Pointer Lab Mix Black And White- Full Guide

 A Pointer Lab mix is a crossbreed between the Labrador retriever and the Pointer dog breeds.  They inherit the best traits of their parents like intelligence, loyalty, and kindness.

Pointer Lab are also known as Pointerdors. They are medium sized, weighing around 35-80 pounds and a height of 23-28 inches.   Pointer Lab mixes coats are normally black, white and brown.

Before you decide whether the Pointer Lab Mix is the right dog for you, there are many things you need to know about it like their history, temperaments, health, dietary needs.

What Is A Lab Pointer ?

A Lab Pointer is a crossbreed between purebred Labrador retriever and a Pointer.

Lab Pointers or Pointerdors are not recognized by the AKC but there are some organizations who do recognize them like:

History of the Lab Pointers

There is no much info on when the mix was first bred because it is not very common. It have been popular in the past 10 years or so. However, we can know much about the breed if we know the history of their parents.

The Labrador retriever were initially bred in Canada where they assisted the fishermen.in Britain, they helped  in hunting but as days went by, they were turned to guide dogs.

English pointers were originally bred in England to assist in tracking and pointing work. They are very energetic and fast and the same is inherited by the Lab Pointers.

Both the parents are sport dogs and make the best companions.

Lab Pointers Appearance

They have a powerful stance mostly in the chest and long legs that are advantageous when running.

They have a medium length muzzle and wide floppy ears. They have almond shaped eyes which vary in colors.

Size of Lab Pointers

They are medium and large dogs. The males are larger than the females but not always.

The standing length is 55-7 Cm and a weight of 35-80 pounds.

Because of their big size, they are most suitable for rural area or areas with large a large outdoor space.

Coat Color of Lab Pointers

 Their colors ranges from yellow, brown, and black. Some can have some white markings while others will have one solid color.

Temperament of the Lab Pointers

They make good companions and they get along with other pets and children. Loneliness can make them develop anxiety problems.

Because of their socializing nature, they can readily accept strangers and can’t make good watchdog. Their inherited hunting instincts make them like to hunt small animals like possums and squirrels hence you must be supervised.

Grooming Needs of Lab Pointers

They have a double coat which shed regularly throughout the year. When planning to own a Lab Pointer, you should buy de-shedding tool and a vacuum cleaner to wash the dog’s hairs.

They are not hypoallergenic and it’s not fit for people who are allergic to pet dander.

They are short haired and does not require daily brushing but only twice per week.

Bathing should be rare to avoid ripping off the natural oils in the coat. The ears should be cleaned using a canine an ear wash but not water. Check his nails regular and trim them when necessary.

Exercising a Pointer Lab

Pointerdors are active dogs that need a lot of exercises. They will need not less than sixty minutes of exercise daily plus chew toys to keep him entertained.

If not well exercised they will release their energy in destructive acts like aggressiveness.

They also enjoy swimming but it should not done on a daily basis. Ensure that you wipe him properly between the paws after swimming.

Feeding A Pointer Lab Mix

You should feed Pointerdor food meant for medium sized dogs. They should feed on a balanced diet with carbohydrates, vegetables and fruits, protein, fat, minerals and vitamins.

You should not free feed your Lab Pointer, this will lead to obesity and problems when training your dog to use the potty area. If there is no fixed eating time, you will not know when to take him to the potty area.

Pointer Lab Mix Health Problems

Pointerdors can inherit health problems from both parents especially the ones common the two of them. These diseases are:

Life Expectancy for Lab Pointer Mixes

Depending with the health of a Pointerdor, he can live for 10-15 years. Regular medical checkup, a balanced diet, and exercise will keep your dog healthy for longer.

Buying A Pointer Lab Puppy

Before buying a Pointer Lab Puppy, ensure that the puppy has undergone full screen testing. Buy from a reputable breeder who has the history of the parents.

A Pointerdor puppy is sold from $250-$800 depending with the breeder, age, and lineage.

You can also get a Lab Pointer puppy from rescue homes like:


A pointer lab will make a good companion and working dog. If you want a watchdog, Pointer Labs cannot be trusted with the work.

A Pointer Lab will need a lot of exercise and a spacious environment making it not suitable for apartment lifestyle.

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