Is Pedigree A Good Dog Food? Here is Our Honest Review

Is Pedigree A Good Dog Food

Pedigree Dog Food is a pet food brand owned by Mars, Inc. It was founded in Leicestershire, England, in 1957, and its headquarters are in McLean, Virginia, USA. Pedigree provides wet and dry food for various breed sizes and growth phases. All of their formulas are developed at The Waltham Petcare Science Institute, which combines … Read more

Is Purina One A Good Dog Food? A Comprehensive Review

Is Purina One A Good Dog Food

Purina ONE Dog Food is one of the world’s largest pet food brands. It creates high-quality, low-cost dog and cat food formulas. Purina is the largest maker of pet food in the industry, with over 90 years of expertise, numerous product lines, and several subsidiary firms. It established the first pet nutrition and care center … Read more

Is Kibbles And Bits Good Dog Food? Full Honest Review

Is Kibbles And Bits Good Dog Food? Full Honest Review

Kibbles ‘n Bits was founded by the H. J. Heinz Company in 1981. The brand emerged as a line of dry dog food, aiming to provide affordable and nutritious meals for dogs. With a focus on quality ingredients and balanced nutrition, Kibbles ‘n Bits quickly gained popularity among pet owners seeking accessible options. In 1995, … Read more

Is Eukanuba Dog Food Good? Detailed Verdict

Is Eukanuba Dog Food Good? Detailed Verdict

Eukanuba dog food is a brand of premium dog food that is known for its focus on providing balanced nutrition and high-quality ingredients. It is manufactured by Mars, Incorporated, a well-established company in the pet food industry. Eukanuba offers a variety of dog food formulas designed to meet the specific needs of different dogs, including … Read more

Is Authority Dog Food Good or Bad for Your Dog?

authority dog food good or bad

Authority is a brand owned and distributed by PetSmart. Authority was formed in 1986 as a pet accessories brand, but it entered the pet food industry in 1995. The brand was created to provide low-cost foods high in protein and fat that were manufactured with all-natural ingredients whenever possible. For those who are unfamiliar with … Read more

Is Nulo A Good Dog Food? The Detailed Review

is nulo a good dog food

The History Of Nulo Dog Food Nulo Company was established in 2010 by Michael Landa, a California resident who owned a black lab named Max. After doing thorough research on the pet foods available in the markets, the corporate guy-turned-pet care lover and business owner noticed that more and more pets were becoming overweight as … Read more

Raw Diet Killed My Dog

Raw Diet Killed My Dog

Raw diet has become popular over the years. Many people have been advocating for the feeding of a raw diet to dogs, especially on social media. You might have been carried away by their influence and arguments that dogs were living in the wild long before domestication and they used to hunt their food. They … Read more

Can Dogs Have Cinnamon Applesauce

Can Dogs Have Cinnamon Applesauce

Cinnamon applesauce can be given to dogs but in small portions. Make it an occasional treat since the meal contains additives that need to be moderated so as not to affect your dog’s health. When consumed in large amounts, cinnamon can cause your dog serious health consequences. Therefore, it will be safe to add only … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Tortilla Chips?

Can Dogs Eat Tortilla Chips

When you are watching a movie or resting with a plate full of tortilla chips, and your dog sits next to you drooling, and with pleading eyes, you must be tempted to give him some. Tortilla chips are delicious and leave our mouths begging for more. But are they good for dogs? Can Dogs Eat … Read more