Is Oreo Bad For Dogs?

is oreo bad for dogs?

Oreo cookies are yummy and appetizing, they always leave us craving for more. You can think of sharing the tasty cookies with your furry friend but you must know if they are safe for your dog. A lot of human foods are not safe for dog consumption like Nutella. Is Oreo Bad For Dogs? Oreo is … Read more

My Dog Ate Tums, Will He Be Ok?

My Dog Ate Tums, Will He Be Ok?

Anytime we have stomach discomfort, we chew tums and within a while, we are back to normal. But what would happen if your dog ate a few or a full bottle of tums when you were not looking? My Dog Ate Tums, Will He Be Ok? If your dog ate tums, you should first confirm … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Fish Bones?

Can Dogs Eat Fish Bones?

Dogs are known for their love for bones and you might wonder if you can give your dog fish bones after enjoying your dinner meal. Can Dogs Eat Fish Bones? Fish bones, whether raw or cooked, should never be provided to a dog. Fish bones are weak and delicate, and they can easily shatter and … Read more

Is Nutella Bad For Dogs?

Is Nutella Bad For Dogs

Nutella is common in many households, it is delicious and leaves one craving for more. You might wonder if it you can share the yummy spread with your pooch but you have to ask yourself the first question that should pop up on your mind before feeding any human food to your dog, how safe … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Cornstarch?

Can Dogs Eat Cornstarch

Cornstarch is a common ingredient in most commercial foods, it is mostly used as a filler or thickener. It is also used to prevent the kibbles from sticking together. More so, it is tasteless and odorless making it easy for dogs to eat. You might think of feeding pure cornstarch to your dog but can … Read more

Can You Feed Puppy Food To Older Dogs?

Can You Feed Puppy Food To Older Dogs

There are many questions that dog owners ask themselves when bringing up their dogs like how long should a dog swim for a good workout? And most importantly what should I feed my dog to ensure he is healthy. When it comes to a dog’s nutrition, there is a lot of food in the stores and one … Read more

My Dog Ate Pizza Crust, Is It Safe?

Dogs are known for having a big appetite and they are always ready to eat anything they come across. When you are eating a pizza you might want to share the pizza crust with him but is it safe? Pizza crust should be avoided by dogs. It’s high in calories, carbohydrates, fat, and sodium, all … Read more