How much does a cane Corso cost?

Cani corsi are the most intelligent and trainable guard dog you can have as a guardian in your home. The dog’s name clearly tells it all. It is a Latin name meaning bodyguard or guard of the courtyard.

Over time cane Corso’s popularity has increased, making its price shoot rapidly. The approximate purchase price ranges from 2500$ – 6000$. The cost is highly influenced by the color, age, breeder, and state.

Suppose you are considering having a cane Corso as a family pet; keep reading this article to get a complete budget on how much you will spend on purchasing a cane Corso and the estimated monthly running cost you will incur to keep it healthy and happy.

How much does a cane Corso cost?

Generally, the price for a pure-bred dog is always very high. Unfortunately, cane Corso is among the big guard dogs that are expensive to buy, even as a puppy. Nonetheless, this gold standard guard dog will be worth every penny.

Buying an adult cane Corso is much cheaper than getting a puppy. This cuts across different dog breeds, more so those meant for protection. An adult cane Corso ready for sale will be about 1- 3 years of age. It will averagely cost 1300$. The price varies from 300$ – 2000$ globally depending on the training time the breeder has invested in the dog.

However, purchasing the dog is not the only option you have to own a cane Corso. You can consider adopting one from the shelters which will save you some coins. The adoption cost of a cane Corso is roughly 250$. Some rescues offer the dog free to good homes if you are lucky.

The major setback with adopting is you will get a dog over 3 years and may have behavioral problems. Many cani corsi end up homeless due to their extremely aggressive and protective nature to the extent that the owners cannot live with them.

It will be difficult to trace the background of an adopted cane Corso, but you can still raise and train it per your preferred standards. However, you should be willing to spend more pennies on training.

How much are cane Corso puppies

The price of a cane Corso puppy is around $2200. However, this price can vary depending on gender, seller, pedigree location, color, health status, and background.

With everything accounted for a cane Corso pup cannot go beyond 6000$. Therefore, your expectation should range between 800$ and 6000$ anywhere. This price is generally gotten from reputable breeders. However, if you approach some backyard breeders and puppy mills, this price can go as low as $600. If the pup is from a pure-bred bloodline, the price can reach a maximum of $5000.

Factors that may influence the price of a cane Corso puppy

1. Bloodline history

Breeders will always have the best offer on the table. If the pup you seek is from a strong guarding temperament, you should expect the price to be higher. Breeders take pride in having a good breed.

Cane Corso originates from Italy as an Italian guard dog. The price will most likely increase significantly if the cane Corso puppy has a linage that traces back to its root.

2. Coat Color

The most dominant colors of cane Corso that you are likely to come across is fawn or black and tan. However, you can find rare colors like grey.

The grey cane Corso puppy will be much more expensive since they are scarce. The price for a grey cane Corso is about $3000, whereas the fawn cane Corso is around $1600. You will realize the rare grey cane Corso has almost a double price.

3. Gender

Male cane Corso puppies are sold at a slightly higher price compared to the females. They are around 150$ more because the males are more aggressive and have more guard instincts.

4. Seller’s reputation

Reputable breeders accredited by the kennel club stick to breeding standards. Therefore, they will generally be more expensive than the unknown seller. 

The prices from the breeder are higher because the puppy will come with registration papers. These papers are genuine proof of having a pure-bred cane Corso puppy. The puppy that comes with papers is around $ 2200, whereas those from the unknown individuals without papers are about $1600.

The certification of the puppies comes after several examinations and screening from a veterinarian. The vet will rule out any common genetic disorder. Therefore, there is no need to risk buying from an individual despite paying 500$ less.

5. State

Cane Corso’s price will be high in places where they are more popular. Breeders tend to charge more in metropolitan areas. The prices in rural areas are lower due to low living standards. The price of a cane Corso also varies in different states, California being the leading in expense.

Cost of owning a cane Corso

Cane Corso has a thin size body. With this size, they will require you to invest more time, care, space, and food compared to other dogs.

On average, you will spend about $200 monthly on the dogs’ food, toys, and grooming. Find a breakdown of the estimated individual cost per month below.

Food intake cost

This giant canine has massive energy. On top of that, they are about 26 inches tall and weigh over 100 pounds. So normally, its body will require more food intake.

They will require around six cups of kibble daily. In a month, you will have used an average of one 30-pound bag. Different dog food comes at different prices. However, the monthly food cost ranges from $80 to $200.

Exercise cost

Dogs require routine exercise to keep them busy and fit. Therefore, you will have to take your cane Corso for daily walks, hikes, or run. If you hire someone for this job you will probably be paying 20$ per 30 minutes walk time.

Grooming cost

Cane Corso have a double-layered coat with short hair. Therefore, they will need regular brushing. You will invest some time in this work to keep your home free from hair during the shedding season. You can use a rubber brush to do the job, which costs less than $25 at least once per week.

Cane Corso also occasionally needs nail trimming and teeth brushing. Often dogs wear their nail down themselves. However, if you realize your dog has long nails, you can trim them. Professional groomers charge $50 -$70 depending on the time taken and job type.

Healthcare cost

The first few months with your pup will be full of visits to the vet for vaccination, spaying, neutering, or even microchip installation. All of this will require you to budget for the expense. Accumulating all these services can bill up to $100 annually or $100 monthly.


Purchasing and caring for a cane Corso is very expensive compared to other breeds. You will end up spending thousands of dollars considering different factors. Therefore, before getting a cane Corso, you must ensure your pockets are heavy to budget for its purchase and upkeep.

It would help if you kept twice the purchase cost aside for the care, training, and food. This big canine will need a lot of care and investments to keep it happy and healthy. However, the cost should not beat you up since you will get an incredibly amazing, loyal, protective dog.

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