Pitbull Mixed With Great Dane

When a pure Great Dane and a Pitbull are bred together, they produce a Pitbull Great Dane mix or the Great Dane Bull. This hybrid is greatly popular in the USA because they are loving, have a muscular body, and offer unwavering love.

 Great Dane Bull inherit their big floppy ears, big bodies, and huge personalities from their parents. If you plan on owning this breed, scroll down to learn more.

Great Dane Pitbull Mix Origin and History

 Like many designer dogs, it is hard to tell when and where they originated clearly. We can only look at the origin of their parents.

History Of Great Dane

Great Danes can be traced back to 3000 BC as the drawings of dogs resembling were found on Egyptian artifacts. It is believed that they spread through the other parts of the world through trade with the Assyrians, who later traded them with Greece and Italy.

They used to be called “Boar Hounds” as they were used for hunting wild boars. Regardless of their big size, they are friendly and gentle which has earned them the Gentle Giant or the Apollos of Dogs.

This breed gained popularity in North America in the 1800s and was recognized as a breed in 1887 by the AKC.

History of the Pitbull

Pitbull’s ancestry can be traced to the Olds English Bulldog. Pitbulls got their names from participating in “bull baiting.” People would enjoy it as the Pitbulls chased a bull until he collapsed from exhaustion. They also could put Pitbulls in a pit full of rats and watch as they killed as many as they could.

Furthermore, people turned to dog fighting. Pitbulls would be trained to fight, their ears and tails would be cut, and their teeth sharpened. They were trained to be hostile towards other dogs but friendly to people.

When these practices were out-ruled, people used them for hunting, herding, and guarding their homes. Their loyalty and friendly nature made them later pet dogs.

Their popularity led to uncontrolled breeding. Some people continued to raise this breed to be hostile and aggressive, leading to a bad reputation.

This breed is not recognized by the AKC, UKC, and the American Dog Breeders as a breed.

Great Dane Pitbull Mix Appearance  

It is very hard to give the standard appearance of this hybrid because their looks are determined by how much they inherit from one parent.

This hybrid mostly takes after the Pitbulls big head, half erect ears, and small wideset eyes. They inherit a short, smooth coat that varies in colors white, gold, cream black, fawn, blue, brown, red, brindle, sable, or a combination of these colors.

They have big paws, long legs, and a long upward curled tail. They have a slightly dense coat that requires minimal care. They can tolerate warm temperatures but not extremely high temperatures.

Size and Weight of A Full Grown Great Dane Pitbull Mix 

Determining the size of this hybrid can be hard because there is a big difference between the parents. A full-grown Great Dane Pitbull mix will weigh around 60-90 pounds and height 24-28 inches. Great Dane Pitbull mix reaches its full size in one year.    

Great Dane Pitbull Mix Temperament

The Parents of this hybrid have a fierce look(Great Dane) and are termed aggressive(Pit Bulls). This can make you wonder about the temperament of Great Dane Pitbull Mixes.

The parents of Great Dane Pitbulls are affectionate, loyal, and friendly dogs. They are easygoing and like being around family members. They have big bodies and big hearts too. 

 Their love for affection makes them easily anxious and stressed when left alone for many hours. They are protective of their family members. They are alert and have an intimidating size which makes them good watchdog and guard dogs. They will scare away intruders and can take them down.

 Great Dane Pitbull Mix gets along with pets and children if properly trained and socialized from an early age. 

The thumb rule when a kid and any dog are playing together is the presence of an adult who will supervise them.

Exercise Needs & Living Requirements

A Great Dane Bull will require a spacious home and a lot of physical exercises to burn excess energy. 

They require a minimum of an hour of play and exercise per day. This can be done through games like fetch, tug of war, hide and seek, and chase the prey. It is good to buy sturdy toys as Great Dane Bull has strong bites. This breed is not suitable for apartment living not unless they are taken for daily walks.

Price of Great Dane Pitbull Puppies

This hybrid is not very common, and it might be hard to estimate the actual price of a Great Dane Bull. The price will be influenced by the breeder’s location, bloodline, the breeder’s reputation, and coat colors.

A Great Dane Bull can range from $500 to $1,500. 

  • You should avoid buying your puppy from a puppy mill by;
  • Asking for the history and health records of the parents.
  • If possible, visit the parents of the puppy you intend to buy.
  • Feel free to ask everything about the puppy from the breeder.

Great Dane Bull Training

This hybrid is ever willing to please its owners; this makes it easy to train them. Also, they are intelligent, making it easy for them to understand commands.

It would help if you were consistent and firm when training your dog. Also, ensure that you do not confuse your dog by use of different gestures when referring to the same command.

Train your Great Dane Bull from puppyhood because he can easily understand them in adulthood. Use positive reinforcement methods and do not use physical punishment. 

Great Dane Bull Grooming

 Great Dane Pitbull mixes have a short, dense coat that is easy to maintain. They are heavy shedders, and they require daily brushing with a slicker brush.

Bathing should only be done when much needed to avoid ripping natural oils from the skin. Use a mild shampoo and warm water for bathing them. Cold water is not good for them because they have short coats and can catch a cold.

Nails should be trimmed regularly to prevent scratching the floor or making walking uncomfortable. 

The teeth of Great Dane Pitbulls should be brushed from puppyhood regularly. Do not use human toothpaste. Instead, use a recommended canine toothpaste and brush. You can take your dog to a professional groomer or groom him at home.

Are Great Dane Bulls Hypoallergenic?

Great Dane Bulls are not hypoallergenic and are not good for people with allergies. However, you can manage the allergies by:

  • Washing hands after petting the dog.
  • Install air purifiers in the house.
  • Have a pet-free room/ zone.
  • Start allergy immunotherapy.

Maintenance Cost of Great Dane Bull puppy?

Apart from the initial buying or adopting cost, there are many other costs that you will incur when owning a Great Dane Bull. First, you should remember that this is a lifetime commitment.  

You will incur costs like medical bills and buying supplies like leashes, crates, pee pads, poop bags, and bedding. You will also have to pay for your dog’s training, grooming, and entertainment.

Great Dane Bull Nutrition

This hybrid falls under the category of big breeds; hence they require a lot of high-quality food specifically made for large breeds.

It will help if you read the labels on the food packets to ensure that they have the required nutrients like Proteins, vitamins and minerals, glucosamine, and omegas.

Great Dane are allergic to grains; this makes their offspring or mixes inherit the same problem. This implies that you should ensure the food you purchase is grain-free.

Always consult your vet before buying food for your dog.

Great Dane Pitbull Health

Small breeds live longer than large breeds. Great Dane Pitbull has a life expectancy of 7-12 years. Even though designer dogs are intended to produce a healthier breed, they have a chance of being affected by some diseases like;

Hip Dysplasia happens when the ball and socket joint in the hip does not properly develop. If not treated, it causes a dog pain and suffering and could develop into a more serious condition.

Heart Problems: This disorder is inherited from Great Danes and can be passed on to Great Danebulls. It could result in a dog collapsing, fainting, or passing away unexpectedly if it is not treated carefully.

Bloat: sometimes referred to as gastric torsion or gastric dilatation-volvulus (GSV), affects dogs when their stomachs overflow with gas and finally twist on themselves. Bloat may cause more serious health problems, including breathing difficulties, and reduced blood supply to a dog’s stomach lining and heart, among other things.


This breed is particularly prone to bone cancer, which is sensitive to various malignancies. Again, the Great Dane side is mostly prone to it. Most dogs with cancer can be treated if it is discovered early. However, it may demand expensive chemotherapy or perhaps limb amputation. Like every breed, your dog can live a long, healthy life with regular vet visits, the right nourishment, and care.


A Pitbull mixed with Great Dane mix makes a great family dog. They relate well with kids and other pets. However, before buying or adopting a Great Dane Bull, you should know that they require a lot of exercise and space to play. Finding a Pitbull mixed with the Great Dane breed in your local area might be hard, but you can look on social media.