My Dog Ate Tampons-What Should I Do?

Dogs are explorers by nature, they use their noses to sniff around and their mouth. Their strong nose can smell your tampons in the bathroom or the garbage can, especially a used one. Other times, he can eat even the unused ones if wrongly misplaced because they enjoy chewing on the cotton. So, if your dog ate a tampon, what should you do?

If your dog eats a tampon, get medical attention right away. A dog may be able to excrete a tampon without difficulty on occasion. In some situations, it can cause GI irritation, choking, or bowel obstruction which can lead to medical issues like constipation

My Dog Ate Tampons-What Should I Do?

If your dog gets his mouth on a tampon, the smartest thing you can do is ring your veterinarian.

If you don’t have an exact time range, your vet will likely question the size of your dog, when they ate the tampon, the duration they were left alone, and how many tampons they ate.

These are critical questions to ask while deciding on a course of action, as the answers will influence the treatment.

 I always recommend reaching out to your veterinarian in any form, whether you pay them a visit or simply phone them for help.

Having to wait for any signs of obstruction is exceedingly dangerous, and it could cause you to miss the only opportunity for complete recovery.

Why Are Tampons Bad For Dogs?

Tampons are made up of a variety of materials that are harmful to your canines. Here are a few examples:

Synthetic Fibers, Dioxin, Alcohol, and Aluminum

Tampons’ primary function is to absorb liquids. When a dog eats a tampon, it absorbs the gastric fluids from the digestive tract and expands. As a result, the risk of intestinal blockage rises dramatically. Similarly, the string of a tampon can cause significant harm to the lining of the digestive tract.

Which Is More Dangerous- A Used Or Unused Tampons?

Because the blood in a used tampon has already saturated the cotton, it is often less dangerous for your dog than an untouched one. When a fresh, unused tampon is introduced to your dog’s stomach, the cotton begins to absorb essential fluids and expands and swells in size, making it more difficult to pass.

What Could Happen If My Dog Ate A Tampon?


 The greatest and obvious threat is that tampons can choke your dog if consumed.

Tampons are quite simple for your dog to choke on due to their form, substance, and the reality that they have a thread on them. As a result, as your dog chokes on a tampon, his airway may become partially or fully obstructed.

GI Irritation

Tampons have no place in the gastrointestinal tract. Foreign substances might be tough for a dog to pass because they scrape and irritate the GI tract lining.

If there is a tampon in the digestive tract can be exceedingly unpleasant, and if the tampon expands, it can cause even more agony. Stomach pain, bloody stool, and bloody diarrhea are all symptoms of GI irritation caused by tampons.

Bowel Obstruction

If a dog fails to excrete a tampon, a bowel obstruction may occur. The tampon can be trapped anywhere along the GI system, preventing additional contents from passing.

The bowel will eventually break open if the foreign object is not removed, which will be fatal if not addressed.

Why Do Dogs Eat Tampons?

Pica Syndrome

The tendency of consuming strange, non-digestible things is referred to as this Pica syndrome. Puppies are prone to swallowing indigestible items as they explore their surroundings. If your dog’s behavior persists after he or she has reached adulthood, your dog is likely suffering from Pica Syndrome.


Boredom can set in for a dog who spends long periods alone at home. They are compelled to divert their energy towards undesirable habits due to a lack of physical activity. They begin to explore and eat strange objects found in their environment.


Stress and frustration develop when a dog is not provided enough attention by its owner. To show this, the dog may begin to eat items that have the parent’s scent on them. Unfortunately, tampons that have been used perfectly meet this condition.

Dogs Are Scavengers by Nature

We often forget that animals used to live in the wild before their domestication. They fed on dead animals and many more strange things. Just because they live in the house does not change the fact that they are scavengers. They will easily feed on a used tampon and enjoy it.


If your dog ate a tampon, it is advisable to talk to your vet rather than trying to induce vomiting or any other treatment. To avoid further health concerns, you should get medical help right away.

Remember to keep tampons away from your pooch’s reach to be on the safer side.

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