Old English Sheepdog German Shepherd Mix

The Old English Sheepdog German Shepherd mix is a crossbreed between the German shepherd and the Old English Sheepdog. The GSDs are known to be intelligent, protective, and loyal, while the OES is loving and willing to please their owners.

This mix inherits the best qualities from both parents. They are strong and wonderful family dogs. It is not wise to buy or adopt any dog before understanding what to expect of them.

This article will help you know everything about Old English Sheepdog German Shepherd Mix origin, temperament, appearance and size, health, training, exercise, and diet needs

Old English Sheepdog German Shepherd Mix History

As is the case with all designer dogs, it is hard to know their origin. These dogs have been on the rise in the past twenty years. They come out as healthy breeds, but in other instances, accidental breeding leads to overpopulation in shelters and rescue centers.

To understand OES and GSD mix, you will have to know the parents’ origin.

1) German Shepherd Origin

German Shepherd was bred by Von Stephanitz, it was meant to be a working dog assisting in herding and guarding livestock.  

In World War I, the German Shepherd assisted in many things like rescue, messenger, and as a red cross dog. After the war, they gained a lot of popularity, and many American soldiers carried them back home. 

The AKC recognized them in 1908. Nowadays, they are used in military work, and are excellent family dogs.

2) Old English Sheepdog History

The Scottish Bearded Collie, Russian Owtchar, or another dog may have been the ancestor of this breed, which first appeared in the southwestern counties of England in the early 19th century.

Writings from the era of the breed’s alleged inception mention a dog that was employed to herd sheep and livestock to market. They were popularly referred to as “Bob” or “Bobtail” by their owners, who docked their tails to demonstrate that they were, in fact, drovers’ dogs.

Old English Sheepdog German Shepherd Mix Size And Appearance

Fully-grown Old English Sheepdog German Shepherd Mix will weigh 75-100 lbs and have a shoulder length of 20-26 inches.  

They have long hairy coats that can have a combination of colors like black, white, brown, grey, and dark tan.

Their ears can be erect or droopy depending on the parent they inherit much from. The eyes can have black, red, blue, grey, and brown colors.

They have strong and energetic bodies owing to their parents.

Old English Sheepdog German Shepherd Mix Temperament

This breed can be quite unpredictable because of the difference in personalities of the two parents. If this hybrid inherits much from its German shepherd parent, he will be a good guard dog and will protect and fight in case of danger.

But if he inherits much from the Old English Sheepdog, he will make a good watchdog, not a guard dog. This breed will be loyal, affectionate, and playful.

OES GSD mix likes company a lot and can suffer from separation anxiety. This breed is eager to please the owner. You can utilize it for rescue operations too. 

 Is Old English Sheepdog German Shepherd Mix Good With Kids?

The Old English Sheepdog and German Shepherd both get along well with children. The OES earned the name ‘Nanny’ for the reputation of looking after kids. This makes this breed good with kids.

They both were bred to look after cattle, this makes them see the kids as their flock.       

OES GSD Mix Grooming Needs

This hybrid likes to have its long, double-coat brushed daily. The long hairs can develop mats that are hard to detangle and can lead to infections.

The hairs shed regularly requires the use of a vacuum to keep the house clean. You also need to invest in hair brushes, shampoo, and combs.

The OES suffers from excessive drooling, leading to mouth discoloration. If your hybrid inherits this trait, you must use a damp cloth daily to wipe that area.

Cleaning of the ears, mouth, teeth, and trimming of nails is necessary.

Old English Sheepdog German Shepherd Mix Health

The OES GSD Mix is a healthy breed but can still suffer the diseases inherited from their parents like;

  • Seizures
  • Hip and elbow dysplasia
  • Degenerative myelopathy
  • Weight Issues
  • Eye Issues
  • Heart problems

Old English Sheepdog German Shepherd Mix Training

They can be hard to train (potty train, crate train, etc.) because both parents were bred to control themselves and decide what to do without much supervision. They desire to do whatever they want and perceive your training as being controlling.

You can always look for a professional trainer for assistance. This mix is not good for first-time owners.

OES GSD Mix Exercise Needs

The Old English Sheepdog German Shepherd Mix is full of energy that you can take advantage of. One and a half to two hours per day will help in keeping your dog stimulated and healthy.

Lack of exercise can lead to obesity, destructive behaviors, and health issues.

Old English Sheepdog German Shepherd Mix Diet

This hybrid is a large dog that must feed on a diet meant for large breeds. They also require food rich in proteins, omega 3, and minerals.

You should mix wet and dry food and avoid giving the same diet all the time.

Fruits and vegetables help in adding vitamins and act as a treat for your dog.

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