Do Dogs in Heat Get Cramps?

As a parent of unspayed female dog, you can expect that she will go into heat at some point in her life. Women get cramps during their menses and you can’t help but wonder whether it is the same for your Fido and if there is anything you can do about it.

Do Dogs in Heat Get Cramps?

Yes. Period cramps are typical in female dogs throughout their heat cycle. Female canine periods, on the other hand, are considerably different from female human periods. Your female dog will be restless, agitated, worried, and uneasy, just like a human female. And the good news is that there are a few things you can do to keep her calm, relaxed, and comfortable throughout her heat cycle. If you spay your female dog, as many people suggest, you will never have to worry.

In this article, you will learn more about the dogs’ heat period, how to take care of her and what to do to relieve the cramps pain.

How Does a Dog in Heat Get Cramp Pains?

To comprehend how a female canine experiences cramps, it is important to fully understand how a female human person experiences these cramps. A cramp happens in a woman when an egg is discharged but not fertilized. Contractions occur to allow the uterine walls to shed and a new menstrual cycle to begin. Females have cramps as a result of these contractions. In the case of a bitch in heat, though, it means the dog is on the verge of becoming pregnant. If they’re bleeding, they’re fertile and prepared to reproduce. In contrast to humans, there is no uterine wall shedding in canines.

In fact, the opposite is true in female dogs.

When a female dog is in heat, the estrogen hormone causes the blood vessels in the uterus to become highly permeable, resulting in bleeding.

This is to facilitate lining reabsorption.

Following that, the red blood cells begin to leak, resulting in bleeding.

This is essentially what makes the female dog feel uneasy, experience pains and discomfort, and even cry throughout their heat cycle.

Why Do Dogs Cry When They Are in Heat?

When your dog is in heat, it is commonly assumed that their cry is a manner of communicating to their male colleagues that they are ready to participate in sex. This is how they signal to the male dogs that they are ready to reproduce.

However, not many people interpret it that way. Some understand it as a clear sign that your “little dog” is in a lot of unbearable pain cramp pain.


How to Tell if Your Dog is in Heat

The signs and symptoms of a dog in heat are listed below. Your female dog may:

  • Urinate more frequently.
  • When she’s urinating, or when she encounters a male dog, she raises her leg differently.
  • Become drowsy.
  • Run away to try hiding from the excessive crying of male dogs.
  • Have a bloody discharge.
  • Your dog may appear to be more frightened and disturbed to some extent.
  • Be aggressive.
  • Crying.
  • Swollen private part

Taking Care Of A Dog on Heat

Keep Her Indoors

Bitches in heat should not be left alone outside during this time because they may become pregnant unnecessarily. If you want to take her outside, always walk with her on a leash – no matter how well trained she is, you should never leave her alone.

Act As Per Her Behaviour

If she appears tired, make sure she gets some rest. If she becomes agitated, take a walk with her (with a leash). To keep her more comfortable, strike a balance between rest and exercise.

Keep In Touch With Your vet

Although female dogs are expected to be in heat, you should seek advice from your vet if you notice any unusual symptoms.

Use Female Dog Diapers

If dealing with a female dog’s period is too much for you, a dog diaper can be very useful. You have the option of using either reusable or disposable diapers.

Because female dogs in heat will be unable to control their female dog period, using diapers will make it easier for both of you to get through the heat.

What Can You Give A Dog To Relieve Menstrual Cramps?

  • Use essential oils to give your dog a pleasant massage. This can help her relax and enhance blood flow while also lowering her stress levels.
  • See if applying a hot or cold pack to your dog’s tummy helps.
  • Make sure she eats a well-balanced, healthy meal and exercises regularly.
  • Consider pharmaceuticals (such as anti-inflammatory pills) only in exceptional circumstances, as they may produce negative effects.


It is clear that dogs get cramps when on heat, though it is a painful and uncomfortable period for them you can make the suffering less. Human cramps are different from that of dogs in that the former symbolizes the end of a fertile period while the latter symbolizes the beginning of a fertile period.

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