How Big Do Terrier Mixes Get?

Terrier mixes are widely known for their loyalty, energetic nature, and humorous character. If you intend to bring a terrier mix home, you will have to consider their size and weight to know if they are fit for your home or needs.

How Big Do Terrier Mixes Get?

Depending on the dog breed mixed with a terrier breed, the size and weight of terrier mixes will vary from small, medium to large. The small terrier mixes weigh below 22 pounds and a standing length of fewer than 16 inches, medium terrier mixes weigh around 25-50 pounds and a standing length of 18-25 inches, while the utmost large terrier mixes weigh from 35-65 pounds and a standing length of 30-32 inches.

 Before you take your terrier mix home, you need to be informed on their temperament, grooming needs, nutrition needs, health and care, exercise needs and know whether they are hypoallergenic. Read on for detailed information, plus a list of the ten most popular terrier mixes.

Terrier Mixes Guide

What Is A Terrier Mix?

Terrier mixes are created by mating two types of terrier breeds or a terrier and a pure breed dog like Labrador or a German shepherd.

Terriers were originally bred for hunting and digging for pests like rodents, vermin, and moles on the farm. There is a wide group of terriers but the most popular ones are Yorkshire Terriers, Airedale Terrier, West Highland Terriers, and Jack Russell Terrier among others. The AKC has to date recognized 31 terrier breeds. Terrier mixes have diverse colors, sizes, and shapes.

Terrier Mix Temperament

Terrier mixes area made by breeding a group of terriers and a larger group of dog breeds. This makes it hard to give the standard terrier mix temperament.

The terriers are known to be smart, independent, energetic, fun-loving, and adventurous.

Terrier mixes can either inherit the terriers’ or the other dog breed temperament.

Socializing and training your terrier mix at an early age is highly recommendable to avoid hostility to new people and animals or obedient issues in the future.

Exercising Terrier Mixes  

Terrier mixes are energetic and they need exercise otherwise they will turn their energy into other aggression. The minimum time for excising them daily is thirty minutes, this should include physical and mental exercises.

You can take your terrier mix to a walk, terrier racing (for small terriers), playing hide and seek, fetch games among others.

Nutritional Needs

Terrier mixes require a balanced diet, which includes proteins, carbohydrates, and vegetables. Terrier mixes are not picky eaters.

They should be fed on a fixed schedule to keep them alert and healthy. Avoid free feeding them to prevent obesity.

Foods that contain corn and starch should be avoided as they can trigger allergic reactions. They can eat raw foods like carrots and meat but in a measured quantity.

Do Terrier Mixes Shed?

Terrier coats are mainly in three types i.e. long-haired, smooth, and wire-haired. Terrier dogs have many dogs that do not shed or shed minimally per year making them hypoallergenic.

The coarse and wiry-haired terriers shed less compared to others. The rate of shedding will be determined by the coat whether it is wiry or smooth. The wiry coat is dominant over the smooth coat meaning if we cross-breed the two coat types, the terrier mix is likely to have a wiry-haired coat.

Terrier Mix Health and Care

If given a balanced diet and daily exercises, terrier mixes will rarely get sick. Nevertheless, they should have regular medical checkups.

You should also mind for their emotional wellbeing by creating time for cuddling or playing games, if deprived of the attention they can get lonely, stressed, or aggressive.

Terrier Mixes Grooming Needs

Terrier mixes grooming needs vary from one dog to the other. Terrier is a group of dogs whose coat textures and length vary.

Some terriers require brushing daily while others will only need brushing once per week.

Terriers should be brushed their teeth regularly using canine toothpaste. Their ears should be cleaned using a dog ear drop.

You can hire a professional groomer to groom your dog.

  1. Jack Chi -Jack Russell terrier X Chihuahua mix
  2. Yorkiepoo -Toy Poodle X Yorkshire terrier
  3. Chorkie -Chihuahuas X Yorkshire terriers              
  4. Jack-a-Bee -Jack Russell X Beagle
  5. Whoodles -Poodle X Wheaton Terrier Mix
  6. Labrabull -Labrador X American Pit Bull Terrier Mix
  7. Pitsky -Siberian Husky X American Pit Bull Terrier Mix
  8. Frenchton -French Bulldog X Boston Terrier
  9. Jacairn -Cairn terrier and Jack Russell.
  10. Scottish Cocker -Part Scottish Terrier and part Cocker Spaniel


Terrier mixes are loving and devoted dogs, they make good pets and interact well with kids.

Before buying a terrier mix puppy, conduct research on both parents. Avoid buying terrier puppies from uncertified breeders.Terrier mixes can inherit characters from either parent, there is no guarantee that they will only acquire the good qualities. Before taking him home, be ready for any outcome.

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