing, but it could be attempting to figure out the strange noises coming 

If you pay close attention to your pet, it won’t be long before you figure out why your dog continues staring off into space.

Solution: Call an exterminator and have your house checked.


You might be surprised to find that while your dog is staring off into space, he could be having a seizure. Partial seizure is the name given to this type of seizure.

These kinds of seizures may be brought on by malignancy or a toxin. To rule out such a risky medical condition, take your Fido to the vet as fast as you can.

Solution: Take a video using your phone the next time he stares into the space and show it to the vet. It will be more helpful than explaining it verbally.

Seeking Attention

Dogs are incredibly smart animals. Your dog may purposefully stare at nothing if they believe it would make you pay attention to them and show them affection.

Solution: Whenever you have time play, exercise, and cuddle with your dog. This will help in bonding and feeling your affection toward him.

Eyesight Problem

If your dog is having problems seeing, you could see them gazing off into the distance. They might not be cognizant of what they are staring at because of their visual issues. In reality, their eyesight is deceiving them; they may believe there is something on the wall or in the area they are inspecting.

Just like human beings’ eyesight get weak as they age, senior dogs are prone to sight issues. Unfortunately, there are no glasses that can assist senior dogs with their sight.

Other problems can lead to eyesight problems like glaucoma, conjunctiva among others.

Solution: take him to a vet for assistance.

Hearing Voices

You probably already saw your dog running downstairs when he heard a family member’s car pull into the driveway; you don’t need me to tell you that your dog has better hearing than you do.

Dogs frequently listen to sounds outside that you can’t hear, which is why you sometimes see them staring off into space.

Solution: Try observing your dog’s head; they frequently tilt it slightly when listening, so you can tell if they’re actually hearing anything or just acting nuts.

Compulsive Behavior

Dogs occasionally experience an uncontrollable urge to act or behave in a way that doesn’t make sense at the moment. It’s critical to realize that these behavioral shifts are uncontrollable. Some dogs unintentionally repeat one or more behaviors to the point where they become worn out.

Barking, chasing shadows, blank staring, spinning, and excessive biting and licking are just a few examples of compulsive behavior.

Solution: Take him to a vet.


Dogs will consume almost anything, including human pharmaceuticals if they are left out or if your dog has been given a human medication. Several restricted chemicals and OTC medicines can make your dog poisonous, giving them a spacey appearance.

Solution: Know the actual amount of the toxic substance they ate and consult your vet.

He is content.

Your dog may be gazing out into space if they’re content.

When your dog has recently eaten, this is a typical occurrence. They take a time to enjoy the feeling of being full.

Another possibility is that he feels extremely calm after taking his medication or receiving grooming from you (or someone else).

He’s feeling extremely fine in this situation, not stressed or bored.

Solution: Let him be!


Dementia may be present in your dog if he is still and stares off into space.

Dogs may develop dementia as they age or as a result of illnesses like Alzheimer’s.

Alzheimer’s can progressively worsen to the point where your dog is unable to recognize you at all. His senses tell him there are other animals nearby that might want to play with him, so this might lure him back outside.

The finest care should be given to pets by owners who are dealing with their mental decline. To keep in touch before time runs out on both sides, make sure they have enough stimulus. Age can also cause dementia.

Solution: Take him to a vet.