Why Do Dogs Like Belly Rubs?- 6 Reasons

It always feels good to go home from work only to be welcomed by your pooch turning on his back indicating that he needs belly rubs. Knowing that your dog respects you and enjoys spending time with you is reassuring. But, you must ask yourself what is so special with belly rubs that your dog can’t wait for you to give them to him and instead asks for them.  

Dogs love belly rubs because it is comforting, it feels awesome, as a way of showing submission, it helps to stimulate hair follicles, it’s a way of grooming, and lastly, it’s a way of making a social connection.

Why Do Dogs Like Belly Rubs?- 6 Reasons


Dogs enjoy being around their owners very much and having belly rubs is comforting too. Also, dogs like attention, if your dog notices the only way he can get your attention is by demanding belly rubs, then he will be doing it regularly to feel your comfort. This is not only comforting to the dog but to the owner too.

It Feels Awesome

One of the obvious reasons why dogs like belly rubs is because it feels good and it’s calming. Belly rubs feel like a massage and they make your dog release serotonin or the happiness hormone which assists in lifting his moods. This helps explain why they can’t wait for you to give it to them but they demand it.


 When your dog has done something wrong, he can show his belly. This is done to show that he is sorry and as a way of pleading with you not to punish him. You can easily identify if he is being submissive if he is showing his belly and moves away whenever you try to rub it. Dogs are wise and they think that by showing their belly they will not be punished or the punishment will be reduced.

Stimulating Hair Follicles

 The hair follicles on a dog’s stomach are highly sensitive. You are stimulating a calming experience for your dog by touching them. Various nerves are found near your dog’s belly button, and touching those locations massages and grooms your dog. When you touch a location on your dog’s belly, you may notice that their leg moves quickly. This is a nerve reflex, however, it is unknown whether or not it is a pleasurable sensation in dogs.                           


When a puppy is born, its mother will clean him or her by licking his or her stomach and body. A puppy’s first bonding relationship with its mother is usually like this. When children are young, grooming is a pleasant and caring connection between siblings and their mother, who grooms them multiple times throughout the day. When you rub their tummy or any other part of their body, such as behind their ears, it transports them to a time when they felt comfortable and secure because of their mother’s touch. They naturally believe you are grooming them in a maternal manner since they link you as their caretaker by feeding and providing for them.         

Making social connections

Dogs are always looking for ways to engage with you. Dogs are gregarious animals who thrive on human attention, affection, and care. Dogs can sense how much you enjoy massaging their bellies and admiring how adorable they are in that position. This causes dogs to have a social response, and they believe that lying on their backs will cause you to rub and cuddle them. This benefits dogs by allowing them to receive the interaction and attention they desire from their owners while also helping the two of you to bond and create a stronger social tie.     

What If My Dog Doesn’t Like Belly Rubs?

When they roll onto their backs, however, not all dogs are yearning for a dog belly rub Depending on their previous experiences, attitude, and breed, some dogs may not show their tummies to you at all. The majority of dogs may not even enjoy belly rubs; they may simply be doing it to make their pet owners happy.

 Every dog, like people, has its own preferences when it comes to receiving affection and attention. If your dog doesn’t like belly massages, don’t panic; it doesn’t mean they don’t love and trust you.

The ability to spend time with you is the most significant thing to your dog. Take some time to learn about your pet’s hobbies and interests, and then use those activities to build your bond.                          

Should You Give Your Dog Belly Rubs?

There is no harm in giving your dog belly rubs if they enjoy it. But you must be cautioned that you will be encouraging your dog to demand belly rubs every now and then. It will not be a wonder to have your dog blocking the path waiting for belly rubs even when you are in a hurry. Also, remember not to force your dog to accept belly rubs if he is not comfortable with them.


There are many reasons why dogs like belly rubs. Every dog likes belly rubs for his or her own reason. Belly rubs are beneficial to you and your dog in that it helps in bonding. If your dog does not like belly rubs, you should not force it because there are many ways to bond with your dog.                                                    

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