English Bulldog And Pitbull Mix Puppies- Full Guide

When you mix an English Bulldog and a Pitbull you will get English Bulldog and Pitbull mix puppies who inherits the toughness of a Pitbull and the friendliness of an English dog.

If you are planning to own a Pitbull Bulldog mix puppy, here you will find everything you need to know about their origin, price, health, temperament, grooming, health issues, and how big the Bully Pits gets.

The Origin Of The English and Pitbull Mix Puppies

 It’s difficult to get the history of hybrid or designer dogs because there isn’t much history of them. Breeding particular dogs like this have grown frequent in the last twenty years or so, even though I’m sure this mixed type has had its fair amount of dogs euthanized due to unintentional breeding. To understand them better, we will have to know the history of their parents.

History of English bulldog

English Bulldogs have been selectively bred with Olde English Bulldogges from the 1800s. English Bulldogs have been crossbred with the Olde English Bulldogges to develop the American Pitbull Terrier. It is an ancient dog breed. It got the name ‘bull’ from its work of bull-baiting, and it’s easier to understand why this was such a successful fighting style by the look of its facial structure.

English Bulldogs were eventually utilized for different reasons including hunting and cattle guarding.  

History of Pitbulls

Pitbulls are a dog breed that is popular in both the United States and the United Kingdom. It is renowned for its tenacity, intelligence, and fearlessness. The term “pit” relates to animal fighting pits, where they were frequently used to bait other animals or dogs. Pit bulls are sometimes known as “America’s Dog.”

Price of English Bulldog and Pitbull Mix Puppies

Estimating the cost of a Pitbull Bulldog Mix might be difficult. Many unethical breeders sell these puppies for extremely low prices, but responsible breeders charge between $500 and $1,000. If the mother is a Bulldog, the cost is likely to be around $1,000, if not more, due to the numerous problems associated with Bulldog birth.

You can also adopt English Bulldog And Pitbull Mix Puppies for a cheaper price rather tahn buying them from puppymills.

Full Grown English and Pitbull Mix

There is no standard for how big they will grow, but they will typically weigh roughly 45 pounds and reach about 16 inches tall at the shoulder.

Females are slightly smaller than males. Some can grow to be quite huge, weighing up to 70 pounds. These canines reach their full size between the ages of 12 and 14 months.

Bulldog Pitbull Appearance

This mix will appear muscular, thick, and medium in size.

It will also feature that endearing Pitbull smile that we all know and love. This hybrid breed has a sturdy build and a big and extended head. They, like their parent breeds, have a big jaw.

They have a small nose in general, but if they took after their Pitbull father, it would be longer. They have small, semi-pricked ears as well.

Like other bully breeds, an English Bulldog Pitbull hybrid has eyes that range in color from dark brown to pale amber.

They have a thick neck and a strong chest, and they look to squat more than a standard Pitbull. The legs, like their Bulldog parent, are well-muscled, long, and somewhat hocked.

English Bulldog Pitbull Mix Temperament

 Both of these dogs have a bad reputation, which is understandable, but with the right owners and proper care and socialization, they can be wonderful companions.  

Are English Bulldog and Pitbull Mixes Good Family Dogs?

The English Bulldog Pitbull Mix is an excellent family dog! They are quite peaceful and easygoing, so you can put your trust in them when they are around children.

Their medium size makes it easy to carry them along when going for a trip or vacation 

What health problems do English Bulldog Pitbull mix dogs have?

 It is difficult to predict what health issues will affect your dog but you can learn about the most common health concerns for this breed to know what to look for. Regular doctor visits are essential for keeping your dog healthy because this breed is prone to ailments like as hip dysplasia, Hypothyroidism, Skin Problems, and Congenital heart defects.

Grooming Needs For Bully Pits

Bully Pits have lovely short coats that shed a little. This breed isn’t the easiest to groom, but it’s also not the most difficult; you just need to use a gentle brush on its coat once or twice a week at most. Brushing it every day or every other day is not recommended because it can irritate the dog’s sensitive skin.

You probably won’t need to bathe your Bully Pit unless it gets into something it shouldn’t. When the dog becomes muddy during play, you should simply need a damp washcloth to clean it up.

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Being equipped with the information about the English Bulldog and Pitbull Mix Puppies will help you decide if this is the right breed for you and what to expect from it. These puppies mostly inherit the toughness of Pitbull’s and friendliness of the English Bulldogs making them good family dogs